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  1. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Creature Designer

    Move ostriches to tier 1, they are good for speed but not really for carrying anything. Wolf should be made a companion pet, not a mount. Needs a buff to damage, probably tier 1 since I would think of having them as hunting dogs. Probably rework taming methods. It just doesn't seem right to beat a dog, tie them up, and force feed them bones and meat. Ditch pigs, totally useless. Bears need a nerf to their gathering abilities and weight, otherwise they are pretty good for a tier 2 tank. Remove their cargo saddle. Their charge should be very stamina draining and not part of their sprint. Ditch the lion or the tiger, we don't need both. They can both fill the same role of providing a bleed. Elephants need more hp to be a tier 3 tank. Razortooth and Shieldhorn need to be buffed to make them better for endgame, possibly be their own exotic tier with it's own taming skill and saddle skill. If you're going to go taming then you really should have to invest more heavily into it for these special creatures. Bulls need to gather thatch better and have a better weight which can be enhanced with a cargo saddle similar to weight sails. Horses need a nerf to their speed, probably tied to its weight, possibly look at creating 2 kind of horses, one for weight and one for combat. That was a thing with knights and would probably still be around in the pirate period. As others said, you need to work on melee and hand to hand. Neither of these skills are particularly good and useful. Shields also need some work, not worth using. I think we could use some diversity in melee weapons as well. Axes were still popular weapons for boats. I'd like to see a 2 handed sword option in the same tier as the pike.
  2. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Removing ships on your territory

    so you can still push a ship that's anchored?
  3. The stores will sell things for gold, wouldn't be a bad idea to make an addition later to add the option of trading X resource for Y resource at Z rate. Now please stop with the pissing contest.
  4. Why haven't they changed the pin code system to not use the keyboard input, mouse only, and scramble the keypad after each number is put in? Would go a long way into solving these brute force methods of cracking pin coded boxes.
  5. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Rafts another annoying bug

    If you do, you're leaving yourself open to attack by griefers. This fix was not really the best solution to the issue.
  6. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Removing ships on your territory

    can you bump it out of the way or is it anchored?
  7. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Army of the damned question.

    I like to use the bear, good all around animal.
  8. I like this idea. It's better than the gold for resources thing. There has to be a cost associated with it, but nothing major, nothing that would discourage the use of this system.
  9. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    When cheaters start to lose !

    It doesn't stop the cheaters just slows them down for a couple hours. They are going to have to start paying attention to the cheats if they don't want to lose the playerbase.
  10. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    New players and people who have jobs

    I don't use this method exclusively, but I do use it. It's just easier to die and respawn than the take care of these meters. I avoid doing it when I'm with my group on the sea since that usually slows progress. Solo, do it all the time. Start getting low and I'll just hop off my sloop and drown myself. I can't say if it is normal for other players, but when starting in one of these freeports I will do this. I don't particularly enjoy it. Others have mentioned using torches and campfires to stay warm. Neither of which have ever seemed to work for me. If they had, I wouldn't be going through this stupid process to get everything together to leave a freeport. It's not exactly hard to keep the the meters good in a freeport. It's not exploit or bug abuse to do this, but it is definitely creative use of gameplay mechanics to get around an issue.
  11. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Why would anyone rent land?

    Well, I've been informed that if you rent land and the claim owner changes from neutral that you don't lose your building. you can't build anything else there, but you don't lose ownership of your stuff. Still have to move since you can't make any changes or additions and I'm sure the decay will destroy everything, but at least you get time to move out.
  12. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Blocked ?

    You probably could have contested quite a few of them and had yourself some land. It's a bit difficult to live in the tundra with the harsher weather conditions and the packs of wolves, but people are making it work. Even seen some nice bases that have been made there.
  13. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Blocked ?

    Ah, A11... the anus of the south west quadrant. I wouldn't be surprised if some people hadn't decided you had built too much and pillar or foundation spammed to block you from adding more. I can think of 2 or 3 companies there that have been spamming pillars and foundations to block people from building too much. Don't even mention using gates for walls or you might start a war. Atleast 2 of the companies there have a half dozen ships built with probably that many more in the process of being built. Best advice to you is to run away to B11 and see if you can build on Paragon's land. They have opened most of the beach on their island to other companies.
  14. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I've been pondering this for a bit now, the only way to do it, that seems right to me, would be to have the flag have a cooldown on it when the build settings are changed. A short cooldown, I feel 36 hours is probably decent enough. You'd also have to make the structures that were built in that flags area immediately ready to be demolished as the claim owner has already waited 36 hours and its probably a bit unfair to add an extra 72 hours to that wait. So it would give protection to the tenants and there is really no change for the claim holders as it still ends up being about 3 days before they can rent the land out again, but they can clear it quicker if they are evicting someone because they were blocking spawns or whatever.
  15. BoomerMcFisticuffs

    Why would anyone rent land?

    I honestly got tired of reading the replies in this topic, I didn't want to rent because it was too easy for someone to be a dick and take my stuff. Now that I've joined a new company that is larger and has some land, I'd totally want to rent it out to let some people build and live just to get the extra income in mats. Thinking about it, this is probably how they thought we'd get this player run port cities, but I just don't see it happening, not with the current iteration of this system. There really isn't enough depth to it to see a town actually get built up and going.