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  1. There are far to less animalspawns and predator spawns atm. A little bit more would be nice (including Alphas)
  2. Harloc

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    Good changes for PVE Grapeshot ! Some will like it, some not. Let´s see how it will be working out ingame.
  3. Harloc

    Needs foundation support

    I got the same issue.
  4. Harloc

    Server wipe

    The one or other server wipe before release, is needed, but this is will be an MMORPG. It´s not a "smaller game" on a single server like Ark or Conan Exiles. It´s like wiping Black Desert Online or Guild Wars2. The Devs should do something against foundation spamming and all that stuff. I think, it will be is necessary to develop all the planned ingame mechanics first, before a wipe hits the servers.
  5. Same here, i tried to travel to E12 (EU Pve) from E11 with my brig. While changing the servers i got the message: You are traveling to another server, please join again later. After that i couldn´t respawn on the brig, or on any other spawnpoint or freeport anymore. Anyone got an idea as a workaround and/or a fix for that issue?
  6. Harloc

    Blocked ?

    We tried to equip our base (which is in lawless A11) with some more storage boxes, but someone builded a shipyard near (very near) our base. Now we cannot even place something inside our building anymore. It says "to close to an enemy foundation." A few hours before we got a lighthouse directly at our base, then it was gone without an entry in the crew log. How is that possible?
  7. Seems that i´m one of the lucky ones here. The game runs much better since a few days ago on my end, Sure, a lot of bugs but a big step forward from the release mess. Sometimes i got to verify game data in Steam and or/restart steam, as a work around for some connetion issues or bugs, but i think it is normal in the early weeks of an early access release. I know, you are working your asses off so thank you for that.
  8. Same issue here, i´m not able to connect. (EU-servers)
  9. Agreed, those bodys could cause issues i think.
  10. Same here, but happends only when i try to join Eu servers (I play in the EU)