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  1. I did read your post but you didn't read my post carefully. Your problem is linked at least twice, you didn't read the links. What you have is a missmatch between your local "savegame ID" and the savegame ID that is stored on the server. This happens mostly after updates, it's an ID syncro error between your client and the server. There is a way to fix this by manually change the save ID in the files on your pc. I stoped playing around with this kind of stuff a long time ago, so i have to relearn how to do this. I'am at work right now, i have to wait till i'am at home to take a look at this.
  2. Did you read this? Maybe ou can find a solution in that topic.
  3. Bought an Elephant yesterday from you guys, fast, clean trade and fair prices. See you next week when i purchase my giraffe.
  4. You are aware that not everyone is playing PvP?
  5. Why invest any more time in this game, nobody knows how many wipes there will be after that wipe. I know it Is EA and all that but...
  6. As i said, the Problem is there since DayZ ,Arma II and Ark. There is a constant compatibility up and down between Battleye, Server, Windows and God knows what else. Which is why only a few players are affected and not all at once. It can be a game patch, a windows update, or the cleaning lady in the server center, which may solve the problem for some players at some point. Sad
  7. This fix for many people is just a temporary one, quite often it just starts again at the beginnig of that "loop of doom" how i tend to call it. I should stop beeing this lazy and collect all these solutions and link them on the first page. Thank you, i have read that solution somewhere but couldn't find it anymore.
  8. So i was right, they did place more than one clame flag at once to steal land... Quote from the newest Patchnotes: Released Patches and Verified Notes Current Version: v18.6 - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to place multiple claim flags at once. And also: v18.43 - Added extra protection to inventories to fix and prevent players from bypassing pincodes Now i wonder, why is this company still in the game? No consequences for Exploits?Even after a report that includes screenshots and all that?...Okay then.
  9. I had similar thoughts in the beginning, I thought 'my home server B7 is cursed'. And maybe there is something wrong with some servers in particular. You will read alot about B7, L6/8, K8 and the M servers if it comes to these problems. By the way, here is a fix for the "Stuck between the servers bug", no promises but worth a try. It's not from me, it's a solution from Steam user weechee. TEMP FIX FOR STUCK BETWEEN SERVERS!!! AIght peeps. this isn't a dev fix but it worked for us... Bring a second ship to where your company players and ship got stuck between the servers. When in rezing range your friend SHOULD be able to log in. Chances are however if they are on steering wheel they will be stuck. Kill stuck player and have them log into the secondary ship in this case) Animals may be spread out in water (if they are still alive) Stuck players should then relog on second ship to 'reset' themselve and and cautiously return to glitched ship and proceed with caution. (we are still testing this) EDIT: Steering wheel is prooving to continue to be glitched and locking player in place... We are testing to see if replacing it will cure the problem. EDIT: Friend was able to get off the steering wheel no problem after sailing first (stuck) ship for a short time.
  10. Please report them as i did. Maybe it will help. May i ask what company you are from on B7?
  11. I wrote a ticket with screenshots. It wasn't "Pincoded" it was "Locked".
  12. Since 8th January 2019 (It's the oldest entry about that case i found) after every patch, people start to suffer from this abomination of a bug. Others can play again after a patch wich had this problem. It's a never ending story because i found cases of this bug far back in time, DayZ, Arma II, ARK. For some players this problem never changed for a lot of years i found out.
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