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  1. Ahoy crafters and pirates and everything in-between! We are happy to announce we have booted up our auctions again for season three! We have something exceptionally special for pirates and crafters! Namely **TWO** unleveled level 80 crows! We have been working very hard taming crows for weeks, doing some stat trades and breeding them on the clock, and ended up with some very lucky stat combines to get a few level 80's! Along with a nice unleveled level 63 steed to be your trusty companion! As a last note, we have also raised our 3x Gold Credit giveaways from 2,500 to 3,000 Gold this week. And as usual we have many nice animals in our discord to offer, both big and small and colorful, breedable and non breedable for many budgets. We hope you all have a nice weekend despite having no magic mythos enabled, but I think many of us are still looking forward for some relaxing break time after the mad event we had last week huh? Here is our "Children of Aule" discord invite to participate in our auctions, giveaways, or just meet our little community https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  2. Aery

    pve NA PVE ISO Seeds

    Greetings I think we have all of the named seeds at our base in D6 at Fluffy Paradise island if your willing to make the trip I cant leave as I am watching baby animals :3 and my connection sucks anyways for sailing haha. Oops I apologise I just saw its NA PVE( I am EU), my bad I didn't see that party with my sleepy head... but good luck finding the seeds ur looking for And have a nice weekend
  3. Greetings Patchfinders! We have added a new batch of nice animals to our discord market "Children of Aule"! Here are some examples of fresh addons! Also we have something special planned for our weekend auctions this week, specially for pirates and crafters Come take a look, and meet our little community, we are not just a market, we also have a lot information for new players, as we have build up our own mini wiki *looks at Kumba* https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  4. Added a nice variety of fresh stock of animals to our discord catalogue, plenty of harvesters for the event boost, as well as colorful high level crabs! Some examples: have a nice weekend everyone and happy farming!
  5. Greetings everyone, we are happy to announce our weekly giveaways have started up again, now that we made some extra gold, we can give a bit back to the community to help out others too! This weekend we will have gold credit and elephants for giveaway to help with the upcoming Extra Life event! To participate please join our discord and check our pinned message in the Tavern channel for guidance. Also as Kumba said, we added a nice list of good crows for crafters and pirates on the high seas, we will have a steady stock of lvl 64+ crows soon and high level imprinted tigers. Also Added extra elephants, giraffes and rhinos to our discord catalog for people who need some beastly harvesting help with the event! And as usual we also offer other animals as well such as parrots, monkeys, horses, ostriches, lions, cats, bears and occasional crab! Thank you for reading, hope you guys had nice Halloween, and will have nice weekend! *hype* https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  6. Added a bunch of bears, elephants, tigers, parrots, crows, monkeys, ostriches to our Children of Aule discord channels
  7. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    this is still nothing compared to when dozens of grids were down for over 3 days on new years evening btw, if u cant connect for over 30 min you can already assume that ur ships are sunk etc. so what is 10 hours here and there gonna do *mad sarcasm* right devs?
  8. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    @Jatheish Is there going to be some rollback, since a lot of people are reporting to have lost many ships to this unexpected downtime of around 1 hour now? I know it sucks for some of the remaining online players, but from what I gather majority of players have gotten kicked out of the game and have suffered major losses so far.
  9. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    So once again EU PVE, still cant get in, restarted game, restarted steam, restarted laptop, even verified files, same for my tribe, we don't know what else to do at this point.
  10. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    same here, PVE EU down, all our tribe got kicked at same time. While others on discord report that servers are still up and some players are connected. This makes it even more scary, since we got kicked out of the game in ocean with SofD's around us...
  11. Aery

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    They said they were gonna look into temperatures and weather system, that was nearly 2 weeks ago, meanwhile we get heat waves in the poles.... why are the poles still poles and not just empty ocean grid?
  12. Aery

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    bumping for awareness
  13. Thank you Envie for writing this, it was long, but kept my attention all the way! All true and valid points you made, as a tribe of ark breeders, and great love for animals and tiny cute baby raising, we have given up on breeding in this game, untill they fix the mechanics. We have had so many babies die, its heartbreaking and nearly traumatizing, yes I know its a game, but when u spend ur free time into raising cute baby bear cubs, and they die after half a day, it makes u feel like the worlds most horrible parent.. We have literally tried everything, except moving to tundra ( our mainbase is in temperate) but we arent moving to tundra either, because we hear tundra babies die too, unless like u said u have a team of people switching babysitting shifts, otherwise it's not doable. I hope you will return some day Envie, this game has chased away too many good people, way too many. I don't even understand why devs made atlas, there are so many pirate games already out there, they could have just given more love to Dark and Light, oh how I loved that game so much, it had such a GREAT potential, it was truly amazing when it came out, and then it got destroyed by its own developers...I fear this game is just another side project just like DaL, time will tell.. As bad as this game is at the moment I hope people will find more patience in the deeper parts of their being and stick around, its sad to see good neighbours and friends quit the game one by one every single day.