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  1. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    this is still nothing compared to when dozens of grids were down for over 3 days on new years evening btw, if u cant connect for over 30 min you can already assume that ur ships are sunk etc. so what is 10 hours here and there gonna do *mad sarcasm* right devs?
  2. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    @Jatheish Is there going to be some rollback, since a lot of people are reporting to have lost many ships to this unexpected downtime of around 1 hour now? I know it sucks for some of the remaining online players, but from what I gather majority of players have gotten kicked out of the game and have suffered major losses so far.
  3. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    So once again EU PVE, still cant get in, restarted game, restarted steam, restarted laptop, even verified files, same for my tribe, we don't know what else to do at this point.
  4. Aery

    Unable to query server info for invite

    same here, PVE EU down, all our tribe got kicked at same time. While others on discord report that servers are still up and some players are connected. This makes it even more scary, since we got kicked out of the game in ocean with SofD's around us...
  5. Aery

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    They said they were gonna look into temperatures and weather system, that was nearly 2 weeks ago, meanwhile we get heat waves in the poles.... why are the poles still poles and not just empty ocean grid?
  6. Aery

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    bumping for awareness
  7. Thank you Envie for writing this, it was long, but kept my attention all the way! All true and valid points you made, as a tribe of ark breeders, and great love for animals and tiny cute baby raising, we have given up on breeding in this game, untill they fix the mechanics. We have had so many babies die, its heartbreaking and nearly traumatizing, yes I know its a game, but when u spend ur free time into raising cute baby bear cubs, and they die after half a day, it makes u feel like the worlds most horrible parent.. We have literally tried everything, except moving to tundra ( our mainbase is in temperate) but we arent moving to tundra either, because we hear tundra babies die too, unless like u said u have a team of people switching babysitting shifts, otherwise it's not doable. I hope you will return some day Envie, this game has chased away too many good people, way too many. I don't even understand why devs made atlas, there are so many pirate games already out there, they could have just given more love to Dark and Light, oh how I loved that game so much, it had such a GREAT potential, it was truly amazing when it came out, and then it got destroyed by its own developers...I fear this game is just another side project just like DaL, time will tell.. As bad as this game is at the moment I hope people will find more patience in the deeper parts of their being and stick around, its sad to see good neighbours and friends quit the game one by one every single day.
  8. I don't know....me and my tribe climbed hundreds of meters above the ground, we climbed several cliffs on our island, and even the highest one, that where so high, you could see the whole island from them, they were even so high that all the ground bases rendered out and animals on the ground as well, the render distance was probably even 3x fold. No temperature change was visible when we pressed H, we had people on the ground and on the cliff at the same time, seeing exact same temperature with no difference at all...to maybe better understand how high we climbed, we used 4 full climbing pickaxes each to get to the highest parts..we did managed to find godly amounts of pure iron spawns ( which on ground have been destroyed by greedy selfish mega tribes, gating them in, unaccessable to others), but the joke is on us, cause we cant build elevator/ladder at such high altitudes to get the metal down Anyways this is where breeding ends for us, until the devs make it more managable, they didnt even include breeding/maturing 2x in this event, its like they just don't care about breeders at all...non native animals, and sometimes native always falling through platforms and floors and foundations, even on ships, get eaten by mantas and sharks, and this issue has been reported for weeks and weeks, and devs just don't care, might as well go back to ark or something else for the time being.. Thanks for the screenshots thought, but maybe it only works on freeports ( which cant be built on, and ships decay so fast, u gotta get out of it asap), or mountains that are more natural looking and not giant cliffs sticking out of the ground.
  9. I am devastated, I don't know if you trolled me purposely or got wrong info ( that u never tested urself ), but the altitude temperature thing is nonsence. Not a single spot on any of the hundreds of meters of giant pillar cliffs on our island have temperature changes in high altitudes
  10. OMG You have given me so much hope now, I had no clue elevation meant temperature changes in atlas, thank you so SO much for this!!!
  11. Thanks for the tips, but I saw in many youtube video comments that water buckets and dipping them into waterbodies doesnt work anymore, can anyone tell me which is true please? We built our mainbase in temperate, thinking it was perfect for breeding bears, but now it seems we will have to move to tundra, just want to be sure if the water trick really works and has not been patched up. This game is almost unbreed-able >.< Also can you also please explain more about parrots? It is my understanding atm that they only insulate the player and not a baby animal?
  12. Aery

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Bump for devs
  13. This. Yeah we lost many baby bears as well but only to too hot temperatures, it seems the older they get the more damage they get from too hot temperatures, and just die in the end around 10-15% I heard something about using penguins or parrots, but I thought parrots parrots only work on shoulder, but wiki doesnt say if parrots cool down or heat up, also penguins are supposed to only make things warmer? So if you don't mind sharing Drogith, could you tell us please how to cool bears of?