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  1. selling olfends, elephants, rhinos, lions, wolves, lvs 10 to 23. request a lvl and tame, we are G9 but will deliver for a fee
  2. AtomicUnicornn

    abandoned boats

    anyone know if theres a decay timer? my island happens to be region right below the freeport though a few islands down we still manage to get sloops and rafts from ppl who never come back on it. ive tried everything to even sink them lol now im hoping maybe a decay timer or maybe the boats HP slowly ticks away while anchored? there has to be something i hope.
  3. AtomicUnicornn

    pve NA PVE ISO Seeds

    ty, ive noticed EU has better market too lol. alas i will wait for someone in NA
  4. AtomicUnicornn

    pve NA PVE ISO Seeds

    looking to buy bean seeds, beet seeds, carrot seeds, chick pea seeds, maize seeds, onion seeds, potato seeds, and rice seeds. im in G9 but will meet half way, will pay gold OR resources we have copper, salt, poppys and sugar along with jute, agedwood , roots sandstone and chart as basic resources.
  5. how much for gems? we dont have local gems but DO have poppys, copper, salt abundant