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  1. Greetings Egon von Sturmberg, i am interested to know if you managed to improve your ultimate bears with some additional mutations. If yes, then i would be interested buying those depending what their new stats are.
  2. Last night before i logged off i gave all bears 4200 berries. This would have kept them fed for around 9 hours before the food would have been eaten and spoiled. But cause i dont trust this game, i decided to log in 3 and a half hours later to check the babies, only to see that they starved to death 2 hours after i logged off. You may say that i miscalculated and made a mistake, but look at the time they died. Can you see the weirdness of the situation? All babies are from different mothers with different food values, different maturation stages and slightly different amount of berries in their inventory. But still all 11 died in the same INGAME second. One ingame minute equales one real life second (more or less) Wich means all of them died in the same instance. Oh btw, they all also had different hp, so no natural explanation how they died the absulute same time in that case either.
  3. Kristoff Rivers

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Same problem since around 30 mins. Suddenly got disconected while sailing.
  4. Kristoff Rivers

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    We had the issue plenty of times as well, but one bug really topped everything. After two server restarts we had one bear that teleported away from our platform and rendered invisible.
  5. Kristoff Rivers

    Bear Bug

    Something like that?: This is what we experienced twice after a server restart.
  6. Kristoff Rivers

    "Hold E to remove bola" obstructs taming feed option

    The best way to feed a creature is to go to its neck. Most animals have a blind spot there you can feed it, but they cant hit you.
  7. Kristoff Rivers

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    @JatheishIs anything know about a weird glitch that causes tamed animals frequently to glitch through and under platforms/ceilings and foundations? It has happened with wolfs, monkeys and bears so far. Sometimes endangering them or even killing them cause they are then not protected anymore from wild creatures.
  8. Kristoff Rivers

    The vanishing of the lighthouse

    they do decay after 2 days, but that shouldnt be a problem for the both of us. Maybe the fuel run out and a bug caused it to get destroyed?
  9. Kristoff Rivers

    The vanishing of the lighthouse

    Greetings folks, it happened to us that your lighthouse just made a "poof" and dissapeared. Nothing in the company log. I was doing some stuff around it and then logged of for 10 mins, afterwards it was gone. One of our members was even still online near the lighthouse (maybe out of rendering distance). The lighthouse was sitting in a pond then rather at the corner of the island, but i have no clue how it can just simply vanish.
  10. Kristoff Rivers

    i9 Siren pve down since 2018! <.<

    If you press creat new player and go to the EU PvE server you can click on every clucster.
  11. Kristoff Rivers

    i9 Siren pve down since 2018! <.<

    Well the devs are doing a good job fixing alot of stuff since the release, but it cant happen that multiple servers are down or unacessible for nearly 24 hours.
  12. Kristoff Rivers

    Server I9 down for 10 hours 0/150 players

    Yeah, i am also from I9 and same issue with beiing stuck at "PrimalGameData_BP" as you guys. I dont even know if our wolf is still alive as it seemed that they eat quit alot. Was going to put a feeding box down, but apperiantly not gonna happen.