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    Crash in the water

    EVERY TIME I try to build some things under the water I plant systematically and my colleague also began to break my balls since the time that this bug exists should be able to make a small patch rather than milling on a 10.0 who can not !!
  2. paid for a demo of the game with 50 passive players? Oo wtf man? the essence of the game lies in the conquest / survival of the small crews facing the superpower that counts 400 or 500 members / diplomacy and other things that only happens because there is a lot of players and not asser places for all
  3. Leyha

    custom flag CUSTOM FLAGS (Images)

    what the settings for a small speed sail plz ? canvas 1x1 ? ty and what is the name of file for this sail ty ^^
  4. listen the author we are just not prepared... but I have THE solution for avoid ghost ship => refund
  5. same for the sloop and the shooner plz , we can use the medium sail on the sloop and large sail on the shooner ? ty
  6. Leyha

    Stuck in Sloop Cargo

    go on the inside of the hull to him an utility? we cant build inside no ?
  7. Leyha

    official [OFFICIAL] 7.0 Update Feedbacks

    in 2 days of game and a crew of 2 peoples we loosing 1 Shooner and 2 Sloop by the retarded ghost ships ... ATM explore the ocean is just impossible and we are stuck on freeport/ lawless zone because leave this zone = 100% dead (or whit a raft... I play a pirate game not play the shity game ''raft'') now I'm solo beacause my friend is smart and stop the game, and if you dont change this fucking spawn of damned ship is my turn soon (and more I think) a damned ship must be rare and not more numerous than men...