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  1. Ho shut up already with the cheap EA defense, those fucking caves with clipping terrain and the lv 200 bats were exactly the same 5 years ago in Ark when it launched... For fuck sake, wake up already. If they weren't able to made those caves at least playable in 5 years or whatever since Ark launch ,how the fuck are they going to do anything in the next 2 years? Personally i already downloaded and played an other game, no fucking way i'm going further into this. So ye count me as a perma death.
  2. Ho it's not about the internet ping, it's the server that can't keep up, so the mobs don't even attack or they do it with such a long delay you can just run past them.
  3. I can't even fathom the fact that they : first -impose such broken content to everyone, 2 -they probably think this broken content is perfectly fine since it's now an implemented feature, i mean wtf? 3 - didn't even try to fix or even adjust the spawn/ amount of mobs and their difficulty to make this possible without completely cheesing it. It's clearly impossible to make those runs legit, you absolutely need to make a zerg naked run to get through it, there is no way around this. And as the guy mentioned in the video if the game wasn't a lag fest the mobs would shred you in no time... I sure have seen an enormous amount of broken games in my life where this kind of non worked end game was a thing around launch, but at least all those games saw that as broken, but gating character progression through this and making it a feature, it's is really the next level of bull shit.
  4. HAHA my toon take 17+ freaking minutes to regen from low health to full, one minute per 10hp, 17 fucking minutes!!!, now make it 20% more...
  5. After a few crash trying to make a company, i managed to do one using the default given name. All beds and boats appeared. So yes it worked for me.
  6. This doesn't work, as soon as you change grid your bed will be gone too even if they are under your nose, and it's the same for boats. It's a bug, already reported it and many others did, wait for a fix. Travel to your place, don't die, log off if you are afraid of dying. Game is broken right. Someone said if you are solo making a company will fix that. I'm trying this right now
  7. Don't have any of my beds/boats on the atlas selection, i just get off my boat a few second earlier... I have 3 boats and beds, no way they all were destroyed in seconds. And yes i did toggle the bed/boats thing on the map multiple time, still won't show up... restarting the game don't help either Pve Eu server PS other people in chat have this problem, not everyone though I'm editing because i have the confirmation it's an actual bug. I respawned in freeport, made a raft, put a bed in it, it show up on the map. Sail away, change zone, neither the bed or raft now show up on the map. Please fix this fast, thanks
  8. Ye the gate spam is damn awful, and infuriating when done in lawless especially. If you plan to covert an island with huge gates, cutting every single path through it, at least have the decency to get a claim. Also for some reason i can't grappel hook them in pve, is that just a pve setting?
  9. Even being able to join a company without the owner of the company agreement? I don't think even a dev kit let you do that, there is something a lot more fishy going on there.
  10. A claim cost nothing, spamming foundation mean you have to gather the resource, yes it's not much but it still count. The claim system that they actually have is really bad, lawless or not is not even the problem because if they take out lawless you are left with a bad system. And actually i do think lawless system is better. Claim are too small, you will not have enough to build a house, have some resource around for your needs, shipyards and boats, even if you have very small need, you'll need multiple claims to fit everything inside, and this must be adjustable for the number of people using the claim. Claim are both too big and too small, with foundation you can shape a rectangle or whatever shape that fit the location, that will include everything you need. But the real problem is that they are spammable, need no resource, no upkeep, no nothing. ANd honestly 4 day is really really low, it's even lower on clai, this just make no sense, if i want to go to a prolonged week end with the kids, bye bye my game... Yet people can't find a square meter to anchor their boat, not even talking about having a base. I'm sorry but it's the dev fault they should have tested it and made multiple reiteration of it until a sweat spot was reached, and then and only then sold the game, this is just crap i'm sorry.
  11. Usually i manage to anchor the boat pretty quickly, but the space in the game is a problem, most of the good spots are now taken or by shipyards or by other boats, it's pretty hard now if you come close to any island to be able to just go straight in and anchor. Last time i just couldn't find a spot so instead of killing all the boats i decided to just sail away and come back when the storm would be over, what a mistake that was. The stormed lasted almost up until i reached the zone boundary, and lasted half way to my way back... They really need to ease on the twister spam.
  12. Hear me out people i'm not posting this to defend foundation spam, i actually find this distastful and just bad behavior, and just pure selfishness which i think is one of the wort behavior. In any case i set up in lawless a few day after launch. That island was almost empty compared to now i could have taken 1/3 of it or at least a huge place, but no i just put a small shipyard and a very small house in front of it. First we had guys put thatch house around those metal nodes, so much so that only a couple was avaible, those house even decayed so i put foundation to forbid anyone to do it again. Then i had other people spam shipyard all beside me so much so that there is no room to park my boat, anything bigger than a schooner is huge, turn like a whale, get damaged easily on sand, if people spam shipyards, bye bye your ideal spot. Think about the fact you need 3 shipyard into your progreesion, probably as much space as they take for the boats, and voila, 1/4 of a fucking island for every person. The game sure isn't space efficient. So the foundation spam is not as much as a player behavior problem but also in big part a game design problem. The game actually force you to get a huge piece of land, same with resource spawn if you think about it. You need a lot of space per person, that's also why groups are more efficient.
  13. Same thing this morning on a raft. I was floating as soon as i jumped on a raft, couldn't punch it or anything, reloged the same. And somehow i couldn't go out of the raft boundaries i was stuck inside of it in a floating state. Had to kill myself by exhaustion, went back to loot my corpse, same thing, killed myself again. HAd to wait for the floating body to reach a side so i could loot the corpse. Probably a glitch with the last patch. I'm avoiding jumping on raft for a shortcut now. @Speedblade you can kill yourself pretty fast by punching in the air until exhaustion.
  14. Well i think they should be dangerous, they are one of the biggest problem when sailing so. Same with anchoring, i'm one of those that cried as soon as i made a sloop about the short anchor, but then again anchoring a boat is one of the main danger in sailing, if you don't do it properly you'll have problems, it's good that this is also a thing in the game, even if it's actually completely different, the sense of danger should be there.
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