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  1. @LordZardeck I did nothing special, and btw I found out that you need to place an NPC for it to have more options like "go to top" "go to bottom" and you can specify the floor you want to go.
  2. I've been playing since release day and fortunatly got a place where to build, but at O9 PVE EU server, theres this company called "Hunters" who got the entire island, i don't care how much they got while it's alowed by the game (I hope the flag system changes at PVE), but they are using weigth exploit to sink newcomers's ships when the newcomer tries to place a flag. I've seen this happen since release day to more than 10 people/companyes. They are supposed to have rules: (some other member told me these a day after they sunk our raft when going treasure hunting) "- First state our rules to newcomers that try to claim - Tell them if they don't remove the flag we'll sink theyr ship" But some don't even do. this is my pos: but i'm on the southern island cheat TP O9 145908 32519 690 Here they say they used the exploit because they can (hope it's fixed in the near future) I dind't find where to place a report so i'll make it here.
  3. I totally agree, i'd rather the system it says on the patch notes to be the correct one. I'm paying in a 4 person crew and i'm hard working on a nice looking village, but i can't leave to play the 80% of the rest of the game, because if i leave with my crew to explore, the village is defenseless. I'm a pacient person and i don't care it takes a while, but the thing that makes me loose my shit is the 0 respones and comunication about the pve claim system complains. Sure, the next patch will touch claiming in water, but as they say it's useless, and the only thing is usefull for it's to appear listed on top10 dynamic map.
  4. On patch notes says the timer start last time you have been active on the claim, but it doesn't work like that, read the tutorial to understand how it actually works.
  5. Even if the spot is empty, i live on a server where a company owns a whole island, and they threaten to destroy your ship if you don't stop your claim.
  6. You need to hold right-click then press the number
  7. I get how it works, but this is from official patch notes: "PVE Territory can only be claimed if the owner has not been active around the territory within the last 3 days."
  8. Noone of us can join, keeps loading, also asked (on discord) the allys we made on the same server, they told me it's been all day. Just posting it in case devs didn't notice, because i haven't seen any other post about it. Thanks for fixing it beforehand.
  9. First build the elevator track, then with "T" change to platform and snap one of the 3 options you have and then build the elevator crank, notice that the crank needs to be on a floor, Now you can use the crank to manually lift or lower the platform. But it will go only one level up or down. You'll need an NPC to be manning the crank for more options.
  10. when it says you need 2x/4x of some materials means you have to use some diferent materials. P.e. If it says 2x stone, you have to use 2 kinds of stone some1 correct me if im wrong
  11. I still don't know how they work, but you can pres "N" when the map is open to set a waypoint. But i don't think you can share them
  12. They are updating it to v.8.0 , also re-open the game to have it at 7.96
  13. Yep, they dont seem to shoot anymore, but they still drive to the coast, This ghost ship was trapped by 2 of my rafts and they where slowly diying, i had to move 1 of them for it to go away. And even now it is making circles arrown the beach, and I can see ship debris and sunken ships. (Btw i already got my 3 days brigantine work destroid before the update, so yeah, im very happy with everything happening)
  14. Happend to me while i was getting to the raft i saw 4 or 5 full armored and probably full sinking my raft claiming it was theyr territory (the claimed all the island) when i was just following a treasure map.
  15. I want to contact with a dev to explain an exploit that some people are using to destroy ships with the experience of the game, I just closed the game mad because i can't do anything to prevent that. Please contact me, I won´t say it here so noone else uses it.
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