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  1. Mostly for pve fixes my idea would be ; If Ship overweight or over crowed = no damage , but cannot move and should not matter if its docked or not. Ability to kick / eject anyone from the ship that's not in your company (only pve this would be an option)
  2. Thulen

    Trade Network

    Vendor in freeport convert one resource to another one for gold & material cost , if you need a different tier of wood for blueprint crafting , bring wood+gold convert it to something else. Like gems into another kind.
  3. Thulen

    Fix for PvE ship sinking griefers

    If ship is overweight or overpopulated > Not able to move nor take any damage , does not matter if its docked or not. Ability to eject people not in company from the ship so they cant sleep / camp it. Guess this would mostly fix the annoying things happening on pve' servers though.
  4. Whats fun is anyone that walk near will contest it , so it goes straight up to 6 hours within seconds. We' shared the land with some people but one of them we know stopped playing so claiming it back to make it public land for people to build boats in so far its been quite a fun time watching the flag go up all the time instead of down cause of random people wandering around. Hopefully they will log on and reset their flag timer, but if anyone else were to claim in the water it would overlap 3 of the neighbours and pretty much decimate their entire bases. fun times.
  5. Flags refresh when you are online and near them, even the old ones we have does that now. Every one near us that had claimable land now have 17000 to -100.000 on their timer depending on last time they logged in. Only way to actually see that is to have a friend check them though since you cant see the timer if they are in the company. We did replace the flags couple of patches ago the really old flags i cant vouch for,but we didnt replace them on this last patch.
  6. 3 days after someone refresh timer , right now that would be -243,200 (17000 refresh then goes into negative to -234,200). But its more like -170,000 something.
  7. Checked the island we are on, of 22 companies 4 of them still had some protection rest were claimable. Several people in their company running around and timer still going down or dont reset to unclaimable. I have no idea if they replaced flag or not.
  8. Thulen

    fix this mess YOU DEVS; FIX YOUR MESS

    We given land to people on the island we settled on, today the northern part of it some random guy claimed their land cause of the dumb timer not working, so they placed a buoy down to mess up his spawn unfortunately that also affect everyone else on the island. Talked to them and it was removed now. Enough already, remove those buoys from the game or fix them.
  9. Thulen

    Looking for a home

    Right now building in Lawless is better protected then claiming a land since its refresh timer reset when you are near it , it doesn't work on flags. (except those have loads of alpha annoying things i guess) Go figure.
  10. Thulen

    why i cant craft dyes

    Light the fire, it need wood then you can craft it.
  11. Thulen

    TOP 10 PVE Tribe Now Gone (Claim Flags)

    So by your logic people should always sleep/offline to avoid people claiming their land, ooh wait you can still take the land while they are on it by overlapping just outside it will reach the entire building and items in it. Obviously not working as intented, they been way quiet about this and we' need a 1 claim per person limit that can never be taken/overlapped on pve, period.
  12. Thulen

    How does claiming work in PVE

    Overlapping, claim close enough to yours will claim your base/shipyard pretty easy, the ring dont even have to be close for that to happen.
  13. Enough already, this need a fix before anything else, so many are doing exactly that overlapping ^
  14. Thulen

    Very black skies?

    Forgot wich one it is, but shadows ? on low make the sky solid black.
  15. Thulen

    Can't join Eu PVE server

    Yep there goes the map we were on too,