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  1. So for PVE there will be a day one rush of the new patch where those with the really quick download and fastest internet connections continually spawn on different islands in an attempt to get to own one and all the rest of the player base have to suck it up and trust that nothing they build on their first day is destroyed by those people during the 12 hour window and also that the tax rate for the islands will not be set to maximum. Considering it is for an upkeep system and these really only punish solo players and small groups seems to me that most islands will have Tax set to Maximum. I am beginning to think that the ship is rudderless for any semblance of PVE direction and seems to be totally reactive and driven by the waves in whatever direction. The Claim system didn't need reworking completely for PVE in this way it just needed to have limitations put on it to prevent the mass claim flag spam that was emblematic of the issue (along with fixing the overlap and decay timers issues)
  2. So unless they really change the way things work the bulk of the map will be even worse than the lawless situation what with resources not spawning within a radius of foundations or pillars. Hello empty islands with no resources and no way to build anything. This has the potential to really really break the whole game for PVE
  3. did you not just sail northwest in something fast? You do know the map wraps around north-south and east-west.
  4. Short answer is that you can't set it so that it will choose the 131% bow over the common one. The reason being this. The slot remembers you had a bow equipped and will fill the slot with the first bow you pick up regardless of it's quality. This will happen with any item at all. My advice to you is paint your 131% bow so that the icon on your hot-bar looks different and alerts you to the fact you don't have that one loaded up.
  5. overlapping claims are a mess. To you the land reads as theirs, to them the land reads as yours. Both sides of the overlap can build as if it's their land If one side allows others to build on their land that takes priority. Not sure how taxation works. Claim overlapping should not happen but you know ATLAS happens
  6. Nope. Most of the time people are not doing this intentionally it's just a side effect of the way the game works with spawn suppression. However sometimes people do it specifically to control the resource. Get some climbing picks and go over the wall to get at the gems and use water reservoirs for fresh water as a work around.
  7. Bear in mind each grid square is a server in it's own right so I can say the server I am on has not crashed in a number of days now. Doesn't help you much but I will assume you are not on the same server if it is indeed the server crash and not something else.
  8. No they don't now... but a few days ago they set it so that Lawless islands behaved the same as normal islands and foundations suppressed spawns of everything and the uproar was immense and apparently having lawless island resource spawns behave the same as every other island killed the game. the uproar was so much that they adjusted these map zones to have their very own rules for resource spawns in patch 10.79 (go look into it if you do not believe me). no other island resources behave like this and get suppressed by buildings, we recently had someone who left the island I am on have his buildings removed after the claim changed hands and now there are large amounts of resources on the island. So you are aware a small shipyard for sloop/schooner a large shipyard for brig/galleon and a building big enough to house crafting stations/forge and storage oh and lets not forget the secure area to put your gathering animals (so they don't get eaten by predators) takes up way more space than a single claim flag will give you but you know limit everyone to a single claim flag so when everyone has built all their structures on their single claim and the entire map is a span of buildings all belonging to individuals and companies that the only islands with resources are the lawless ones and people will complain the game is useless and pointless as the big companies fight for those resources and start walling off those areas to stop people getting into them and farming. Like I said there is a growing issue with removing claims from people that have left or are inactive as well as issues with overlapping and only telling you the claim flag of the person closest to your claim flag when it go's down oh and lets not forget the whole six hour land steal issue caused by the system thinking they have zero flags despite the fact you are trying to take one off them and can possibly see a few others. Most small companies have a few claims there are however some companies that have dropped claims all over the map wherever they can, again if you do not believe me go take a look at the polar regions, on EU PvE a few companies have dropped claim flags all over the islands there just so they can set a 30% tax rate on land and despite us seeing multiple flags for those companies when we attempted to contest one to get rid of it the timer said six hours. The system has problems which most of us are aware of and it's not perfect but in my mind it is way better than the pillar/foundation spam that was used in ARK to "claim" land as belonging to someone. I have no doubt there are changes coming to the claim system but would it not be best to fix the bits that do not work before making a sweeping change to things like "how many flags people can use"? Also remember this game is basically a PVP game at it's heart and sticking some arbitrary limit on how many claim flags you can place will seriously hamper the PVP land war that is the main thrust of the PVP game (or supposed to be).
  9. So everyone wants claims gone/limited etc etc etc. Did no-one see what happened when they set lawless islands to actually behave like normal islands in the game and the huge outrage about the sudden lack of resources because of all the foundation/pillar spam everywhere? People are complaining about some companies holding "more land than they are building on" well look at those barren lawless islands from a few days ago and the sheer number of mats required to make/repair even a Brig and you will begin to understand why companies are denying people from building over wood/metal etc. It's not just about the land you are building on it's also about having resources to build and maintain ships, and anyone saying you don't need to claim the land is obviously unaware of the resource suppression area that any foundation has (I again refer you the screaming about lawless islands being wastelands). Currently there is a growing issue where people that have been inactive for a week or more are sleeping inside a building on their claim and this make it impossible to take the claim from said inactive player. I also think there is another issue where the land claim steal timer is not updating until a new claim flag is successfully placed by a company so they all read as owning zero flags right now making them all be six hour claims.
  10. I saw that and my first thought was, Oh they are clearing inactive players from the starter areas and this is also possibly a test before rolling it to the rest of the servers. Mostly because there are people that have claims down but as they are sleeping in their houses having not played for many days you can't take the claims from them despite them being inactive. I could be wrong but that patch note could well have been the first step to allowing inactive players across the map to be removed and thus freeing up space so "shock horror" the servers do not die like everyone is saying they have.
  11. that patch note only was in reference to Lawless and Freeport not the rest of the world.
  12. once you get to your old level and above respec will again appear. Seems the system remembers that you used them at those levels and didn't reset when the XP curve was changed.
  13. There is a two day grace period before the settings go live to allow people time to adjust their claim flags as this is a new system and not everyone can play all the time. With the patch to put this setting in being 04:00 on the 9th Jan UK timezone I would expect the patch to make them live to be some point soon (as I post this it is 02:10 11th Jan UK time) just my thought on this.
  14. Encountered this bug and when you log the shoulder pet appears next to your sleeping body. A quick client restart will fix this. Only started with Patch 10.79
  15. This is caused by foundations suppressing resource spawns on those islands now same as they do on all non lawless. Not a bug just a part of the mechanics of the game that any other island has to deal with.
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