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  1. Linix Blue

    Once again, this is NOT fun.

    I think I know that person
  2. Linix Blue

    Breeding Question

    Does the temperature regulation go away after a tame hits Juvi? Or will it continue all the way till maturation?
  3. Linix Blue

    pve Looking for land

    We have a few neutral spots in H11, set to "yellow" We have really good reputation, and will not change the flag to red. You can help yourself to anything there, really low tax rate, and can be adjusted if need be. We have an animal pen thats available for anyone to use also. If interested, feel free to contact me. Linix#9916
  4. Linix Blue

    Open land?

    Even have a taming pen open to everyone.
  5. Linix Blue

    Open land?

    ^^^^^^^^^ and again ^^^^^^^^^
  6. Linix Blue

    Open land?

    We have neutral territory in H11 thats always open to people. Hell, we are technically recruiting also, so thats always an option. But it is a desert...so there is that.
  7. We have quite a few spots in H11, that are set to neutral, its a desert..but its home, feel free to check it out sometime.
  8. Linix Blue

    pve NA PVE - Looking to Buy Tames

    Hey I tossed you a friends request on discord, I can definitely do rhino/elephants for days. Give me a holla
  9. Linix Blue


    Nvm, its back up, was weird.
  10. Linix Blue


    I think H11 crashed? Not sure whats going on exactly, anyone else having issues in other zones?
  11. Linix Blue

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Gotta spam E on the glowing sparkles to get the buff, not walk through it sadly
  12. Linix Blue

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Well if it was at M12, O7 is next
  13. Linix Blue

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    2 cobras blocking the cave in F8, next FoY spawn
  14. Linix Blue

    Wrecked again...

    Oh lesson is learned. Just came to the forums to complain like everyone else does. And I do understand things could go wrong. Just mildly irritating. Not enough to make me quit like the other 20k people who have, or so I have read.
  15. Linix Blue

    Wrecked again...

    What this person said. A good notice or something would of prevented me from putting the effort into going for the FOY till after the update.