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  1. Ahoi , wir suchen noch neue Mitglieder für unsere Company, sind bisher noch nicht sehr viele, "2 1/2" um genau zu sein. Trotz unserer kleinen Größe haben wir es geschafft in Atlas Fuß zu fassen und konnten Land claimen. Normalerweise spielen wir eher unter uns und meiden große Gilden/Gruppen/Company's. Atlas legt jedoch einen so großen Schwerpunkt auf das Zusammenspiel das wir uns für diesen Schritt entschieden haben. Es wird von Niemanden etwas verlangt, jedoch sollte TS wenigstens für Gruppenaktivitäten vorhanden sein. Prinzipiell wollen wir Solo Spieler und andere kleine Gruppen ansprechen die derzeit kein Land gefunden haben oder wie wir feststellen, dass es auf Dauer Solo oder zu zweit nicht geht. Wer also Lust hat bei uns von Anfang an mit dabei zu sein ist herzlich Willkommen. Wer freuen uns über jeden, meldet euch entweder hier im Forum oder Ihr könnt mich direkt im Steam anschreiben, Steamname: Anotep. Liebe Grüße und bis bald.
  2. Hey Guys, did any of the Devs mention a whipe at any point in the future of this Game?
  3. Really, whats more important? Stop griefing? or satisfying 2% of the PVE Playerbase that wants to Grapple on some ships once or twice per week?
  4. It should be like this but reality is an asshole sometimes xD
  5. Since nobody is actually doing something against it, why dont you guys band togheter and grief them back? There should be more european players on EU servers then chinese atm. Track them down and grief back.
  6. Once I saw some people sinking ships in a lawless region, I made Videos of them and a lot of Screenshots, I made a ticket and reported them with all informations and proofs I had. Yesterday I was back on this Server and saw they are all still playing... so no reason to report griefers....seems like nothing happened to them. Sinking Ships in PVE with weight is not a bug its a feature.
  7. -PvE seems to have a little too much nerf on wild dinos. (There still needs to be some risk) You haven't stayed on my Island before the nerf right? xD Its balanced now and still has Alphas and also the Vultures can be a real pain in the ass if they come in numbers and sometimes I have to deal with 10+ and if there is an Alpha Vulture between them then RIP me and my tame since they also hurt the rider, but at least the constant siege by Wolves,Snakes, Crocodiles and the god damn Vultures has stopped and I can finally leave my base! We actually had to build the outter Walls completely out of stacked foundation because The Crocs and Snakes bugged through the normal Walls and destroyed the interior xD. I have some pretty funny Screenshots, the game felt like a Tower defense game for us in the past 2 weeks. We lost around 10-15 tames.We where out there farming naked with only one tool at the time because we knew we would die 2-3 times getting some wood etc. back, there was no point in killing the creatures because they respawned way to quick and killing them all would have cost us more then we could actually farm xD.
  8. Just be patient, im sure it will be patched somehow, I do have a similar situation at the moment.
  9. I got sorrounded by 11 Ghost Ships in front of the isle at O14 ... do you guys in the holy Development Phanteon think thats funny?
  10. Sometimes I wish they would just let this game be as it was. Everytime something gets added or fixed its a complete mess. seriously who is happy with the changes? I haven't heared anything positive so far.
  11. I need to know where it is on EU PVE, any Informations so far?
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