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  1. Pappy Green

    Remove claim announcements!

    That's the entire point of his idea, that you have to monitor your lands in order to know what's going on with them.
  2. Pappy Green

    Contesting Claims - Impossible?

    It's just another poorly thought out game mechanic, just remember...it's EA, so you can't expect the devs to have thought anything through yet.
  3. Watched many dolphins jump around my raft, some even over it. No indication of any IQ boost.
  4. Pappy Green

    Locked up and force fed.

    Rickroll them through the voip
  5. Pappy Green

    Lawless area's

    The usual tactic used by raiders to frustrate you and to give them time to get into your base is to destroy your beds, forcing you to respawn in a freeport. Building on the coast invites passing ships to bombard your base with cannon fire, easily gaining entrance. The preferred defense for PVP lawless then, is to find an inland body of water, build a raft, place a bed and wall it up good. Still at risk of being raided, but it's the most secure method.
  6. Pappy Green

    golden age island resources?

    Yes they are.
  7. Pappy Green

    pve Treasure maps for sale/trade

    Sorry, it's NA.
  8. Pappy Green

    pve Treasure maps for sale/trade

    Ol' Salty Dogs' Trading Post currently has three fresh treasure maps for sale or trade. 1.6q Region F7, at least 52 gold to be had, free 4.9q Region E7, at least 236 gold to be had, 20 gold 16.5q Region K13, at least 1224 gold to be had, 100 gold They only last for 5 days so don't wait long!
  9. Pappy Green

    Weapons cause slow movement speed?

    I've noticed a slightly slower running speed with sword out, no where near encumbered though.
  10. Pappy Green

    Please Add Per Claim Maintenance

    First flag free, all the rest $20 each + $10/month (per company), instant unlock when the month runs out without renewal. It would help balance out the lagging sales too.
  11. Pappy Green

    Players using single foundation tile to...

    Sounds like lawless isn't affecting you in the least bit. Play the game the way you want, it is a sandbox after all.
  12. Pappy Green

    Players using single foundation tile to...

    They already have the golden age ruins, plenty of resources, can't build, and uniques. Freeports are the neutral/trade zones. I'm sure the anti-lawless crowd are just collectivists upset that they can't claim them.
  13. Pappy Green

    Players using single foundation tile to...

    While you can't spawn in it, you can place a bed on lawless, and you can fast travel from it. There are timers on the claim flags and ships as well, what does that imply to you? From the Steam page, "Everything is up for grabs including player’s ships, their crew, their pets, their forts, their land, and their booty. If you can get your hands on it, you can take it." And if new players are supposed to build their boat there, but not a shelter, how are they supposed to survive the onslaught of animals, or if they're on PVP other players, for that matter. I've seen shores littered with abandoned rafts for that very reason.
  14. Pappy Green

    Players using single foundation tile to...

    Please give me the link to the design document that details what lawless is supposed to be. Last I checked lawless != homeless and huh, weird, they let you build there.
  15. Pappy Green

    Players using single foundation tile to...

    Sure, if they want to see the playerbase shrink by another 20%.