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  1. Yea, I put the info in manually and its working, just not with the Manager .. I did see another issue I am having, Server msg's are not working, everything else is for me.. I can manually use Send RCON and use Broadcast fine, using Send Msg doesnt work.... Its annoying when theres an update or daily restart and server shuts down with out getting a warning. Logs shows that it does, just nothing in game.. Edit: Posted this issue in Discord as well
  2. Not sure what Im doing wrong, but in the Blackwood Wizard I put in 2 mods, 1631196617,1634023936 and a server password, but it doesnt save that info.. When I start server, its not passworded and the mods not installed ..
  3. Yea Im having the same issue, cant find a solultion yet
  4. Wartai

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    I deleted folders, Config and LocalProfiles which is in .. Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\ ... , and the crashes are not happening as much
  5. Wartai

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    I finally got to build a ship, started sailing it then crash after crash.. cant get back into game to recover ship and return to base.. Wish they stop adding content and fix the damn game
  6. Wartai

    Crashes Unofficial list

    I have to use the favorites list and play on what I played on before (just change before it crashes) , havent tried the Steams browser
  7. Wartai

    Crashes Unofficial list

    Every time i try to load Unofficialserver list, it crashes Tried rebooting computer and problem still exists and tried Verify game files EDIT Seems to only crash only in the Unofficial list ?? Quickly changing to Official list and did not crash, or changing to Favourites list was fine too CrashDumps.rar
  8. Yea, the router must have loopback, my router has loopback natively .. The developers for the game should have considered making the networking side of the game better and easier for LAN connections, like in ARK A game called GRAV used the Unreal 3 engine and had multiple servers like this and had no issues connecting over LAN
  9. Wartai

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    These are the crashes I am getting too, some times I can play for an hour fine, some times I get crash after crash and go play something else.. This is the only game that crashes for me.. Just now I crashed 4 times while trying to paint my ship, with no errors, just freezes and have to kill the process
  10. Wartai

    Can not hire crew at Freeport

    On my own server, I can buy 10, then go back to the grid I built on, then return and buy another 10, If I have say 3 crew to help with sails, then can only buy 7
  11. Not sure why your using those port ranges I would start my ports from (for a 2x2) QUERY PORT 57561 57563 57565 57567 GAME PORT 5761 5763 5765 5767 SEAMLESS PORT 27000 to 27003 I do have ports open for other games in the range 27000 to 27050 total Dont need to open redis port of 6379 nor the RCON 32300 etc.... My 3x2 runs fine on these ranges (do have more opened for the others)
  12. if you have Discord, you can get help in 64Gaming, they are pretty good there https://discord.gg/Q8VvBBX
  13. I dunno what the issue is then .. Also, theres an update to the map editor 6 hours ago, dunno what it fixed https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor
  14. I did read somewhere some hosters use all JPG's .. I havent tried using JPG for all mine as I let the map editor create mine