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  1. I tried to restrict some beds to be used by high ranked company members, but for some reason it didn't work. Low rank members can still see those beds, spawn on them and even fast-travel too and from there. Is this a bug or a feature? Because I expected them to become completely invisible (on map) for lower ranks. Or at least to stop people from spawning/fast-traveling to such beds.
  2. Can't agree more. This game should show some love to small companies or it will die eventually (at least official servers).
  3. Have same crash message few times a day. Most often when I jump into water, but sometimes even on land.
  4. Hi devs, My Atlas game keeps crashing every now and then, most often when I'm in the water. I hoped it will become better with updates, but it didn't. I already tried to check files, reinstall game, update BIOS, nothing helped. It's really killing fun for me every day, because after this crash I can't even shut down the game, for some reason it tells me that Atls is still running and I have to hard-reset my PC. Also since most of the time this happens when I'm in water, my character dies of suffocation, which is not fun too as you may guess. I've attached screenshot of error message, hope it will help you to understand what's going on. Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. I can't hire new crewmembers at Freeport since patch 11.4, and my company owns only 1 NPC crewmember which is also lvl 15+. So it's not the case when you can't hire NPCs because of 20 lvl 1 members limit. Please fix ASAP. Thank you.
  6. There is just one thing I wish - some kind of offline protection for ships. It even may be not invulnerability, but just significant HP boost. Because it's way too easy right now to burn any ship with flame sloop (or dozen of any other easy ways to sink any ship) when you are offline. And also they should allow us to spawn on any bed in Lawless.
  7. They should allow to spawn on any bed in lawless, not just beds which were placed on raft/boat. Because at this point lawless zones don't work as designed (at least as I understood this design) - temporar place to live for new players who are not part of big company with claimed territory yet. So it should be as this: new player spawned in Freeport; levels up to lvl 8 (max lvl in freeports) and builds/buys his first raft or sloop; sails to the nearest zone which is Lawless; sets up a small base to continue character progress. But instead we have this: spawn in freeport; buy raft/sloop; sail to lawless; set up small base; die to lions/wolves/crocs/griefers/any_random_bug; spawn in freeport... I think being able to re-spawn on bed placed on raft near the shore is actually exploit. I don't think it should be fixed, but instead devs should allow to spawn on any owned bed in lawless.
  8. It also does twice less damage to naked players. No point in armor now...
  9. They also nerfed firearms damage to naked players. Thus I actually don't see any benefit wearing armor, rifle and pistol. Since naked bowman with fire arrows will easily kill you. They move faster than you, they do devastating damage compared to you, they can shot 20 arrows while you reload your rifle... and NOW you can't one-body-shot them with RIFLE!
  10. My home Lawless region server O6 (EU PvP) is not selectable and thus I can't enter the game. Can't even start new character on other server. Please fix.
  11. I have the same issue.
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