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  1. Nitrado's page on how to setup a server is pretty straight forward and tells you where to upload everything. Definitely check this out: https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Setting_up_an_Atlas_Nitrado_Server You definitely need to reboot all servers after you upload the JSON file and then destroy all wild dinos (it's in the ShowMyAdminManager console) so that spawns realign to where you have land.
  2. I'm running on a hosted server, so it's all handled by their web interface. I think there are a few guides related to dedicated servers and how to manage the json file uploads, but I haven't read through them.
  3. If it's a floating point issue, then it boils down to space. Floating point numbers have a finite length, and if you use larger numbers (i.e. 840k vs 140k) then you need to use more memory space to the left of the decimal point. This reduces the amount of precision to the right of the decimal point. I don't know how large an unreal unit is in the game world, but if you round too much, it could throw off things like spawns, where objects are in the world, etc. If the precision is high, a rounding error might shift an object a few pixels to the left and be unnoticeable, but if you're rounding higher numbers (say up to a whole number) it could result in things jumping around erratically (just as a simple example). My potential concern was around the water mechanic. It's very different from Ark, actually moves up/down/side-to-side, and it pitches objects accordingly. That's a lot of movement going on, and I could imagine a server getting bogged down when it's trying to manage that in a game world 4-5x the intended size. I'm guessing a private server with 10 people may not cause much stress, but if the devs aren't speccing to run higher than 140k in size, you're entering into uncharted territory.
  4. A few questions since this will help others with using: Are you using a hosted provider (i.e. Nitrado)? If so, which one? If you're hosting your own dedicated server, have you ever had maps working? Are you running all 4 servers for your cluster, or just one? In #7 you said the images inside ServerGrid are 0,0 to 1,1 and WorldMapImage.jpg. If you're referring to the files on your server, then the WorldMapImage.jpg is a potential problem. The main map file should be named MapImg.jpg on your server. It gets renamed to WorldMapImage.jpg when it downloads to your local system. Here's what the files look like on my Nitrado server: If the MapImg.jpg file is named incorrectly, I would recommend fixing that and restarting your server. Also, be sure you're using the latest version of the server grid editor as it will export the map files with proper names, so you don't have to worry about typos or other human errors. Hope this helps!
  5. ForceTrainer

    Bosses/Quest Line

    Look for any islands whose name ends with PVE. Those are end game content islands.
  6. ForceTrainer


    There's a good thread on this topic here. If you want to add a Freeport to a grid that doesn't already have one, you'll probably have to do some manual editing of the JSON file to make sure the spawn regions are appropriately set for each server. My editing has been limited to removing Freeports from a cluster and only have 1, but I would assume adding them to other grids would have the opposite effect.
  7. There are a bunch of islands that end with PVE, and I have a few of them in my cluster. One specific island, Cay_C_EE_PVE is the island that is in the Golden Ruins region on the official server, so my hunch says that's definitely it I did take a trip down there when I was testing out my cluster. It's NASTY. You better come ready for a fight with 50 of your best friends.
  8. Awesome! Our cluster has been running smooth for a week now. The nice part about doing a totally custom map is you control everything, and we're actually finding that with the redesign we could probably be happy on a single server for some time. I did a little write up about the different island variations and I started trying to figure out where different resources spawn, so check out this thread too. I'm not sure how correct it is, but hopefully as people try things we'll learn more.
  9. ForceTrainer

    1,000's of Merchant Ships

    Do you have ship paths setup, or are they just randomly spawning? I would suggest a dino wipe on all servers you're running to see if that clears them out and then see if they start respawning again at that rate.
  10. I never had luck with renaming the files, but other folks did. A re-upload of the files in the correct format the first time seemed to do the trick.
  11. @Lyr - Just tested in a second zone. Had maps from two different regions, and both were displaying properly. Here's an A2 map working. Unfortunately not sure what issue you're having since everything is working on my cluster
  12. Now that I think of it, I didn't test the treasure maps in the other zones, just the main navigation map. I know that the main map was borked until we rebooted the expansion servers. Did you happen to do that? I'm going to hop in now and see about the treasure maps. The one thing that makes me think things are working properly is my local map cache for the first time has all the files: Are you using a hosted server (i.e. Nitrado) or your own? I tested this to work on a Nitrado server, but haven't done anything with dedicated servers yet, so not sure if there are other issues. @SixxGunZ is rolling a dedicated server and might be more help there if that's your situation.
  13. You'll want to take a look in this directory locally on your system: steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Atlas\AtlasCoreBP\HarvestComponents In there you'll see the following directories: In those folders you can see exactly what resources spawn in each category of island. As best I can tell, each one of the islands fits into one of those categories, so it's a matter of decoding the island names. I went through the islands.json file to try and figure out the naming, and I'm working from the following key. It could be wrong, but it's the best I've got, heh. The two letters are the last two letters of the maps: CP / PO = Polar WF / WT / ET = Temperate EE = Equatorial CL / CH = Desert TR / ER / WR = Tropical WU = Tundra When you compare the key to the directories, you can make some assumptions. For example, I would assume ET is East Temperate, but I'm not sure if WF or WT is considered NW Temperate. Looking at the larger 15x15 map I'm inclined to think they're both NW Temperate because on official servers MNT_J_WT_E is in the NW Temperate Freeport region, and the rest of the region is filled with islands ending in WF. On the eastern side of the map, all the islands in the temperate zone at ET, so it seems to make sense.There's a similar approach for tropical. Looking at the 15x15, the NE Tropical has TR and ER islands, but I did spot a lone WF. On the west tropical area, the islands are all WRs. CL and CH are easy now since they're high desert and low desert. With all that logic, here's how I think the island codes map to the categories and thus the resource spawns: 01_NE_Tropical - TR and ER 02_NW_Temperate - WF and WT 03 _E_Temperate - ET 04_W_Tropical - WR 06_W_Tundra - WU 07_Equator - EE 08_Polar - CP and PO 09_C_HighDesert - CH 10_C_LowDesert - CL If anyone has any corrections, please let me know!
  14. @SixxGunZ - I tend to think it's more than the editor was an internal they used to create the maps, and it wasn't intended (at least not yet) to be used by the general populace. There are all kinds of little things wrong with the editor. Just the fact that it would export the cell images by default as PNGs was a perfect example of that, heh. Thankfully the most current version of the executable fixes the export issues. @TheSlayerNL - Two things. 1) Did you reboot after renaming the files and 2) You need to have all players delete the local map cache on their machine. This forces the client to re-download the map files.
  15. Treasure maps shouldn't be blank, so the issue is more than likely due to the cell image files not being named correctly on your server. There are a few options. You can follow the directions here for uploading files if you have done any customization to your server grid or if you stood up the host from scratch yourself. If you are using a hosted service (i.e. Nitrado), then you should be able to rename the CellImg files in atlasmain/ShootGame/ServerGrid to have a .JPG extension instead of a .PNG extension. In either case, after you either upload or rename the files, you need to reboot the server.