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  1. Same thing happened with our taming pen. Lvl 1 baby giraffe was the result. If you put a newborn baby in the pen it freezes the imprint timer and the maturation timer until you unload the baby, so you get more flexibility for time management. One more thing, it freezes or extremely slow down their food consuming too so it won't starve or freeze to death. Just put some food in the inventory of the pens just for safety. So at this point it's good for breeding the supported animals ( they won't get affected by cold/hot in the breeding process in the pen), just don't forget to unload the mother before the baby born so you won't get lvl 1 babies. The pen is also good for time management (loading/unloading the the babies).
  2. They abandoned this forum long time ago...
  3. There are no customer support since the last two years. Just do what the other players do in this situation. Wait... Their timing with the patch was absolute rubbish, it came out Friday, and they went home to do noting in the weekend. Now today they realised oh shit we need to do something. Thursday they will go to the nearest pub to discuss what to do, then in the next week they present us a "quick" patch which will fix the problem, but makes 10 other new problem. Welcome to the circle of life in Atlas... this is the next lvl of game developing presented by Grapeshit.
  4. Restart wont help. Me any my company got the same problem since yesterday afternoon. J5 to J1 in central waters. After the restart yesterday evening nothing changed, today is the same.
  5. I had the same problem a year ago. I took a few days to find out that the problem was with the connection between my ISP (internet service provider) and the gateway to their European server,located somewhere somewhere in Germany. I had huge desync and packet losses communicating with that gateway. So I solved the problem temporarily with a VPN service (Tunnelbear, Nord VPN, etc. etc.) Change your location of your country in the software what you choose to use as a VPN. Worked perfectly. No lag, no errors it was perfect. Check back time to time to your normal internet connection and try to log in to the game normally. With their frequent server restarts, they change some of their IP addresses, and the problem solves itself sooner or later. Until then just use a VPN. Cheers
  6. Weird, i never seen this error message in Atlas. Just a few idea from me. New windows update? Firewall settings? Your HDD/SSD is healthy? It looks for me your game and the Battleye files are not corrupt, just something is blocking Battleye. Hopefully you get some more comments and ideas from other people.
  7. The questions are not satisfactory?? The worthless answers are not satisfactory !! And you dont have anything to say to the community as a senior community manager ?? Are you sure this is the right position for you?
  8. Exactly. Wait for rain then you can kill the elemental with swivel/cannon/ballista. If its not raining then you can try ( if you dare) an olfend to get the rain effect
  9. In H8 my company get this most of the time. Our solution is: log in and even if you cannot interact with anything try to kill yourself somehow. Here are a few example. If trapped in a house, box in the air until you die. If you are outside, jump iin the water and drown. After you die, you will get a game crash. You can log back now. BUT you will get a black death screen. In there you need to change the home region to a different sector (anything works just not the one where you died). If you changed the home region and spawned kill yourself again. Now you can safely spawn back to your original sector. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: NEVER LOG OUT, AND DONT RELOG IN THE SECTOR WHERE YOU GET THE BATTLEYE ERROR. ALWAYS TP OUT FROM THE SECTOR BEFORE YOU LOG OUT. You can sail in or tp in the faulty sector and you will be fine you can do anything, just do not disconnect there thats the key. I hope this helps to you and anybody else who got this error, this helped my company since the last week when we received this error in the very first time. Shame on you Grapeshotnot fixing these errors and leaving the players struggling in the dark without any help from YOU. Pull out your head from the sand, grow some tiny balls and help your players if they got problems caused by YOU. Greetings to all from a fellow battleye victim
  10. You dont have to play the game on a phone that was just an example from Egon. Im using this program to play Atlas on a shitty and old Dell Latitude E6230 (even Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 struggling to run). You just need a good internet bandwidth with cable connection to the router and thats all. The game runs flawlessly. With a Hdmi cable you can play on tv or a big screen monitor. You can even use the xbox controller too.
  11. Me and my friend are residents in H8 too. Both of us had problems yesterday in there. The only way to escape from there was to log in to one pvp server, disconnect, reconnect to pve and tp away from one of our bed before the "battleye client not responding" kick message appears. Yesterday late evening the H8 was okay, but in this morning the problem started all over again. Our main base there, we are not happy too. We are playing since day one, but seeing these new developers "working" and comparing them to the previous also useless dev team, we would like to see them coming back instead of these new braindead so called game designers and developers.
  12. I had a similar problem back in months ago. Max ping after sailing from one sector to an other one, max ping in every evening, disconnects, login problems. My advice is in the first step try to locate the connection problem to the gameserver with this easy to use, free program. It helped me to understand that my problem was a router or gateway between my pc and the gameserver. It was a german ip provider adress. https://www.ittsystems.com/traceroute-alternatives/#PingPlotter My second advice is try a vpn service ( Tunnelbear for example, 500mb data is free it is enough to try to launch and play a little time with any game.). Mask your ip, your location with this program and choose a country from where you want to login. It worked perfectly for me. I subscribed one month with Tunnelbear because i had this connection problem more than a month. Then it suddenly disappeared. I hope this helps. Sorry my crappy english, i hope you will understand the key words
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