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  1. If you find yourself in K10, 12pm-12am PST, I can make and sell you a 166+ mythical shipyard made. I just need coquina first.
  2. I'm looking for high level unmutated females, or females with ONLY stamina/weight/health mutations individually. Message me. I live in K10. -im desu
  3. Continues to be an issue. Still not sure what else to try except wait for a server wipe. If they don't reply to my ticket, I may never get to play again.
  4. Still unable to log in, coming up close to the month mark... Support ticket is not answered.
  5. I had my company mate go to where I logged out, he scoured the entire island. I'm not still there, at least visibly. At this point after trying all the things I posted in my first reply on page 1, I'm highly positive that ATLAS and Steam have different versions of what my saved ID should be. The only thing left for me at this time, is to wait for them to answer my ticket. :S
  6. I am in Japan. We do not have Comcast here. That said, it worked fine with my ISP prior to this my original post being made. Do you have seperate Steam accounts/Xbox gamertags for each copy of Atlas? I'm debating buying it on a new steam account just to play again.
  7. So far I've deduced what I think is the issue... ATLAS deleted my save through some bug or update wipe. Steam still links my last pathfinder save to the game from their end and refreshing everytime I try to load the game. I cannot create a new character since I already have one. I can't trick the game into logging into my old tile because it's D3, not a freeport, not a lawless zone. Support ticket is still not touched.
  8. Still having the problem today after trying multiple times each day and doing random bogus fixes. Workarounds that include logging into the character will NOT work for me because I can NOT log into the character. It is on D3, non-Lawless, non-Freeport. Support ticket is still collecting dust.
  9. I will look at the post more thoroughly, thank you. Still unable to log in on day 12. No response to ticket.
  10. I've waited 8 days. I think we have different issues. Thank you, though!
  11. None of the symptoms in the post you linked are what I'm encountering, did you read the post, or just the title?
  12. Okay, thanks for the info! I am still unable to log in and not sure if I can log into D3's tile. Never showed up before.
  13. Patch 401.14. Still unable to log into the game. Support ticket is untouched.
  14. Well if I do find a fix or if my ticket gets responded to, I'll be sure to let you know! As of the 18th(for me) the game still does not work.
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