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  1. so ar one base they had a cool set up. But a note from shop corresponding note name to an animal pen. Note 3 = animal in pen 3. Throw it on the ground to read and get a pin number to unlock and claim animal. Im trying to duplicate this and dont seem to be able too. I can write a note. But not name or title it like they did. And it shows the note content just looking at it without buying and tossing on the ground. This was a great set up in my opinion and would love to duplicate it.
  2. Well thanks everyone. Thankfully we persevered and got our boats off and away from that island. Literaly 24 hours and hundreds of sign ins. So they obviously wont be fixing this for xbox based on what ya'll are saying and how long the issue has lasted. That sucks I love the game and can see whatbit would be if fixed and finished. So my only real hope is to upgrade to xbox x whennits released. Sorry Egon but i dont want to play it on my phone LOL.
  3. Literally 24 hours and hundreds of sign ins i finally got the hell off ofnthe bignisland in H5. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER GOING BACK THERE! still no response to my tickets either thanks.
  4. so just sailing nearbthe island got myself and a friend kicked out of the game. Try to restart and discovered boats crash anchored there. It last a half a second and getnkicked from the game again. We have both independently rebooted our zboxes, restarted the game and just to immediately get kicked from the loading screen just as it is about to us on our boats. Its been 24 hours, at least a hundred attemps to restart and get our boats the hell awaybfrom the big island in H5 and we just cant get in to do it. I have created two tickets so far. No response from Atlas. We stand to lose our boats all material in cargo box, 3 expensive bread bears, etc.... HELP!!!! ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS?
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