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  1. Samstag Freitagsson

    Thanks for adding singe player

    look in the steam forum, there is a great thread about sp settings https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1640916564844156904/
  2. Samstag Freitagsson

    How can you support this?

    the ladder might been placed wrong? lool. could have just demolished it. poor guy.
  3. Samstag Freitagsson

    Sail customization

    but a pc buddy could paint your sails
  4. Samstag Freitagsson

    Will we be able to preload the game?

    true. In the current state, I would not pay more then 10 euros for it. Its lightyears apart from a fullprice product. There is so much missing amd still not working good. That I belive is another reason why there bad decision have a even worst impact on player numbers.
  5. you can change the amount of skillpoints for sp, so you can learn all skills.
  6. Hey @Dollie and @Jatheish there is no hat in singleplayer!
  7. Samstag Freitagsson

    Give me an idea of how fast you are leveling on NA PVP

    Exactly! Crew should be the main sidekicks. I would implement npcs with special abilitys, like the dinos in ark. And some special heros, from who you only cab have one as companion/ officer with good fighting skills
  8. Samstag Freitagsson

    New Atlas

    Serious? Screenshot pls. On singleplayer theres no new hat. Or dont I get a joke because of my bad englisch?
  9. Samstag Freitagsson

    New Atlas

    I only miss a new hat... @Jatheish @Dollie Would be much more fun to start over with a new hat
  10. Samstag Freitagsson

    Wipe out ?

    But maybe, in a time far far away.... you maybe get a hat @Jatheish @Dollie
  11. Samstag Freitagsson

    network failure

    How about using the downtime to read the forum. Then you dont frust if you try any other server, besides Na pvp.
  12. Samstag Freitagsson

    I Play PvE, so i cant play for a week? Why?

    You also can play on unofficial or host a game for your friends. For pure PvE-companys its hard. But if you wan,t you dont have to waste the time.
  13. Samstag Freitagsson

    I Play PvE, so i cant play for a week? Why?

    As a PvE Player on Steam, I use the time untill relaunch in singleplayer. I explore islands, look for the new ones and test out wpe. Its pretty much fun so far. I also get to make may start procedure more efficent for relaunch.
  14. Samstag Freitagsson

    So just to make it 100% clear

    In the PTR Forum they ignore everything too and no updates or news.