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  1. "Ark resources are in the game on lawless instead of ATLAS resources"
  2. I hope you no longer work with the intern who had implanted the new islands (upside down...) in the equatorial zone few months ago. I say intern because I hope a real developer checks his work, or correct it if he made a mistake... If you are still working with this person, and you are still copying/pasting island formats, tell him to turn this island 90 degrees clockwise, and check the others... otherwise your new map is going to be a hell of a mess! Edit: If an island is established upside down is not really the problem. the real problem is that never been fixed. I'm a little mean, but I love this game (3k+ hours of PVE play), and I hope it will be improved and finished. A game cannot stay for 2 years in early access. Telling players : "what you are doing is temporary" is normal during early access. But this is no longer normal when developers disappear for 6 months.
  3. How to proceed : It's not an exaustive list, just how i did it (or seen people) Boss mechanics are very simple : when in fight, it will follow closest people (like every enemies on this game...). When in fight, it will reset aggro and return on spawning spot if it is not hited for a few seconds (alone with a carbine and "normal" reload, you lost aggro). If some people, easier because all the time people on fight, refresh reset time with more hit. - Kill Hydra : Alone => you must know a minimum the mechanics of the game and be a seasoned player. Newbie alone => Sorry! (try an alliance, or find some people able to kill her and help you, or just manage to be on the area when people kill her) Some people => it's more pleasant to chain die with several people! Way 1 : pull and kitting to the ship (carbine/handgun/bow/wingsuit), then ship kitting with rear cannon/balist (when you know how to configure your cannons/npc on the ship, swivel with canister ammo> all. If not, medium cannon or balist are easier and safer). Alone it's a little bit hard, because you must refresh hit while running if you don't want she reset, when npc hit her => you got her! Way 2 : Old school alone survivor Grappling hook, bow, loooooooooooot of arrows. Climb on the city or montain, stuck her under, hit, hit hit, hit.... fuck, no wood to repair my bow! hit, hit, hit.... fuck, i'm hungry! ok, hit, hit, hit, hit, fuuuuuuuuuuuck, a pterodactyl! You must try this way one time on your life! Way 3 : Little wily one Stand by people kill her for you! - Kill Drake : More or less same thing, but you can kill him easier alone when he is stuck on his spawn area. Way 1 : some people with carbines on the ground, like Hydra, stuck him and hit, hit, hit... Way 2 : put on red clothes and play to be a fire-fighter ! The better way of all fights, but you must be several people. Pull and kitting to the ship, when someone on the ship hit him, the fun part begins! ps: be carefull, you must have buckets on your ship^^ He can't sunk your ship (we tried with schooner/brig and gally), but it's really fun. Another little thing : - Power stone on the island (Hydra, Drake, artifact, cave) => unlock the first quest (Kraken access) But you don't really need to finish the quest to participate to the fight against the Kraken. Finish the quest = Able to invocating Kraken. - Power stone underwater (dark area, submarine, don't need artifact) => unlock the second quest (V2 Kraken access). Same thing.
  4. Hello, Sorry about my english, i'm french. And french people prefer eat baguette, fromage and wine instead of learn english. General concept and tips : - Never let your ship overnight on Golden ruins, faster decay like freeport and npc can't repair. - Some Golden ruins have an Hydra (like C6), another a Drake (like F8), it never changes. - About F8 => be very (very) carefully, light blue water full of reefs! an hour to unlock a schooner just a little bit entered inside south coast light blue area. - Boss (Hydra/drake) give to EVERY people close enough (participate in fight or not) an artifact when it die (directly in the inventory). Boss inventory just contains 2000 mythos. You must obviously leave the mythos to people who did the job, or speak with them about it. => when you are some people on a company, it is better than players who already have the power stone come to give an additional artifact. - With an artifact, you can validate a power stone. => You need 1 artifact in your inventory to be able to clic on the pillar inside the cave. - Cave's schema is everytime the same! you know one, you know all (try naked runs without artifact to find the way). On the other hand, some caves have more enemies inside (and outside^^) than others, good luck! - Artifact decays in maybe 2 hours (don't really remember), but important thing is artifact is not linked on the golden ruins. You can (if you have the time before decays) pick up an artifact on C6 and use it on F8 cave. - Cave location is not underwater, the entrance to the cave is close to a giant compass on the island (like yours, but very large). This guide is pretty full : atlas-game.blogspot.com/search/label/Guides
  5. (<= PVE player) Early access games are fashionable. We want it, right now. When people will be tired of not having what has been promised, they will no longer buy early access. Developers will have to finish their games again before making any money. Like a normal world. The true question is : will the world been normal one day? At this state, Atlas is not a bad game. There are things to do ingame, and to be honest the work done so far is well worth 30 euros / dollars. What is (for me) extremely frustrating is to see the huge potential that there is on this game if only we had more PVE content and more bug fixes.
  6. Hello, the decay time depends on our construction and what is on it. Basic cooldown time : - Building piece alone (like foundation or pillar) => 12h. - 3 building pieces or more linked => 10 days. - shipbox/storage/cooking pot alone on the ground => 40 days. - Billboard alone on the ground => 20days (don't forget to delete them after your tame, it's a pain to have signs all over islands). - Campfire alone on the ground => 5days. Strange cooldown time : - Building piece alone + bed => it is written 12h on the foundation. Demolish allowed after 12h but doesn't work, the real decay time is 10days (decay time of the bed). - Building piece alone + or smithy or anything else like storage => never try, but if it's same think as foundation + bed => maybe decay time of the smithy or the storage is right. Don't understand cooldown time : - Ships => nothing is written. But it's sure decay time was reset only if you raise/lower anchor. Coming on the ship is not enough. When I stopped playing I restarted the times of my house (1 time per week) and my ships (1 time every 2 week raise/lower anchor). A this time, i lost my two schooners but not brig/gally. I deduced decay time is not the same on all ships. Since I refresh ships every week, that's be ok. - Full house with everything inside => not sure, maybe everything disappears if decay time finished and nobody around. But : one time I found a house from another company, why decay time < 1h. i waited and nothing disappears, i was able to destroying foundation with facilities above. Next day everything had disappeared.
  7. or be helmsman (for seasoned players), or playing music. oh! and most important : they can be sit on a chair !
  8. Hello, not tried since last patch but elephant are not a easy tame, sometimes very annoying... - Do you use harvest wheat or wild wheat? if my memory is good, wild doesn't work (And you must place item on your last slot). - Sometimes, feeding is written but doesn't work. Try from another place (right side / left side / front). you can also try to move towards him, then back away very quickly so as not to be hit when he hit, then run down on his head to feed him before he hit again. You will take a hit, but depending on the placement of the beast sometimes it is the only solution (best location obstructed) => bed beside, plate armor, medikit^^ If you can feed him once, then it's a placement problem. Last time i tamed an elephant, I was close to ragequit^^ Don't remember which side works best but i did it somewhere behind his ear close to his front legs. And another thing (beginner's tip), max sneaking ability (T3) and approach crouching. Good luck !
  9. Hello, completely agree (on PVE) ! ALL creatures in this game do only one thing => attack nearest person, and reset after a period without hitting or taking a hit.
  10. Sorry, i'm not very good in english and i use google translating to be sure, I'm not sure to understand this sentence. If you're talking about assigning a NPC (PNJ = french word to NPC) to ship's repairing, this is done automatically, you just need to have an NPC not assigned to a task (it starts sweeping the floor). Ship must be anchored, automatic repair only repairs ship's basic (plank, deck and i think sail), you must repair other parts by yourself.
  11. Hello, When you are at the wheel, you have skill bar at the bottom of the screen. These are "groups" assigned to the ship. the 4 on the left are called front / rear / left / right. If your ballistas are at the back of the ship, you should have a number written inside rear (4 if 4 ballistas for example). What MaximilianMartin told you is correct, but you should also know that you can activate or deactivate orders to different groups. to activate groups, the slot must be purple, if it's no purple, this groupe will not listen orders. If ballistas are not assigned to any group, you must give them one and activate orders. As a last resort, you can also assign PNJs to a group, but do it if nothing else works.
  12. @HARTSIA : Hydra can be defeated solo with a schooner + rear medium or small cannons, or ballistas (small cannon + canister shot > all but hydra too close to the ship, medium cannon safer) You can also kill her naked with a bow and loooooooot of arrows ^^, you just have to find a good place higher than her and stuck her below. But solo, if you never try Golden age ruins before, you might not get there and disgust yourself. I think the best way to a solo player is to find other players (solo or company) and plan a ride with them (create an alliance is a good way). We did that with a solo player who never wanted to join a company, we planned Hydra, Drake, Kraken, Yeti with him, he came with his ship, animals and stuff, it was pretty fun. Drake is harder solo, it resets when he is not hit a certain time. But this fight is a lot of fun when it is drawn to a ship, it sets fire everywhere it's great! There are also some tips : - kill the boss gives you an artifact (directly in the inventory), whether you participate in combat or not, you just need to be in the area (maybe fighting music). - Artifact is only valid for a certain time, but is not restricted to a golden ruin. You can loot your artifact in C6 and use it in F8 with a fast ship and the good wind. - the artifact is not nominative, if you have people in your company who can come for the kill, you can have several artifacts to try to validate in the cave (sometimes the cave is very difficult and you can lose your artifact). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry Perceval for being mean yesterday, I was in a bad mood and I saw several of your answers on different posts that seemed a little rough (not sure it's the right word). The fact that you do not outbid shows me that I may have been excessive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I quite agree, not every time, but I have already experienced this situation. And the ultimate: the person on the ship who must shoot the drake/hydra misses his shot, reset, try again!
  13. Developers confined themselves on their ship, and they sank it. the game is dying because they stopped developing it, and not the reverse.
  14. I hate people like PIERCIEVAL... I play Atlas since the 1st hour, 2k6hours in the game. I know maybe 95% of the game's mechanic , playing before and after reset, and so on... Before reset (lot of time before xbox crossplay), fire elem can be defeated by ballista (i don't remember other weapon). Was not possible to 1 shot them, but possible to kill them before they sunk the ship. Question to "I have an answer to everything" PIERCIEVAL : why devs moved this mechanic and let a trash mob with god mode on? Why a trash mob (difficult is not really the problem) on the way to the BOSS of the area is harder than the boss himself? I am able to avoid them or pull them away my way to Hydra or Drake, but it's a nonsense and you should not have an answer to that... I love and i hate this game in same time. It could be so much better if....
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