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    Cannot damage warriors guarding treasure

    That's almost, but not quite true. v207.996 AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage. You can damage them with guns, but it is still dumb that you can't damage them with bows.
  2. Draalei

    Claim vs Lawless

    This is not a bug (at least in PvE). It was in the patch notes: Max Tax rate on PvE set to 20%, and is only additive on PvE (doesn't reduce the taxee's resources)
  3. Draalei

    Are the discoveries broken?

    You don't get discoveries on the island you set as your home region. If that is not the case, then yes, they may be broken. This is an island in K12. My home region is L12. That being said, K12 used to be my home region. However, I can discover other islands in the grid, just not this one.
  4. Draalei

    PvE Structure Decay

    If I could afford a 12 day holiday, I wouldn't care a bit about some stupid game.
  5. Draalei

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    OK. I guess I'll get with my friends and see if they want to play on the EU network, or wait another couple of weeks and play on an NA network. I know they won't want to start on one, and then start over on another.
  6. Draalei

    ATLAS: Mega-Update 1.5 Release Info

    So from what I'm reading, if I want to play PvE, I've got to do so on the EU network?
  7. Draalei


    "The tax bank is utilized to transport resources that will be used in the Claim Flag from different locations on the same Island." Could you clarify this a little more?
  8. Draalei

    A Complete Redesign

    Because I don't like PvP
  9. Draalei

    A Complete Redesign

    Thank God for that. I don't play Eve. I don't want to play Eve. I will never play Eve, or anything like it.
  10. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    Been trying to connect to the game for several hours now. I load into the game and wait for things to render in. After about 30 seconds, I get a kicked with a "Host Connection Timeout" "Lost/timedout connection to host" message. I've tried lowering my graphics settings, doesn't have any effect. ATLAS: [NA PVE] The Hydra's Den REGION: Atlas_O3
  11. Draalei

    Getting Rid of Ship Frames

    This is a good tip. Most of the ships though, there isn't room for chairs. They are, always. Most of the time, I'm the only one playing. In my company, in my alliance, on the island, in the entire grid. To go into more detail about what happened: I parked our brig in our harbor. There was a server time-out error "Host Connection Timeout". Instead of calling it quits for the night like I planned, I decided to log back in. All of the crew (and tames) from the two adjacent ships were on the brig. It also wasn't parked.
  12. So, after much pain, heartache, and connection timeouts, I was able to get to our base. Only to find that two of our ships had sunk for no explicable reason. I salvaged everything I could from the ships, and are now left with the frames sitting there taking up space. Is there anyway to get rid of the frames? I don't care if I get materials back or not.
  13. Draalei

    Getting Rid of Ship Frames

    I figured out what happened, because it almost happened again to another ship. For some reason all of the crews from the two adjacent ships got put on our brig. It's just lucky for me that I forgotten something and had to log back in. Took me all day to get all the crew members back where they belong, and there is still one ship that has a phantom crew member.
  14. Draalei

    Getting Rid of Ship Frames

    Thank you.
  15. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    Tried that multiple times. Doesn't work for me. Just an FYI for those who don't use Discord: JatToday at 3:19 AM Not worthy of an @news but to keep ya in the loop, we are working on an update with a bunch of hotfixes that we'd like to deploy sometime in the next few hours, but we'll see how it goes. Primarily iterating on the disconnecting issue that players are experiencing with large bases atm. Not sure if it'll be able to be resolved tonight as it's a doozy, but we'll see. Don't think this will be a major version update but we'll know once we've sorted out this replication issue.
  16. Draalei

    Captain's Log 23: Setting A Course

    The developers statement is "We'll be making some design changes over the months ahead to make the game more accessible for smaller groups and solo players" The key words are "more accessible". It doesn't mean solo players will be able to do power stones or the Kraken. It doesn't mean that every solo player will be able to claim land. It means that solo players will be able to log in, build ships and bases, explore, do treasure maps. Accessible does not mean being able to do everything a group can do. I think from their statements, they are misinterpreting what players want. From the Captain's Log 22: "Players not being able to find land to build a base on both PvP and PvE". From Captain's Log 23: "we want players to always have an option to build". Their emphasis is having players be able to build, and from their standpoint, the new system(s) they proposed allow this. What they are misinterpreting is that players don't want to just build, they want to be able to claim. They want a piece of land that is all their own.
  17. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    For those of you who just need to get to your base to feed your tames and take care of your crews, there is a work-around. It's a total pain in the ass work-around, but it is a work-around. 1. Die. This could take some time, since you probably have to starve to death, and at 30 seconds each log in, it takes awhile. 2. Respawn at a remote base, ship, or your home server. 3. Build a ship (I did a schooner, buy you can do a sloop or whatever). 4. Sail the ship to your base. As you get close, you will experience lag spikes, so approach slowly. 5. Anchor the ship, and take care of your chores. 6. When you are ready to log out, take the ship out of render range (preferably somewhere you can anchor it). Next time you log in, sail the ship back to your base. Rinse and repeat whenever you want to play.
  18. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    What good is a major update, if after it is released, you still can't log into the game? I had hoped that the latest patch would address this issue, but still having the same problem. Over three days, and still can't log into my base in O3.
  19. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    Just a note to everyone, this bug report will be more likely to get attention if you upvote the initial post. That keeps it at the top of the list.
  20. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    It has been over 31 hours and still there is no solution, or even an acknowledgement of the problem. Since there has been no update to my problem, I will post what I have been able to find out. I was finally able to die by starving to death (and believe me, it took a long time since I could only stay logged on 30 seconds at a time). I respawned at our auxiliary base in O6. No problem loading in server ping 55. I died and respawned at my home server of A6. Again, no problems. Server ping 55. I died again and respawned at our base in O6. Again no problem, server ping still 55. I build a sloop and sailed from O6 to O3. No problems along the way. Server ping for O5 and O4, still 55. I got to O3, and the server ping jumped to 75, and then settled back down to 55. When I got within site of our base in O3 (on Fairboia Island) I started noticing lag spikes, with ping jumping to around 200 and then settling down. Once everything rendered in and the ping settled down, I played for a couple of hours with no problems. After taking care of some chores, I logged out. Server ping at this time was 50. I waited a few minutes, and then tried to log back in. The "Host Connection Timeout" problem immediately happened again. The base starts to render in, everything freezes, and I get a timeout. Server ping is 255. My coordinates (using CCC) are cheat TP O3 -127056 141846 292.
  21. Draalei

    Host Connection Timeout

    I have been having the same problem. I posted a bug report (https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/55353-host-connection-timeout/), and put in a ticket (https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/support-tickets/server-outage/host-connection-timeout-r11439/) yesterday, but have had no response.
  22. Draalei

    Developer Math

    I've played well over 600 hours. I played with all the bugs and glitches, some I know will be fixed, some I know will never be fixed because they are the same glitches that have always existed in Ark. I've even been playing a lot since they announced the wipe. Leveling ships by hunting SoTD, trying crazy ship and building builds. With 6x harvesting why not try crazy things, it's not like wasting mats. I've been sailing around gathering different mats to make high end blueprint stuff. All in all, I've really enjoyed the game. But, I guess I'm finally done. Why? ""Host Connection Timeout" I haven't been able to log in for over 12 hours now. Despite all the flaws and what I consider bad decisions, I really enjoy the game. I would like to play, but if I can't, I'm done.
  23. That's a good idea, I hope they implement it. Will the better smithy with a blueprint stack for better stats? I like the idea of ships being able to have higher levels.