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  1. The PvE grief is why I stopped playing the game, I still check the boards to see how things are going
  2. The pin code needs to deal damage if it's guessed wrong, otherwise the Chinese can make a program to test all the combinations of numbers pretty easily.
  3. I haven't played for a couple weeks since the bug that allowed other players to weight up and sink your ship, I heard the fix for that was REALLY bad, so I'm still waiting, checking the forums to see how the game is coming along. As of now, it doesn't seem like a good casual, solo, PvE game.
  4. The raft blockade grief is far less enticing than the sinking ship grief, there are no mats to be gained.
  5. For real, let's litigate. This been going on like 2 weeks. I literally can't play the game I bought because this one mechanic causes it to be defective as to limit the experience I bargained for.
  6. My understanding is that it's not just the Chinese that are doing it, but plenty of non-Chinese companies too. My opinion is that all of the established players are of the position that, "if other people are going to do it I might as well do it too, plus it gets me resources," so it's a mechanical issue, not a player issue. Don't hate the player, hate the game. And if you're going to hate the player, hate all players, don't discriminate.
  7. I don't really think it's fair to punish the Chinese for exploiting available mechanics in an early access game. It's totally ruined the game for me, and I quit playing until they get it figured out; but it's pretty immature to get salty about a competitor taking advantage of what's available. The fact is the mechanic should not be available on a PvE server, and blaming people from a different part of the world is racist, it's the devs fault; and we can only appreciate that the devs will fix their error, and be hopeful that they fix it soon.
  8. The PvP looks amazing, I wish I had time to indulge, but I don't. I was enjoying the PvE, logging on a couple days after work during the week, then getting a couple solid sessions in on the weekends; but now that's gone. Fix ship sinking exploit please.
  9. Why don't you guys just use weight exploit to sink them?
  10. I saw dev post on steam community form a week ago that they were working on it
  11. Most people choose PvE because it allows them to play casually, balancing their gaming hobby with other aspects of life (i.e. work, family, school). Currently PvE is broken, so that these casual players can have hours of work erased; hours that are especially precious because this type of casual player is often too busy to invest a significant amount of hours into a game. I used to be a no-life PvP gamer, it was great, and I miss it; but I have other focuses I must attend to. So, I was having great fun with this game on the main PvE server until my schooner I had spent many hours pimping out was gone over night. Rational will not allow me to continue to invest time into this game if I cannot advance to the more diversed gameplay that becomes available at higher levels. Please fix this exploit so I can continue my pursuit of becoming a successful Explorer of Oceans and Sinker of Ghost Ships.
  12. It's been a week since they've acknowledge this griefing problem. Can we please get a fix by the end of the week so I can start over again this Friday???
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