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  1. MegabitTV_WrecknBall

    Question for the devs

  2. MegabitTV_WrecknBall

    Deadline: 01/18/2019 - Live Stream Questions

    My question is, is there a reason that even with an ample amount of proof provided to you about a company griefing every other company on their island in PVE for more than a week straight, even after your ship sinking "fixes", that none of you will nut up and remove them from the game?
  3. MegabitTV_WrecknBall

    ATLAS DevKit Launch!

  4. https://www.change.org/p/instinct-games-region-lock-chinese-players-in-atlas
  5. Then that would all come down to those individuals making a report and reporting the issue to the devs or at least having screenshots to justify/prove why they did what they did
  6. 1. Again, this isn't calling for them to ban everyone that's doing it, this is calling for them to ban a specific company of continuous griefers. 2. Fuck that, ban all of them, if you're exploiting then your a piece of shit and deserve it
  7. Yes, but is that large population of the players base consistently using it day after day targeting a specific island and all the companies on it daily and flaunting it in the chat? Wouldn't most of the player base leaving due to these people look just as bad on the books business wise? It's already killing the game. Punish people, let it be known you punished them so that people come back to the game and revive it But again, like Cybernut said, this isn't where that discussion needs to take place. This post is about calling an issue with a specific company griefing multiple other companies on a daily basis to the attention of the devs
  8. yeah, that's fine, in PVP, using an EXPLOIT in PVE to destroy and take things from other players isn't a mechanical issue, it's a shitty individual issue
  9. Yeah no, it's not racist for being upset a specific company for being shitty players and using an exploit to needlessly ruin the game for others. I do appreciate the devs trying to find a fix, but I absolutely won't accept them not punishing people for their actions
  10. I know they can, it's the same system as Ark, takes less than 10 minutes to teleport to and find a player or group of players and with proof provided ban them from the game
  11. MegabitTV_WrecknBall

    jatheish Letter to Jat.

    That's fine and dandy, we all want and are willing to wait for a decent fix to the issue. What we are not willing to wait for is retribution against those who we've provided evidence showing them in the act. Y'all saying your working on a fix doesn't do jack about the people who are actively continuing to grief in the meantime and having no consequences for their actions. Once a fix is made are y'all going to remove them from the game? take away their claims and buildings and ban them? Or are they going to get to just keep playing the game knowing that they fucked over other players and got away with it?
  12. That's fine, I'ma ll for them taking the time to figure out good fixes that won't ruin or make things worse. However, them not having anyone take the few minutes to look at proof, go to the coordinates and remove the people ruining the game for others is absolutely ridiculous
  13. Gulag is a different country my guy
  14. Lmao I'll have to look into that
  15. The easiest but still shit way to do so is try to look at him and screen shot his name, then look up his steam name and just report his steam profile. I know it's a shitty way to have to do it, but not much you can do when they let chinese characters be used as player names and don't actually show the characters