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  1. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going on with tames when they were lost and my experience has seen only two results.They can be lost right on a zone line "lag" but will actually show up 20-40 feet from the zone line "either side" or are floating around somewhere in the water depending where they fell off. For the most part,i would say they are gone for good.I tried actually hopping on a fast mount and chasing them down when they went floating off and they just disappear.Some float upwards and they also disappear for good. To be honest i have not had this issue with lost pets in quite some time,over a year.However i did have issue with npc's i claimed from pirate ship fights.Once in awhile one would bug and just floating away or bouncing away.It always appears to be an issue after crossing zone lines which has been a long standing issue with this game since day 1. On the matter of pets in the water,often those have washed into shore after falling or being whistled off a passing boat and or the boat was sunk or decayed over time.I honestly have not had pet issues in over a year other than my own mistake with accidental whistles and why you should take pets off of group whistles.I am one of those people that gets all the problems and likely because i have played a LOT and on many servers so i have a good chance of experiencing all the issues. One thing the past has proven is that every time there is a major update,problems follow right behind.
  2. I gave up trying to run my own server,way too many issues with this game to bring others on board for my server then see issue after issue. My point is i am just going to use single player to sort of test longevity of a server but when i went to try it i get an automatic message from the mod tool helper "it is not safe to use zones".I made sure to delete all the files i could find ,check for file integrity,start a new server again,reboot pc,i did everything and i still get the same error.So that tells me any time spent will be wasted long term. I noticed an issue that seems to be a sure tell tale of problems and that is if you cross a zone line then look fro your boat and see it still posted as being in the last zone,there are problems with the server. Are other people having these same issues?Did the recent update completely kill the single player game/map because i also heard about some changes and i noticed the treasure map lights were spawning in the water.They don't even activate in the water,i tried.So it is like the maps have been altered or something?
  3. Have PC users been shunned now?How do we post bug reports? Under support?
  4. So i replicated the exact same freeze 2 in a row.I was moving a stack of the yellow sulphur to my inventory and it froze each time.I had to logout of account on a cntrl/alt/del because it wouldn't allow me to enter into task manager either. So on a third try i tried just clicking a few of the stack over to my inventory all was good.So then i try putting those few Sulphur into my Mortar Pesttle and it froze the same way again.SO it happens when i try to grab an entire stack of the Sulphur no matter what size it is ,stack of 3..10 500 doesn't matter it freezes/locks up every time.
  5. So i got a few eggs like i am sure others have.Put it on hotbar,used them and then all of a sudden i can't use my bow.So i tried to craft another and i can't craft a bow now either.So i tossed the bow i had and tried but still nothing. I tried a respec ..nope,i login and out a few times still nothing,no BOW use at all and unable to craft a bow. I had this same bug quite awhile back,like 2 months ago so odd it has returned.I was having Spear problems prior to this patch,couldn't throw a spear but seems to be working MOST fo the time but it still gets bugged sometimes where i have to unequip the spear a few times to get it to work so i can throw it.
  6. No it i a system i am not in favor of and don't want to touch any official servers right now. I want a true PVE experience,i do NOT as i am sure others do not want to be some other players puppet.
  7. My expectations for this EA game was bug fixing and content updates,not pvp tweaking or server reboots. I wish now we were told the EXACT intent of this game because MANY of us joined for PVE and never expected PVP to influence PVE server wipes or even have PVE settings catered to pvp. OFFLINE<<<keyword.How are game settings going to affect players when they are offline,nobody can game or wants to play 24/7.So a group of friends in a different time zone than a larger alliance is all offline,every last player offline,how are the settings going to help them and the game ? Gamer's cannot cater to game settings,they have lives to live,so the settings MUST cater to the players.If you are going to focus on pvp make sure it does not affect or alienate pve players which is likely half the community.PVP should have safe areas and be VERY restricted because of two very keywords "unbalance" and "offline".
  8. Now see this is why i constantly state that PVP does and never will work because if all you do is cater to pvp you take away everything a game can do to improve itself and/or to have more fun. Can't do this..can't do that all because pvp,why lessen agame for a mode,many people don't even like pvp at all.At one point i know the total player base on pve was 3x that of pvp ,even if it is split ,your making a worse game to worry about pvp.Developers don't put a lot of effort into their tweaks fixes as yo usaw by the sinking ship fix,you'll never be able to caterr to pvp and get the game setup properly.
  9. zubov56

    Full Map ?

    To be honest,i would happy playing with just 2 zones or whatever we call them..grids and around 14 isles,i could game everyday on that amount of space.Imo it is nice to have real player neighbours in game,if i had 10 players per island over 14 maps,that is a 140 players,There is no server with that amount of players right now.Point being even 2 grids is plenty but yeah takes some editing to get it all in.
  10. zubov56

    Full Map ?

    Well i think some people have made maps that are 2x2 and all biomes and in reality that is all that matters. The way it works now you basically need a server per and even if going a bigger zone,you then need more servers pER. Some providers will already allow you to enlarge a zone/map so you could put more inside of it but you need to pay for more servers.If i consider running a server,i would go the 2x2 route all biomes and simply copy it from someone who has it.I actually started working on a map like that but was getting real crowded,you need to aim for the smaller islands and set their properties. I feel some people get too carried away with server size,i spend days/weeks on just one grid maybe two and could just rotate from one to the other and still have tons of play time.So a 2x2 if 7 isles per that is 28 isles,i am sure that about covers all biomes but you could edit each and do it with less isles.If evn 6 isles over 4 grids,man that is 24 isles that is a TON of room,that can EASILY support 100 players,that is like 5 players per island pfft ,tons of room.
  11. IMA guess still in FFXI,the best rpg ever made In all honesty i am terrified of any more new content,way too many bugs already,i prefer a full out effort to get the game working smoothly and next phase being better developing tools for modding. Know why i said better tools?Well because the community imo would move faster and get things done to give us more content,all we need is the backend part to be bug free.
  12. So imo yes it should be possible but perhaps not with tools we are given right now.Like i am 99.9% itis possible to what you are asking,create a large area of connected land. Example,even though i have not touched the engine in many years,i could spark up the unreal engine and for 100% certain i could create a large mass of lan and still have separated zones with different zone properties within each.So i have no doubt at all,the engine would be even better by now,like MUCH better and easier to do something like this.it just has to be done in some format this program would recognize what you are doing.
  13. Well the game identifies by zones and distances.If the maps were joined i suppose you would have to simply create it as ONE zone.Sooner or later you would have to separate zones by yeah a zone lol. Water zones,land zones .The thing that baffle me is i know the Unreal engine can assert zones via invisible separation but not having worked within the engine for over 15 years,i can't remember what would happen right at that 1 pixel spot you have an invisible texture mesh.I don't even know how much you can manipulate the maps/zone structures.We used to get every tool we needed,even a SIMPLE zone tool to create the zone properties and all the lighting properties as well. Perhaps that blue curtain we see crossing zones is exactly what i am talking about,that 1 pixel thick invisible line but they simply use a visible texture and have the mesh as non solid to pass through it. I would assume the water physics is part of the issues and why they did the game this way because i would have assumed the invisible texture to separate zones allowing a smooth procedural transfer between zones,similar to entering a water zone or distance/temp changes.Like we don't stop and phase into water,we simply walk in and notice no lag like we do crossing maps.Perhaps the lag with ships is the sheer volume that has to be drawn,all the objects on the ship when compared to a simple player walking into the water is les to draw. SO for example a 1x2048 sheet with texture set as invisible and non solid 1 pixel wide would separate areas to create a new zone.That way you could move right across a zone and not even know it was there.So in that sense you could create a large land mass connecting to each other.So because i have been out of the loop so long or there are some restrictions i don't know about,i would think it is possible but having seen the actual grid program,i don't see a whole lot of good user friendly options there lol.
  14. zubov56

    mod No Chat

    Possibly my biggest peeve as well,you have no idea how many times i cursed this,like avoiding STOD fire but chat window is open so i can't use keyboard.Now i see 4 tabs on the chat box but i have no idea how to use the chat box tabs.A simple HIDE option with NO popup would seem obvious.
  15. zubov56

    More bugs

    Sometimes you only get one try with SOTD crew to enter hit points.if you go back an hour later you can't raise their hit points.Sometimes hit point addition fails first try. Today after seating crew onto cannons i could not enter "disable following".If i whistle "Y" they simply unseat off the cannon. Still seeing fake sinking animations,no damage but shows i am sinking all over the place. Npc's landed on my boat like birds for example and began to slide along the deck like illegal players do.problem is i started to then get "boat is sinking"from too many crew. When i go to unclaim npc's they go into the sliding across deck motion.I can still manage to kill them but they still slide around making it hard to use the "dispose of body" command. I have noticed water animations coming right into my ship,like i thought the entire ocean was rising several feet and filling up my boat. Sometimes cannon fire animations do not show when fighting a SOTD as well i can only see the cannons sometimes but no SOTD hull. BTW did a delete and clean install,removed any and all mods moving from server login to server login and made sure to unsubscribe to ALL mods after delete and trying again.,nothing changes. What i have noticed today is "SHADER" errors galore.I had a driver update about 5 days ago,i don't think i noticed the problems until this last patch which was very recent.Even still it is possible i guess some discrepancies between Nvidia drivers and the game.
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