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  1. Amy3

    Can't breed animals in WTemperate

    Thank you for having someone come out to help me troubleshoot this
  2. NA PVP C11 I've bred dozens and dozens and dozens of crows and bears in season 2, this season they won't even try, even though they spawn here and I tamed them on this island. They don't even give a temperature error, they just "Undesireable biome for mating" at me repro steps should be simple, try breeding a pair of crows or bears in C11 cheat TP C11 -412195 -230267 1673 thanks, have a cool day
  3. Amy3

    NA Servers

    There's a common misconception held by officials-players that if unofficial servers didn't exist, those players would instead play on official and therefore officials would have more people. This is largely untrue. My 1400 hours in Atlas were on official servers but even I know that. People who choose to play unofficials have good reasons for doing so and if the option weren't available it's more likely, a lot more likely, that they would play something else instead. Something that isn't Atlas.
  4. Lawless isn't supposed to be hard to settle, it is a viable place for new people to hang out in and you can stay as long as you want as long as you are willing to play by the rules What isn't intended is entire islands getting pillar spammed by one person, which was why you had the lawless-only structure radius reduction stealth change and then when that didn't solve the problem enough they stealth reduced structure radius AGAIN, by a gigantic 50% each time Lawless is absolutely an option for people to live in, but the nature of the auto-repper means that if you want to pillar a whole lawless island you will need to maintain a disgusting amount of structures and making it that annoying will ensure that way fewer people do it The only reason lawless is going to be irrelevant on pve is that pve is going to have so few players that anyone who actually wants land will be able to get it. The other servers will have few players too, but those pvp servers don't have the same claim limits pve will. Lawless is not actually straight-up intended to be irrelevant or impossible to settle in
  5. The repair structure is specifically designed FOR lawless pve, don't get it twisted dude from last page
  6. You guys are really doomsaying unreasonably here. If people pillar spam hugely, you can build all you want in lawless where pillar spam is no longer realistically possible If you want to own land, it's pretty much impossible to stop you since there won't be enough people to claim all the islands and it won't actually be possible for the entire world to be claimed, with the new caps The end
  7. if you have a very specific place on pve you want to build, sure i guess if you just want land and don't care a whole lot where it is, pve isn't going to have enough people on it to raise the company caps high enough to claim anywhere near all the islands, so it'll be flat out impossible for all the land to be claimed
  8. The last few pages of this thread are a goofy pipe dream. A game company is not going to spend valuable resources "moderating" which groups have more friends than they are allowed to have. Sorry guys you have too many friends, please eliminate three. No. Also, even if they did, the moment a group gets suspended or banned for the crime of attacking an island in an MMO about attacking islands is the moment they ignite a horrible PR fiasco of their own making that they would have a lot of difficulty escaping.
  9. Amy3

    I tip my hat...

    The official servers population has actually been increasing for the past couple weeks and I haven't really figured out why. Right now the combined officials are 1244 people and that's with an entire server missing. We're a far cry from the days where NA PVE would consistently drop below a hundred. Last night was the first time in 1400 hours of Atlas that I actually ragequit the game in disgust. I lost a fully-loaded schooner with over a hundred thousand coins on it a few days ago to hitting invisible walls in the middle of the ocean (which is a bug I've lost other ships to before), and last night when I built a new boat to go out again, sailed a decent length to get to a cool new island, and after spending two hours on that island I immediately lost everything on me to the climber-pick instant-death bug. I've lost a lot of things to bugs in this game, but that was the first actual rage quit. Wasn't even that big a loss. If only PVE players care about a wipe, why does NA PVE have more players on it than NA PVP right now, when before the wipe announcement the pvp server would have double or even more
  10. Amy3

    Nice try, jerks.

    Plenty of people have plenty of good reasons to wall off an island without you and your tmap ever entering their mind
  11. You should probably read this thread
  12. I guess I'll just look forward to not being allied with you anymore.
  13. Amy3

    Server type after Wipe poll

    reddit had like five of them
  14. You overaggressive weirdos are exactly why I spend most of my time on pve. My friends on pvp hit top 5 several times, so I know that when I visit pvp I don't have to be intimidated by you in the slightest, but I don't expect it to be often
  15. Amy3

    Server type after Wipe poll

    this poll has been done a million times, but uh sure I guess what's one more so far this poll doesn't look any different than all the others