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  1. Totally agree, at least wood and thatch so simple structures can be built easily. I don't think that would affect the PVP balance and everything seemed fine with PVP during the 2.5 2 .5 x boost anyway
  2. We are a small tribe that is building an aesthetic town in the N A PVP server. We have a considerable start with a shipyard and 15 buildings including Stables and are looking for people who want to build aesthetic buildings and make Farms and tame animals. We have good relationships with all the neighboring tribes and are in safe territory. We don't raid and focus on diplomacy and trading. Eventually we hope that our town would become a trade hub. We especially need Farmers, Tamers, and people who like to build for Aesthetics. Our company has personal pins enabled so your house will be safe from people messing with your gear. Message me and add me on Steam if you are interested in joining up. (same name) Pictures of the town can be found in my Atlas screenshots. It has since developed considerably.
  3. Same as ark... 70 meter blight around each foundation. Kills anesthetics.
  4. So I was at a Freeport and these guys robbed two of my rafts by standing on them and making them encumbered so that they sink, and then grabbing the bags that drop underneath the storage lockers. Why is this easily exploitable mechanic even in the game? Devs, please realize that some of the extremely punishing game mechanics in this game are also easily exploitable by Griefers. Really, any ship damage besides cannonballs should be nerfed into Oblivion. It really doesn't need to be like this.
  5. Hope the devs are listening
  6. Well said. I have made this comment before. Eve online had high SEC zones and hangers and also when you log off your ship disappears. These functionalities desperately need to materialize in this game otherwise it's not going to be good
  7. Right now, the fact that someone can just spend a single idle hour to claim your base and easily open up the doors is a travesty. Claiming land with complete structures on it should take around 10 times as long. Maybe not just foundations because this would encourage Foundation spam, but Maybe if there is a certain object somewhere or at least 10 building parts then it changes the claim time from 1 hour to 10 hours. The territory system is good so far but this one issue is unbalanced. You want to minimize the appeal and ease of offline raiding or that's all this game is going to be.
  8. If anything, they should just raise the rates for wood thatch and Stone. I understand that all the rates being really high enable the bigger tribes 2 grind for weapons during the event. They just need to tweak it so that building specifically is less of a grind because right now the base rating balance is way off. It should not take so long to make a safe base when it is so easy to smash through doors
  9. Building and farming at this rate feels about just right. It's too grinding at the rate it was before. Make this the standard rate please.
  10. Kumiiyo

    Dont Turn This Into Care Bear Island!!

    Op has bad advice. The animals need to be toned down and the resource grind needs to be permanently at this 2.5 x
  11. Kumiiyo

    Chinese ruining your game devs

    Dude if the Chinese are duping that means they are probably going to wipe the servers. The devs really need to get dedicated servers for the Chinese this problem almost killed Ark official servers and it's only going to be worse here
  12. Kumiiyo

    Animals should not damage structures

    I mean, I know how this works but the ability for animals to aggro on or damage structures should just be removed from the game especially since they clip through walls
  13. Kumiiyo

    Animals should not damage structures

    Right now they just endlessly Target and attack structure's pointlessly as well. It's not like it's accidental damage like happens sometimes. The animal is just attacking the house and damaging everything and just repeats this Behavior