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  1. damage hacks maybe.mp4 punching 360 damage Nevermind just looked at the name
  2. Yeah there is no enjoying it anymore one of our guys went spawning on every server and every time you just see [][][][][] and you just know they are there. Rip was fun for the 40 hours I played. did they get yall too Dragon?
  3. They also use EPS, They just found all of our hidden beds around the island even in the smallest of cracks. R I P
  4. Well yeah but all of my company's encounters is with 3 different Chinese companies in O9 doing this. I haven't ran into another tribe doing this.
  5. That youtube video the person actually dies the body just goes through the ground and he dies from his own fire heres another headshot for ya headshot_3.webm headshot 4.webm
  6. Yep we are taking a break also, most of our people refunded the game. We had about 40 people in our companu and 20 online at the time but still couldn't do anything to stop them.
  7. we have alot of gifs from them they still wont do anything headshot 1.webm headshot_2.webm
  8. Can you devs make an actual server for these cheaters? Ive been shot through my own base and shot 20 feet underwater. Hunter on NA PVP was duping all yesterday and is now hacking shooting any direction. 1 shot through full plate armor by a simple pistol also with 166 health. With about 30 of them running around doing this. Like I didn't think the chinese would be this back but holy shit the devs won't do anything. We could fight back but not if we get headshot through our walls as we spawn. I just don't get it, alot of people reporting the same thing but devs not taking action? Sounds like Wildcard
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