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  1. I can support overall idea about characters getting older and eventually die. However only when that mechanics 100% done and work without ANY issues. First thing first. Mechanics not even half done. There is still no "children" mechanics in the game yet. And yes, huge portion of players would prefer to do it "safer" way with simply switching to new younger character, rather than trying and finding Fountain of Youth. As of Fountain of Youth its huge problem on it own. And not just Fountain, but Golden Age Ruin isles overall. I know you tried to make those isles dangerous. But what happening there right now is absolutely ridiculous. I can even support the idea of having creature on the isle much higher level than normal. But having half population of the isle as mythical creatures is just... *sigh*. It should be at most 5% of overall population been mythical creatures, not 50%. Caves is problem on its own as well. I know its mostly uses resources from Ark and done very Ark-like. But in Ark at least you could overcome difficulties with excessively overpowered gear (which is bad thing in Ark, and i am glad Atlas tries approach gear system very differently). Yes, caves should be dangerous. But don't try to balance it so only 30+ group of ppl with high-end gear could do it. Instead make every cave its own instance (maybe even hosted independently on same or different server). And introduce mechanics where cave difficulty scales with number of players entering it (providing that ppl in same company and/or alliance would be put in the same instance). So in the end even solo or very small group could do it. Yes, it should be dangerous regardless, but at least doable. And as of what to do right now to "fix" overall situation: 1) Do complete creature wipe on every golden ruins isle that contain FoY for few days, with no respawn of anything. Just to let ppl be able to get what they came for... 2) After those few days reset everyone's age back to 20. Most ppl won't get FoY buff, but at least will have their age reset. And stall aging mechanics completely, untill it will be developed to 100% (meaning "children mechanics would be implemented). 3) Do a very heavy tweaking with Golden Age Ruins isles spawn rates. 4) Last and hardest one, you really should work toward making cave systems as an instanced-dungeons, with proper scaling mechanics where it would be both dangerous, but still doable and fun for everyone, not just swarm of very well geared ppl.
  2. Claim still quite an issue in the game. And not just because of numerous bug. And with newly put taxation system, you guys practically encourage everyone just to go out there an put "empty" claim everywhere they could. So they would get taxes, but also also preventing "safe" building for everyone else. First of all claiming obviously should be limited per person. Secondly - to make more customizable, so it would be simply one claim per person, make it as point buy: A single person (either if he/she made company or not) should have at most 10 meter radius of claim. That's more than enough to either put small shipyard and build small cottage right next to it, or split it to two claim for shipyard, and small cottage bit inland). That also insure that there would be plenty of land to claim for everyone, if solo claims will be small. In any case, there is really no point giving 50-meters radius claim to a single person (rest alone multiple of those). For company claims it should be simply accumulative radius from all company members. And likewise they are free to spend it how they want. 5-member company can go and try claim one huge 50-meters radius claim. Or they can go around and put numerous smaller claims. In both cases no new claim should be allowed, until one of the older claim would be removed, or one of older claim would be reduced. As of implementation. Would be bit tricky to put, but i think its possible. Give everyone like a week to actually go around and play with that system. And after one week, what they finally set - would be implemented. Practically removing all old claim flags, but at the same time enabling all new claim flags.
  3. Turn aroudn the corber and have game load loads of new folliage - two seconds freeze = time out from server. Turn aroudn a lot due to beattle, making game to load and unload lots of meshes - 2 seconds freeze = time out from server. Fighting alpha, using flame arrows, having game bit overloaded with VFX - 1.5 seconds freeze = time out from server. And i keep going on. Right now only middle of the see is somewhat time out free zone. Any land exploration is just AWFUL. I know you guys tries to optimise srver performance. But such short clients timing out is just ridiculous... Provoding that client side performance also still far from been good, and client freezes quite common, you just CAN'T do timing client out due to 2-3 second freeze on his side.
  4. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. they did very well "platforming" of the ship, where its easily excludes water surfaces from bellow the decks. Diving bells easily can work the same way
  5. ...would be both much more authentic, and way more effective. There was no diving suit back in piracy days, so diving suit alone is quite immersion breaking. And as of looting depth. It would be so much better getting down there with bell, load it with loot (getting oxygen as you needed in between, and without going to surface). And drag loaded bell back to the ship.
  6. Let be honest, no one really like current implementation of storm mechanics, with tornadoes spawning all around you. It doesn't feel fun, nor authentic. Both SoT and AC: Blag Flag had much better storm mechanics IMO. Make instead where you need carefully navigate to avoid killer-waves, which, if not avoided properly both would damage the ship, and possibly will wash away some of crew on top deck.
  7. Strangely enough its nowhere in patch notes, but... It was actually done. respawn-prevention radius was drastically reduced. I am seeing resources respawning, that i haven't seen respawned almost from day one. So, good job, Grapeshot. You actually listen to your community
  8. Aha, tell us what will happen when those 14k seconds "expire"
  9. Trust me, that is not a foundation. I saw plenty of completely empty claim, with no building at all, still having upkeep timer bugged.
  10. Even big islands already all claimed all inland. And that actually bigger issue, as good resources certainly not lying on the beach. And if only ppl would just put claim flag... alas there is some bizarre believe going on around that if you place claim flag AND single foundation - that would help you keep the claim. Thus we have lots and lots of claim, most of hem completely unused, some with lonely foundations, that blocking resource respawn, and bug that prevent removing those claims and resource-blocking structures.
  11. Yeah well, ppl just claiming everything they can... even something they hardly plan to use, and probably already forgot about it.
  12. The new placed flags have very clear issue where upkeep count down simply infinite. It just keep counting down to negative vallue after it reaches zero, and still stating that territory can't be claimed due to recent upkeep. Old flag on the oter hand doesn't have any upkep at all. Even spending most of the time at your (old) claim, doesn't do anything with upkeep. I had issue living my claim just for 10 minutes, and someone was able to place claiming flag at our territory.
  13. I might suggest building on the rocky plateau Buidling in the forest not very good for defence regardless, even if you deforesting some of it for clear sight...
  14. ...drastically. Game have too much water, and too little land, for so many ppl. Resource prevention zone somewhat made sense in Ark, but its really bad in this game. It need to me AT MOST 10% of its current vallue. 5 meters from closets foundation would make perfect sene, just to prevent very big rocks respawn and clip into the building. But otherwise resources should respawn very close to player's buildings. Not mentioning that some players are not not very "bright" making assupmtions that placing single foundation somehow will help them keep the claim. Or worse, plainly biegn a d*cks and purposly placing claims and foundations around just to mess up with others "for lulz"
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