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    I wish there was good news for PVE

    Heck this caps lock guy just shows you that no mods or devs read pve forums lol...
  2. JackTheWack

    Who’s coming back after the wipe ?

    yeah whne i 1st heard about the wipe and read they doing the whole "lawless" build system everywhere i was hyped to come back to the game but now after they giving whole island for free that someone can tax and just demolish everything , not gonna happen i will not be coming back until they have a hard limit for claims or just free build , with this system they need to remove tax option in pve , then id come back would not have to work as a slave then for someone else and still have to worry about having everything demolished by the "land lord" that got to be the lord just cause he built the tax house the fastest .. I cant understand why thye didnt jsut take the war thing they adding in pvp to pve but change it into hr of the day someone could reclaim your thing , now i bet they jsut gonna add another 20 f day protection on them as well , yea sounds great let me just place my camp down and wait for almost a month not like i have nothing else to do .. It seems like the devs have no idea wtf they want from the game other then having "landlords" but didnt they promise us land and sailing so why the f to they keep shooting themselves in the leg and not take the easy way out with a claim limit ...
  3. JackTheWack

    Who’s coming back after the wipe ?

    it will still turn into the same spamming shi* cause they are not limiting claim flags and giving a whole island instead ....
  4. JackTheWack

    The simplest solution

    The after wipe claim system will still be the same shi7 show we currently have even with 4 players on a server you cant build anywhere why to you think it will be any different in the new claim system now they just have to visit a place to demolish all the things they dont want on a island instead. Human greed is just unmeasurable . Only way to fix claims on a pve server is having a claim limit then people have to think to they want a beach area or inland that has some rare resource. Heck i would have been happier with a lawless build system that needed a upkeep instead of this half a55ed claim they doing. And i bet the only reason they doing it is couse its easier to use pvp claim than having to code a new system for pve . But that f system dosnt work for pve we get nothing for building and working on a taxed land on pve ...
  5. JackTheWack

    PvE claims change - natural selection at it's finest

    if you really want to know then the languages i speak are Estonian / English and Russian , and from the 3 of them english was the easiest to learn and if you really want to then yeah everyone should learn chinese instead then considering its the most spoken language but try to learn it and let me know how well it goes ....
  6. JackTheWack

    PvE claims change - natural selection at it's finest

    Specially in eu pve the amount of players that dont speak any english is wayy too god dann high , makes me wonder how bad some countries education system is and how the f they even manage to go on the internet..
  7. JackTheWack

    PvE claims change - natural selection at it's finest

    Yeah i dobt understand why they didnt just split the island into small grids like every normal map in the world . And you had to claim all the grids on the island to own it , would have even fixed the stupid as f overlap we currently have .. And limit claim flags what they are doing dosnt really work for pve it will just turn into a grief fest all over the place.
  8. Claimable land my a55 everything has at least a 10 day protection currently...
  9. JackTheWack

    Server wipe

    Heck il be coming back to atlas after the wipe , been away for a month now . Got tired of losing my land every time they changed claim.
  10. 1 new char lost my land multiple times when going to sleep and waking up the next day even with the so called 3 day protection the last straw that broke this camels back was that sleeping bodies dont contest claims anymore thats where i lost my last piece of land in tundra. @WookieeStick Only thing that i didnt to right id say was claiming all the land i could see like most other starting guys . Its so hard for these guys to not play greedy most claims ive owned was 1 water 5 land other 3 times it was 2 claims , 1st one lsot cause there was no protection or even contest set up you could jut sit on a flag for 30 min and take it over then other one i lost cause some turkish tard started using the chinese tactics on the server sinking ships and pulling lions/wolfes near your building so they would teleport in and kill the sleeping guy , i saved mine thanks to having a air lock system but all my allies on the island died and got land taken over , then it jsut turned into harassment meh but i dindnt go down easy , 3rd time was after they released the 3 day protection and anyone can contest while walking in it lets just say even when i was standing on the flag it was going down and relog/killing myself didnt help. Now 4th time and yesterday got back form hospital after 2 days and they had changed so sleeping bodies dont defend the flag , and my port with NPC ships aint near enough so i lost that . Looked 2 days to take back so i tough not that bad oh well il jsut camp on my ship but after the update today where it jumped to 11 days and they got 58 claims, im out ...
  11. Thats me pointing at this claim change on PVE ...... 1st you screw everyone over with sleepers dont protect while you could have just "killed" off the guys that have been afk for ages instead , now you have this "protection" timer that even with 58 claims has a 11 day protection. You want new players or what ?!? im guessing you are just releasing updates just so you guys could stop funding the servers and close them now. Oh and ive been playing since 2hr after the game released and 250 hr now , so far had 4 fresh starts. Not mad about that , but when they keep releasing updates so every time you have to start again its harder and harder to get any land , you are reaching to the point where this game is not worth the grind. You have too many bugs in the game where you might have to start again or someone just uses some exploit to take over everything you owned. And then you just keep releasing updates that make claiming even harder , if you want your servers to turn into ghost towns sure go ahead just keep doing the same shi* , not like they are reaching that state already with about 5-10 players on avg per server if you exclude lawless zones. Anyways my rant is over and its time to uninstall might be back but il prolly forget all about this game in couple of days... Oh and this will prolly be removed thanks to the Title but have to give credit where credit's due.
  12. JackTheWack

    This dang timer is ridiculous!

    @awakatanka if you call the 11 day protection with almost 60 flags working harder ......
  13. JackTheWack

    This dang timer is ridiculous!

    If you look at one of the flags it will show you another timer i dont know if its the real timer or not but what ive seen 26flags = 17 days and 58 = 11 days what still is wayy too f long ... @Lillywen
  14. JackTheWack

    This dang timer is ridiculous!

    Well i dont see PVE getting any better if they dont start releasing different patches for it from pvp . And they need a full rework for the claim system for pve and cant to it without a wipe sadly..
  15. JackTheWack

    This dang timer is ridiculous!

    Only on 1 island. 1 was sea others surrounded base for overlap protection.