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  1. Faicorf

    35 Players 255+ MS PING

    Just more bullshit decisions from the cancer known as grapeshit... The devs are a tumor and need to be removed.. replace them all with some recently graduated University students and look how well the game will do then...
  2. Faicorf

    Can we get some fixes devs?

    Telling them you are not happy with how they are treating their player base is not whining, it is valid feedback, look at the games numbers... 15k on SUNDAY... last week they had 30k...the fact you still cant understand this shows just how much you know about anything regarding a paying customer. If the customers are not happy how things are going, they tell the service provider, and the service provider then changes things to provide a better service for their customers, well, except in this case were the service provider just says fuck you and makes everything worse. I sincerely hope you never work in a job where you have to deal with paying customers...
  3. Faicorf

    Atlas numbers dropping fast!

    Typical, Removing topics that point out how shit this game is. I'm really starting to wonder how much you get paid for gargling their shit and denouncing everyones valid problems with this steaming pile of shit they call a game. you might be happy being treated like shit as a paying customer, the majority of us however are not.... Would you be happy ordering food, have them get your order completely wrong, then when you complain that your order isn't right. Some little moron comes along telling you oh it's OK this place is new... and then the staff just ignore you when you tell them its wrong..The whole EA excuse is no longer viable... EA is not an excuse to be a piece of shit developer that has no clue what they are doing. Neither is it an excuse to tell people to stop complaining about bullshit changes made for no reason what so ever. They do everything on a whim, ignore the feedback they get. and in another 2 moths they'll ditch Atlas and come out with "ARK But its in space!!" for its next cash grab... Seriously I wouldn't even work for this company if it meant getting a foot in the door of the games industry(a difficult industry to get into, how the fuck did these guys get into it anyway?).. I would rather work at McDonalds..
  4. Faicorf

    Can we get some fixes devs?

    You are still sucking the devs dicks I see, I swear you could suck a golfball through a god damn garden hose. People don't like how the devs are handling the game, who the fuck are you to tell them they are being unreasonable. You are the minority thinking the devs are doing a good job... Not those who keep calling them out for their pathetic attempt at game development.
  5. Just give them their own server, it is literally a no brainer to find a solution to the problem of Asian p[layers creating lag spikes. The fact grapeshit haven't done it is proof that it is a no brainer, because we all know how fucking incompetent these devs are.
  6. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I haven't logged in for days, the devs completely killed this game. Tell all my friends who (for some unknown reason) consider buying this game to avoid it like the plague, I foolishly fell for the hype, didn't want to believe all the ark players telling me what I was getting in for, oh how I wished I had listened and not wasted £20. Literally only browse these forums and the sub-reddit to see if the devs have actually grown a brain cell yet. I can honestly say these are the worst developers I have ever seen, and iv'e been playing games for over 20 years... Would literally rather shit in my hands and clap right now than play this abysmal piece of shit game.
  7. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Yet you get salty when somebody else has a different opinion to you, you seem almost as stupid as the devs of this game..
  8. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I, and I'm sure many others, find that hard to believe...
  9. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    There is a MASSIVE difference to ignoring opinions and ignoring feedback... which this shitshow of a company ignores the latter..
  10. Well some people have to be when there are people like you running around claiming there is fuck all wrong with how this game is being developed. I understand wanting to back a game you want to do well, but you are just completely naive. Not to mention it has been named "the worst video game launch in history"
  11. Even now.. If i wanted to make something out of stone, there would be no wood, thatch or cement needed.... See any metal, wood or even paste (cement/concrete) in this stone wall? because i certainly don't... Stone walls require nothing but stone.... We expect things to change, but for the better, not making things worse everyday.
  12. Killing the game is not part of the EA process... What planet are you living on... The whole point of the EA is to listen to your playerbase to help make the game better, not completely ignore them and do what they think is best...
  13. Where is the wood, metal, thatch and organics paste in Stonehenge? oh yeah, non existent... Do these devs have a single working brain cell between them? I highly doubt it..
  14. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Everybody here feels the same way, I don't think a single person here can honestly say they believe these devs play their own game. If they did, half of the changes that have happened, would not have.. Then I stand corrected, I was not aware of or had simply forgotten that, Disregard my previous post in that case.
  15. Faicorf

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    I hate to be that guy, but these are the numbers for PUBG, From the beginning of 2018 to the end they lost over 1 million average players.... https://gyazo.com/8660d68244a218130320da139f5fede1 https://gyazo.com/a44ca363b582d1ac252a9e5f1d0d518f No the game isn't "dead" but it is certainly on a downward trend.. They've already paid for the game, they have every single right to be here and complaining about the lack of care for the players that have paid...