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  1. No roll back it is staying based on their recent post With this I am now going to stop playing, after close to 250 hours of playing while fighting through the bad lag, glitch abusers, poor mechanics, griefers, and the trolling admins it is time to know when the game has no future.
  2. they just put up a new post on twitter and they aren't fixing it and are redeploying the same patch. " - Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost, and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft" still in the notes though the wording seems to have changed a little like they are confirming that they aren't going to undo it. This is the updated notes that they linked in the twitter post so it is staying.
  3. the first hacking they said it was an ex-CEO that got into an admin account and he originally listed himself as grapeshot founder so maybe no one made the connection it was him and the ex-CEO thing was made up to cover that he got pissed and trolled the players and the second time the game was supposedly hacked just happens to match up with around the time of his last post related to atlas.
  4. make a galleon and run over all the ships sinking them because galleons take no damage from other ships smaller than them.
  5. just checked his profile, he has removed grapeshot from his tags as founder, all that is left connecting him to atlas is the posts he made a few days ago but pretty much everything is changed to Ark only. it was actually one of my company member that noticed the tag disappeared in the last 24 hours, he originally had a founder of grapeshot tag.
  6. isn't just that, I work in the game industry and have an education in both the art and development along with marketing practices in game development and the red flags are increasing daily that they are screwing their own game on purpose. The entire last patch screams I hate the game and want to kill it and screw over the players as I set it on fire. The second hacking of an admin account beside the first one is very fishy and I am getting doubtful it was actually hacked and was actually the admin saying fuck this game. Most developers would notice right away if someone was messing with a admin account but it was like they sat back watching it happen for 5 or so hours before shutting down the server and then doing a screw everyone roll back by 5 hours that actually didn't roll back far enough for the last hacking since temps in desert regions are still nukes that kill everyone whenever there is a heat wave or freeze to death players with low fortitude at night. I have 74 fortitude and even if I jump in water then enter a building I still get killed by the nuke.
  7. the devs seems to be distancing themselves, one of the co-founders changed his profile tags and removed himself from any relation to the company so the signs are showing they might be abandoning it. also sounds like other members of the team are doing the same. With how the company is setup it is impossible for anyone to go after the parent company as well if they do drop it and run with the money.
  8. So as someone that works in the game industry and due to the evidence that several members of the dev team have removed the tag that connects them to the game I believe they are killing their own game and might be making a move to move the money have made so far to a different account then go into hiding. If you are thinking of refunding better do it now before you can't.
  9. The flames!!! The flames!!! Bring more wood people the flames need to be much higher!!!
  10. my prediction is the Chinese zerg will now attack all sap islands to control them
  11. I think sap owners just went into panic mode and are now building mega structures to save themselves from the zerg
  12. sorry but pvpers are now at a stand still because if we attack a base then what? we can't build on that land unless we go tribal, and the sap islands are hedgehogs to attack.
  13. watch they increase the paste requirement by 100%
  14. Week one lesson how to create super laggy servers then pretend that you are making patches to fix the lag. Week two lesson how to promote exchanges among different cultures by populating half the player base with Chinese on a NA server and allow those Chinese to hack and exploit the game all they want. Week three lesson how to force all players to install a program that doesn't actually work that makes it so 10-20% of players cannot play Week four lesson how to grief your player base by putting in a patch that if they do not visit a nearly impossible area their character would reset. Week five lesson how to effectively kill a game by adding extra mats to the most used structure parts that 40-60% of the player base will have no access to.
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