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  1. yeah now u just sail around the island and shoot all the animals and medusas great fix much wow
  2. no they should fix the sails before making skins to them… and u obvisly didnt read it all they also introduced large speed sail
  3. exactly.. i played this over 1000 hours made alot of new friends which i would be sad to say goodbye to but im at a point where i just cant defend playing this game anymore!.. no lets name it.. Sea of Thieves! a game which had a catastrophic launch aswell where every1 said it would die in a couple of months just like this… now with the new updates the most recent one they are going stronger than ever! with new ppl joining regulary and the old players from day 1 still there… and u know why?? cus they listened to their players and didnt introduce random stuff no1 asked for! like i siad i love this game and will be sad to see it go but thats the road we are heading down at atm and its sad!
  4. i agree with u.. and the content they are introducing no one is asking for... every1 want them to fix melee combat,fix ships, and introduce new ships,weapons and gadgets made for piracy… yet they introduce sail skins even though sails is bugged and doesnt work properly… and new tames… every1 on the pvp servers dont want new tames most want the big tames removed and only have stuff like cows and chickens... usefull tames not tames which are directly op in combat and therefor is the meta… but to be honest im afraid its too late to fix this game... ppl gave it a shot after the mega wipe but they keep on introducing lame shit and dont fix what is broken… hell they didnt even give us the freaking cosmetic hat for staying after the wipe as promised…. the next couple of months alot of new and more interesting games is getting released so im pretty sure ppl will just leave and only return when it gets fully release too see if its still just ark 2,0 if they are going to return at all... i played this over 1000 hours and im sad to leave the game but atm im really debating with myself if its worth keep playing cus obvisly they focus more on tames than piracy and all i wanted from this game was pirate stuff… i guess its back to Sea of Thieves the devs atleast listen to their players there….
  5. omg seriously???? i like the singel player option but wtf... why do u keep introducing unwanted shit into this game instead of fixing the stuff thats broken or introduce something to make this feel like an actual pirate game!??... sail cosmetics? and they dont even work properly?? either fix the god damn sails before more ppl leave or make a statement clearly saying A. we dont know how to fix or B. we simply dont care about them and they are not getting fixed!! this is so annoying!... and then more useless tames like seriously… a sea horse poison squirtgun!!??? this isnt pokémon!!?? put them in Ark they are not wanted heere!!! this is supposed to be a pirate game have u ever seen anything pirate related where they sail around with a freaking zoo on their ships?? have u seen any pirates ride stupid seahorses!!!!… when i hear pirate i think epic naval battles(which we cant have cus ur servers is operating from a Amiga5000 and half the stuff on ships is bugged or u cant use it cus there is a stupid meta) epic sword and pistol fights! (again u cant have this cus its simply not worth it cus of lag and stupid tames) hook on to enemy ships and board it with the rope ladders and grappling hooks and brawl it out on the ships!! the winner gets prisoners and a new ship... thats piracy!!!! not riding around on stupid bears and horses with flamethrowers! jump around on stupid crap or sail around on a seahorse squirtgun get ur shit together cus this is getting old really fast and u cant afford to keep loosing players this game is dieing and with the releases coming in the next couple of months it will be the last nail in the coffin for this game if u dont start to do something
  6. im pretty certain this is the answer a week or 2 ago while going to buy npcs on a freeport i encountered a Sotd in the freeport right in front of the harbour… i couldnt shoot at it cus obvious reasons lol but it just started hammering me… i wrote in global wtf this was doing here and a new guy told that it have been there for hours and had sunk both hes sloop and raft… i kited it out of the grid and returned and gave him resources from my ship repair box to build a new sloop… but this wasnt the only time... in the last 1-2 weeks i encountered them 3 times in the freeport only the first was directly at one of the islands.. the 2 other they where sailing around near the boarder... so either ppl kite them to troll or they jsut follow ships they have aggroed..... i ofc cant say 100% thats what happened here but it could be an option
  7. its not a pet rat... its a pet cat u tame and then u set the cat to hunt rats and something else… then u can use the rats to shot at enemys with the catapult to give them diseases lol the other thhing the cat could catch was used to some buff food... i might be wrong but thats how i understood it when i read it
  8. when will we be getting the cosmetic hat which was promised if u played after the player wipe ?
  9. its funny u mention world of Warcraft... look at that game.. went from being a awesome game to a shit fest where u get everything handed to u for no effort at all... they started dumping difficulity in Wotlk and started handing out epic and legendary gear all over the place for no effort cus of cry babys like this wanting everything the others got but cant really be asked to do anything of the end game content.... i hope they wont listen to u guys in this game so they will need to make a vanilla atlas for us normal gamers...
  10. they alrdy got nerfed the other day and they are completly useless now what more do u really want ? - If a launched torpedo hits within the first 3.75 seconds of being fired, it will do significantly reduced damage - Torpedo overall damage reduced by 20% - Torpedo overall projectile lifespan reduced by 10% - Torpedo crafting cost has been increased - Fixed hotkey assignments to save on relog - Readjusted Marker UI location when minimap is open to prevent overlap - You can now use "prying eyes" to look inside lock chests if they are your own company's boxes - Cannons/Puckles will no longer fire in peacetime if the structure does not own the claim and the target is a player or tame - Significant shoreline data memory optimization utterly useless now they might aswell just remove them again
  11. ohh i understanded it wrong.. i thought the wife was playing this game and told him to fuck off cus she was busy playing lol.... well thats just sad if u choose a game over ur kids
  12. LOL! aint got time for dis shit i need to imprint my tames and farm BPs xD she must mean buisness
  13. wait u have to have the hand harvesting skill in order to get more resources when using bp tools ? i just thought u would get more for using the bps?
  14. yes int gear and crow….. we just made a 224% large shipyard last night…. now i jsut hope they fix speed sails so i can place my 127% velocity large sails on the new mythic ship i build from that shipyard xD
  15. well if u absolutly want to be a cranky old ass then go sail multiple times i dunno what to say.. it works for my company just fine and the other ppl in the other thread dont complain either lol
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