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  1. so what u are saying is we should all just cheat and hack all we can ? come on get real
  2. Ducimus

    Devs don't respect legit players

    u should change 2. to just all out cheating…. and add to the 3rd.. get ppl to tame crabs and attack minimum 50-60 ppl cus their servers is potato so u cause huge lags so its only tames which is viable…. now that is Atlas
  3. the worst part its the same ppl who cheated in season 1 and they sit on stream and openly say how they did it and how they used the ingame aimbot bug.. and still u only raise a finger against them and let them off with a pad on the back... its just sad that u dont take this seriously cus alot of ppl and companies quit cus of this and u letting htem go unpunished will make even more quit OR cause EVERYONE to abuse the next bugs which will be live with ur next mega update.,...
  4. Ducimus

    Knowledge of the Old Ones

    thats kinda sad... so the skill is useless lol
  5. Ducimus

    Knowledge of the Old Ones

    ohh im sorry i missread it lol xD i would have said applys to the bear if the player sits on it but yeah im pretty sure the bear will get the dmg buff if the rider have the skill
  6. Ducimus

    Knowledge of the Old Ones

    why would it do that ?... u said it yourself.. vs army of the dead… so unlees the player turn into that when jumping on the tame i really doubt it
  7. no reset... they should be banned… nothing more and nothing less than that is fair... they did on purpose well knowing what the consequenses was
  8. Ducimus

    Wind and Sailing

    or just go play a game whre the main theme isnt ships and sailing… rofl what hte fuck do expect of a pirate game ??? a new teleporting tame? which ofc wouldnt surprise me if the devs introduced in to this awesome zoo simulator
  9. Ducimus

    Giant Crab

    no its deffo not... but it was meant to be….. yeah and ur proably the only one who wants more tames all who is pvping regulary says tames are stupid it was even said before the crab was introduced…. ppl like you should just have stayed in ark so u could have ur pet zoos there
  10. Ducimus

    SOTD Fleet

    i would like to see u solo the kraken without any form for bug use lol..
  11. Ducimus

    Giant Crab

    this right here…. couldnt agree more.... this isnt a pirate game and instead of making it the pirate game they promised they just keep on introducing more braindead stuff and stupid tames… torpedos??? a fucking submarine turtle?? they have the ground foundations to make the most epic pirate game but they are just digging their own hole at this point
  12. Ducimus

    Player shop / Store

    ive got bamboozeld the other day at a freeport by one of these player shops... ive never seen one before and was omw to buy npc crew for newly build ship…. so i went over there and there was no one around to be seen… so ilooked inside and there was some oil in it... and i was like well if no one is around i might aswell take it lol.... so i was omw happy that i just got my favorite thing.. something free… and all of a sudden i couldnt buy npcs and i was like wtf i had 500 gold but now 0... then i realized what just happened lol xD
  13. Ducimus

    Giant Crab

    it might have been fixed with latest patch but havent been out raiding last couple of days so dunno…. but try hitting the crabs with blackjacks... it dismount the riders and if u keep hitting the crab they cant get back on.. so group of ppl hit it with blackjacks other group kill rider then crab… but yeah this games should be renamed to " Three Ships & Tames" cus thats what its it atm and nothing more
  14. Ducimus

    fix ur servers!!!

    can u fix c11 please???? there is 26 ppl online and u cant do shit cus ur rubberbanding all over the plavce i spend the last 10 minutes to open 3 doors!!! asand this is not the first day its like this its been all weekend! its starting to annoy ppl so much they are leaving until its fixed!! get ur shit together u promised thousand of ppl on the same servers and it cant even handle 26
  15. Ducimus

    Not too early to tell anymore

    them having an outpost to return to every now and then is more beleivable than them running around with a pet zoo fight battles... wehn u think or pirates u dont think about naval combat. pistols and epic sword fights? plz explain me what a describtion of pirate life would be in your mind ? and now but it was labelled as a pirate game... they stream telling about this game while being dressed up as pirates… well atleast thats what i thought he might just have weird taste in clothes i dunno anymore….