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  1. #ReturnTheirCharacter #JusticeForMelina
  2. Surprise, surprise. You guys broke a bunch of stuff on a patch release introducing features and changes that nobody asked for, wanted, or cares about... again. Way to get off on the right foot after your confidence-inspiring 'Lot of internal changes, things are going to be better now' announcement last week. People may have bought that if it wasn't the 5th or 6th time we've heard it and you didn't immediately make another major patch mistake a week later. Any news on barrels? Or are you still 'looking into them' as they relate to your grand, long-term plan that totally exists? Any news on anything at all really? Sail bug, zoning wind bug, green screens, boats flipping 100 times and losing all their planks when you un-anchor in some shallow water bug, ship ladder bug, tames warping off boats bug, etc.? You know, stuff like that that people care about? Not news like I now have to throw 50 gold into the water for some reason at the shipyard I built, on the island I own, with the ship pieces I farmed and built in order to make a schooner? What an insignificant, unnecessary, random 'feature' to add to ship-building that accomplishes literally nothing besides making the process slightly more annoying. How can you still be writing in your announcements that you want suggestions and feedback when every single patch you release completely ignores issues that players are screaming about and introduces random horseshit that someone over there thinks is cool, whether it makes any sense or fits with the game or not? Here's some of that feedback you wanted on this patch: It didn't add anything I wanted or care about and you broke a bunch of stuff in the process. And here's a suggestion: Stop releasing stuff nobody cares about and stop breaking stuff in the process.
  3. Ah yes, the quarterly Atlas update sandwich. Top slice of 'Hey guys this is really hard but we have some great ideas and we're going to be doing a better job communicating and listening to you... and this time we really mean it!'. Bottom slice of 'Just remember guys it's still early access, so please don't hold us accountable for anything regardless of how poorly thought out or executed it may be'. So what's the filling this time? Ah, of course. An extremely complex multi-grid trade route system adding new island types with automatically generated defenses, npc trade ships, and a boat designed to ram other boats. What could possibly go wrong? I mean last update you said you were just adding warehouses, and we got an unannounced game-destroying barrel 'balance' change and you broke a number of critical core game functions and disappeared for a month without a word. I hope you don't expect much confidence from anyone that you are even remotely capable of successfully implementing something of the magnitude that you're describing. Stop dangling stuff that nobody cares about or asked for and 'teasing' all these cool new ideas you have when there are so many existing mechanics that are completely broken, useless, or imbalanced. Fix them. Get your game running smoothly and add some polish to what you already have before you go introducing a bunch of new stuff that you aren't capable of doing anyway. You also mentioned more frequent wipes. How frequent? Do you really think that's a sustainable model for a game that has a ridiculously complex breeding and 6 resource type grindy upgrade mechanic? Is that the purpose of the trade routes? Having to get a bunch of different resources sucks, so rather than simplify the core system lets implement a complicated, difficult to implement alternative to make it suck a little less. You guys have no direction, no accountability, no credibility, and nobody buys your 'new ideas, more communication, we're going to do a better job and btw look at this amazing idea we have' PR nonsense that we've seen over and over and have been let down every time. Nobody cares that it's early access. Early access doesn't give you carte blanche to make strings of idiotic decisions and expect players to stick around. The last thing in this update you said is that you'll be paying extra attention to suggestions and feedback, so here's some from a 5,000 hour player. Put this trade system, ships for gold, and whatever other half baked band-aid ideas you have on the shelf. Fix what you have, give regular updates on what you're working on, and stop saying over and over that you're going to be listening to players and start actually doing it. Focus your energies on resolving those issues and building on those ideas first. Thinking for yourselves and deciding what you think is best for the game is why there are 92 players on NA PVP as I write this. Get your shit together or just shut it down.
  4. Not fixed No No No Yes No No No No TLDR No Yes Please Enjoy No Keep up the great work devs, we can really tell you're listening.
  5. The 8k pre-reduction cap per rack and 70% weight reduction prevents you from carrying too much. Slapping a few cannons on a weight-leveled galleon is just more meaningless weight and crew to maintain, and if I need to bring another boat out to protect my barely moving transport then why not just bring another transport? Swapping 3 of my speed sails for weight sails doesn't really help, as the active weight of my ship isn't really the issue, it's the flat % speed reduction from the cargo racks that is. I don't think the ship weight % decrease by doing that even post-weight sail buff is going to outweigh losing 3 speeds. This also permanently reduces my galleons speed when I'm not hauling stuff. Dropping from 6 to 4 racks is the same problem... it's not the weight of the items inside that is the problem. If I drop to 4 racks I'm only doing it to lower the speed penalty, and it's still 27% with 4. Finally, the cargo racks reduce your ship speed whether there's anything in them or not. So I'm also expected to demo them when I'm not using them and either craft new or carry precrafted ones around when I'm not hauling? Come on.
  6. Cargo racks were one of the features I was really looking forward to in this update. Finally, an efficiency increase transporting heavy mats or items from grid to grid. As implemented, especially on PVP, these are useless. 70% reduction in item weight, with 8k pre-reduction limit per rack seemed pretty fair... this would allow my transport gally (6 racks) to turn 48k weight into 14.4k and the boat weight to be at around 50%. But a 40% reduction in speed when you've placed as many as you can? Why was any speed reduction necessary, especially something as ridiculous as 40%? This idea was gifted to you by the community, who pretty much all agreed that improvements were needed when it came to transporting heavy items. Instead what you've added is barely more efficient than just sailing back and forth twice, and considerably more dangerous. 0/10
  7. Acai bush spawns blocking elevators from going up/down and from placing cliff platforms needs a fix. In the case of elevators, either the track itself should block node spawns in a much larger radius or acai bushes specifically should despawn at a greater range from any placed buildable. It is incredibly annoying to have an elevator stop multiple times on the way up or down and have to clear an acai bush in order to continue. I should not have to try to place a pillar on the exact spawn location of a bush just to prevent it from blocking my elevator, and when it's too steep even that isn't possible. For cliff platforms, I guess because you can stand on them acai bushes are counting as a floor, and when trying to place a platform above them you get the 'cannot place on floor' error. At the top of our cliff base we have to use a combination of people lobbing grenades down, then trying to either climbing pick or jump and land on the bushes to cover an absolutely ridiculous area just to place one platform. Please fix their despawn range and/or clipping, as we're spending more time messing around trying to clear bushes than it's taken our company to farm our base.
  8. This change was made because people were bringing tons of bookshelves, and then when those got nerfed, feeding troughs on their ships instead of repair materials because it was a fraction of the weight, and demolishing the troughs put the repair materials in the resource box to be able to repair. You can essentially still do the same thing by just bringing a bunch of extra planks.... planks are light and if you demo a full/close to full health plank you can instantly replace it and get plenty of repair mats from the demo. As for the current system, I think it is working OK. When you first drop your anchor you will see the anchor icon as kind of hollow, and it will slowly fill until you are 'fully anchored' at which time it will turn green. At this point anything you demo will go to your resource chest. I believe ceilings and walls will always return resources to your chest whether you are anchored or not as they fall under that 'core' category they are talking about. If I remember correctly roofs do not, and should probably be added to the list of things that do since they are used in almost every ship build. If you are concerned about losing resources while you build your ship, you can drop it pretty much as soon as you have the planks on it and anchor it and go from there.
  9. I didn't really see OP whining about being raided, he was asking for help. Also not sure what the point of that video is in a post about crabs. To start, the thumbnail says official pvp but it's obviously a private server, which is the only place you would possibly fly around wasting that many stone pieces on meaningless armor. One cannon bear shooting the bottom of those towers for 2 minutes at the right angle would take them out and not take any damage from them. It's a very nice, symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing design that in actual pvp would be almost useless. Back to the crab topic, they are stupid. Nobody asked for them, there were already enough issues with tames and just about everything else in this game without introducing something that was obviously broken on arrival. The fact that the 'counter' discussions in this thread include stacking multiple tiger bleeds while flaming them should be proof enough. It should not take a coordinated effort of multiple people to counter one person on a ridiculous tame.
  10. While you're on the topic, Fire Coral from the trenches says it is a coal resource and also doesn't go into resource chests.
  11. Same issue running 4 decks for transport. Haven't tested front build yet but encountering this just trying to build a ramp from top rear deck to ladder... even with walls placed underneath multiple decks below for support.
  12. Is there any word on whether or not this is up for a fix? I finished all my essences and powerstones, so compared to my friend in company who had them done before the patch I am approximately 500 discovery points (~12 cap levels) behind. All he has credit for that I don't is the Kraken kill, and I have about 50 more atlas discoveries (islands) than he does. This is a pretty enormous discrepancy in total points.
  13. Trench essences post-discovery point doubling are still only granting 40 discovery points, but they were doubled for people who did them before the patch. This means that people who did them before the patch will have 360 more discovery points than people doing them now.
  14. Topic pretty much says it all, I have turned 90 4 times now and my age keeps going back to 89. One of the times I was 90 with the old age buff and couldn't interact with with the fountain. After a relog I was 89 again. Have had other reports of this from alliance members.
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