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  1. So i'm quiting the game.. and i imagine a shit load more will be quiting soon after.. but i would like to share with the devs, if you all even read this, on why large amounts of people are quiting the game. Boats -- The new system is cool, but has serious draw backs... Draw back one - It pigeon holes you into making "stock" boats with high defense/attk.. so it throws out the creativity of the previous build.. maybe you wanted that? HUGE draw back #2 however is far more game breaking... Max defense boats completely invalidate static defenses or any kind of ground defense... it can take literally 50 mortars to kill a full defense suicide galley that crashes into your harbor weilding medium cannons and 3k cannon balls... it wil sink most of your boats before you can stop it. Ground pvp - Pure proof, that no dev ever has played this game.... Mythical and legandary armor sets with + to HP are absolutely game breaking.. (players with 500-800HP).. Groups like team casualty fully exploit this and are actively trying to kill your game with it... I've watched as a guy stood completely still in front of a PUCKLE TOWER... i repeat... TOWER.. not one or 2 puckles but like 10 at least... all firing into this guys face.. and he simply tanked it.. tossed some nades at the tower and completely invalidated it... people wearing mythical plate can take shots from high end carbines and it does maybe 30 damage at best.. and when you add in spec'ed med kits.. You get invincible dudes who can ignore your defenses, and spam global with their toxic rhetoric about how good at the game they are.... because obviously walking around with what is basically the equivalent of god mode on, means you have mad skillz... This kind of game play ensures that the moment a company gets wiped by a hoard of next to immortal players... 90% of the defenders get salty and quit the game....i mean i wont lie... even the FAIR ground pvp is bad in this game... But you add in 100 people with legendary /mythic gear, and you get players going "I'd rather play farmville..." If you focused on making the ground pvp balanced and FUN, then last stands would actually be fun and motivate people to just start a new base instead of uninstalling your game. Exploits and cheating -- This kind of crap isn't punished harshly enough..... Tons of people exploited using the level glitch to get to insane levels... and you nerfed them to 100... THAT IS A REWARD NOT A PUNISHMENT ... At no point should exploits be tolerated , each and every person who used that exploit should have been driven back to level 1.... There are still plenty of exploited boats being used with stacked cannons/sails . You made it where the gunports dont open... Yet can be manually opened by players....meaning people still use it.... I have literally lost count of how many aimbotters and flying bears/animals ive ran into.. killing people just to have them teleport back to you and drop grenades everywhere....You want examples? Just watch closely at literally ANY team casualty raid.... they dont even attempt to hide it.. they literally use BAILING BOTS on their boats... we boarded the suicide galleon that attacked our harbor, and it had no less then 8 bailing bots that were completely unresponsive to getting attacked, they just sat there bailing water in unison ..This should be your first priority... not adding new content, not balancing current crap game play mechanics... it should be 10000000% focused on getting rid of hacks.. because news flash gentlemen... NOTHING MAKES PLAYERS QUIT A GAME FASTER THEN HACKERS.... I mean why the hell spend --any-- amount of time playing a game like this when its over-run with cheaters and exploiters... No one cares that its early access... if anything, now is the perfect time to spend alot of time on getting rid of hackers and exploits... you are under the misconception that people are quiting your game over lack of content... That isn't the case... you could add 6000 hours of content to the game but if you allow hackers and exploits to continue to exist... No one gives a damn.. Its not worth playing.
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