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  1. Many bugged features might be slated for removal or replacement. It's likely that the devs simply don't want to spend hours making fixes that won't matter in the long term. The devs really do hear the issues players complain about, but there is a lot of work going on that we can't see. Instant-gratification is not something one should expect from a game in development. Have patience and bounty will be plentiful, I'm sure.
  2. First of all Thanks for taking up the burden of fixing this game. Many of us are aware of the hurdles you're facing. But just as many are not. Please don't take all the non-constructive criticisms as a personal slight, most of us appreciate the work you've done. Some (hopefully) constructive feedback Sea Forts Tower The biggest remark I have on the fort model is the fact that it looks like a structure that would topple over easily. Perhaps remove the lower section, or make it wider, so it doesn't look like it would topple over in a storm Floor level I would also recommend adding a wall around the whole structure, that way the floor will look more in-place on the rock. Trade system I love the idea of a trading system, but please make the world map a bit more sensible again. Surely it's possible to balance a world with somewhat realistic biomes (hot at equator, cold at poles)? Ships & gold Please don't make shipyard ships cost gold unless gold can realistically be gotten by smaller companies. Make shipyards require a paid crew in order to build the bigger ship frames. While this doesn't do anything mechanically, the gold cost would make more sense and the world would feel a bit more alive. Wipes I'm glad you decided that wipes aren't a major issue during an early-access phase. This is what testing is for after all. People seem to forget that the game isn't released yet. Again, big thanks to all staff working on Atlas, not just the devs. The transparant communication is appreciated!
  3. Could many of these variables become server settings? On singleplayer or a private server it could be much more fun to be able to shoot placed (or even carried) barrels And of course changing gather rates and ranges at which the structures can be built is a real boon. I've always felt that ATLAS has a lot less configurables than ARK. Take ranged-weapon-immune NPC's on cannons for example.
  4. The map change being somewhat awkward is something I agree with. I liked the more realistic kind of map as well. At least keeping the whole round planet kind of atmosphere with realistic climates and related resources would have been preferable. Explorable biomes keep things interesting. I feel like they ARE working to improve performance though, there have been multiple hints to that. It just takes a while to clean up the mess the other dev teams before them have made. This is the first group actively working on fixing the game properly. Give them a chance
  5. This is actually the official explanation. There is no darkwood and ironwood. You can only get them from merchants. Source is Discord: NamiYesterday at 09:49 @soulrever911 (East India co.) Darkwood and Ironwood can only be obtained from merchants at this time.
  6. Would worse death penalties alleviate this somewhat? Like losing one or several levels or somesuch?
  7. Apparently this was intended: v102.5 - Fixed some rare crashes. - Stationed NPCs (on boats and land) no longer take damage from guns on Official Servers. - Added a new Game.ini ShooterGameMode config bool: bSeatedNPCIgnoreGunDamage=1 If on SP, you can add this to your game.ini file. This one: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini
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