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  1. Blackwood has no ships of the damned, no fish, no rocks or seaweed... nothing. I understand that the game isn't completely finished yet, but why is this a thing? I was about to put cannons on my ship and stopped... what for? Where is the challenge, or reason to explore the ocean? You just go to slightly different islands to do the same things over and over again... Why? There's no sea combat on Blackwood... in a game where you're a pirate??? The wiki also shows a reasonable list of resources from the ocean map which don't exist on Blackwood, meaning recipes and other craft items cannot be made, despite being available to build. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Can we have some notification of whether these things are going to be fixed, or if the map will simply be devoid of these vital things? It ruins the experience, and makes it an exploration and zoology game, instead of pirating. If this is the how it's going to be, how do I get a refund? This is on XBOX by the way. My laptop (which can easily run the game) doesn't load any servers, it's just crashes midway through. Loads single player and runs at nearly max graphics absolutely fine, but crashes loading any server with players on...
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