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  1. man i cant seem to find any alloy on the ocean map i just want to put some gatling guns on my ship with easy settings but i caant find alloys im bad at digging treasure i havent yet ive gone around the island there are blue metal rocks and i tamed a bear but i cant find any alloy it is the last thing i need besides crystal but man i cant find it on the ocean map id try blackwood but i just want to sail
  2. umm ever since talk of single player it no work it used to but now errors i been waiting and got a 13gb update on my pos laptop not 1 for my desktop yet i waiting and the laptop had error
  3. ive been waiting for the singleplayer but steam said something like itll be released a little later but ive been waiting for like 3 weeks for it and it has 2 error screens and crash now it used to woork but now errors and steam hasn't updated for it yet could you get it or them to have it working soon?
  4. yeah umm it used to start fine besides choppy but computer upgrades fixed that but now i have a problem after possible single player which i cant wait for but now CDO CONSTRUCTION ERROR on start but hit ok it go past then ANOTHER ERROR like it and it close cant wait to try single player
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