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  1. waghappyfeet

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    The new way to just kick you out of your territory is just to build a lot of crap ships and land it in your shipyard, or blocking your ships or the way out etc, since there is no way to do anything against and its so easy to do, that will kill PVE very quick, some one just done with me, now I have only one choice if I want to keep playing, that is do this to someone else to get an new territory...
  2. waghappyfeet

    Island availability

    Just go to whatever place you want to build and start filling up with your small crap ships, that is what people is doing since there is no way to destroy this ships, and then ask for some land or you will fill up all the territory with crap litle ships...
  3. That is a must, agree !!!
  4. The last changes from today was very good, like removing paste from stone structures, weigth of coins, etc. But, the main problem in my opinion in this game is not really the bugs or the mechanics, its the support and attention you do to the players. An MMO is not only an type of gameplay, its a internet service, you need to provide an good service to be accepted, and that means an good support and comunication with the customers. Currently, I dont think there is any support at all, you really cant find any admins on officials, you cant open a support ticket that works or anything, you have no apropriete way to announce server restarts, and the list goes on. Other games have a team of admins allways online, players with admin power working as moderators helping in the support, an ticket response time of max of 1 day, etc, preaty much any other MMOs do this right. I remember I tried to open 5 or 6 support tickets, its one month now, and absolute no response for any of thouse, and that is why players are leaving. Its not hard to just reply the tickets, try to do something for your players, it will also help you to fix the bugs and issues, get better feedback is allways good.
  5. waghappyfeet

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    Where is the support of this game ? I already opened 5 diferent tickets for diferent problems I had and no response for a month now... You really think you will be able to release an mmo game with out any kind of support for the bugs and glitches of the game ???? For real ??
  6. waghappyfeet

    Contacting ADMIN

    The lack of support in this game is the one reason why this will fail, no MMO will ever get success with out support, right now, its less then 1000 players in the server, its an record for the worse mmo ever.
  7. If you put an tame inside an construction with ceeling, it bugs and sometimes glitches inside walls or get teleported out of the construction somewhere in the map, its rapenning everytime for me, its impossible to put tames inside constructions at the moment for me.
  8. waghappyfeet

    Buged discoveries locations.

    I sorry but how we supouse to play this game when you cant lvl up ? I guess its why people are stoping playing the game just waiting this bugs to be fixed. More then 20% of the discoveries are currently buged, some dont even show the aura up, some shows the aura you get there and dont get the discovery :
  9. waghappyfeet

    Marriage ???

    Do anyone knows how marriage works ???
  10. waghappyfeet

    This game isn't for Smaller companies

    PVP : Yes, forget about it, its just for big groups, no way to do anything on pvp server with an team with less then 10 players. PVE : Its hard, but you can play even alone.
  11. You will be able to find land after 17 days from now, just because of the current mechanics, if you try it that day ( after 17 days ), you will find land everywhere, that just how this current stupid mechanics works...
  12. waghappyfeet

    Large Cannons not shotting.

    Is the large cannons or maybe all cannons buged right now ? I did notice my npcs are not shooting, I tried then to use manually and I did notice I could not shoot as well, it control the cannons for 3 secs then it kick me out from the cannon for no reason....
  13. waghappyfeet

    Plank bug

    If you put a plank in an sinking ship when its transfering from server it will desapers.
  14. waghappyfeet

    Disable grab on alpha lion

    As in ark, can you please disable alpha lion grab in Atlas ? It really sucks to have an subit death for no reason in this game, as in Ark it was disabled for a reason, please do the same here in Atlas.
  15. Exploration in this game is terrible, try it and louse everything for bugs, and if dont, you will not find good stuff. This is some bugs I got just today : https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/43818-cant-move-ship-in-shallow-water/ https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4734-spawning-on-bed/&page=2