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  1. I called out in chat. 9 people in the grid and no one said anything. In the meantime I can't farm or do anything. Gonna log back in and if they are still there then I'm putting the game down again. Poor mechanics for what could be an amazing game.
  2. I'm on Whales Solitude and a guy called out in chat he was coming to do a map on my island. It was right beside my base and he was unable to kill the damned and he left. Now I have level 82 warriors running all over my base and I have no clue what to do. I only have a level 11 bear. Is there any way to despawn them?
  3. Kinda started getting the idea when Dollie started repping for Ark on Twitter again
  4. The lag that npcs cause for Xbox players is terrible. I'm on a fairly new one X and still have horrible frame rate around bases with defenses. Ark realized that too many defenses caused lag so don't you think its time to rethink base defense for atlas? We need turrets that fire without having to have an npc for every single one. We need organic defenses such as plant turrets and a way to store unused ships and animals. You are basically forcing players in larger tribes to destroy the game.
  5. Can't believe they haven't realized by now there was a reason Ark introduced cryopods
  6. Ty so much. I looked all around and couldn't find an answer myself
  7. I mean how much of a loser do you have to be to ask a question and then call someone stupid for trying to help? If something happened to your pixels and you dont know why I can give you a hint; probably karma ya efin d bag...
  8. I would be happy if you could simply fix the map issues for nitrado servers. Been over a week now and no word.
  9. We have plenty of room on our island in D6. It turns out taxes don't take away from your resources on pve. Look for the island owned by Wargazm
  10. gkitti7


    No I was minding my business trying to get a crate lol. They were kinda far from me then just decided to shoot pretty light balls at me.
  11. gkitti7


    Ghost Ships DO NOT ignore rafts. They hate rafts very much!
  12. I looked at an old post that said there were plans to remove the temperature feature once babies reached 10% but there is no current info
  13. Just not a lot of clear info. Seems changes are made and then reversed back every update. I have the hang of it now and honestly spending hours looking for a few gold coins to grant us a two day advance on our claim is exhausting for a 3 man tribe. I really want people building on our land and have set my tax rate to 10 but if we don't get enough tenants I may have to raise it a bit. Also does anyone know why you get gold in your bank randomly? I assume its whenever people do a treasure in your island you also get a percentage of that but I'm not sure.
  14. Not sure what the snarky answer was for. I have legit questions and concerns about people building on the island that my company is paying gold for. As a "landlord" (which by definination indicates land ownership), I would assume that making the island inviting for people to build on would be a goal by making sure people aren't blocking resources or land hogging. But thank you for answering my question is a somewhat shitty way.
  15. We claimed an island last night and I figured out most of the settings. My biggest question is can I remove other companies from my island if they are causing problems like land hogging, blocking resources, etc...
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