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  1. So I noticed this issue before and after the update. The tame I am riding will begin to walk forward and sometimes attack while I am sitting still. Even if I hope off they will dart off on their own even while on passive or neutral. Extremely frustrating. Also they will sometimes have the mating symbol while not on wander and it says they are mating with..
  2. Kinda started getting the idea when Dollie started repping for Ark on Twitter again
  3. The lag that npcs cause for Xbox players is terrible. I'm on a fairly new one X and still have horrible frame rate around bases with defenses. Ark realized that too many defenses caused lag so don't you think its time to rethink base defense for atlas? We need turrets that fire without having to have an npc for every single one. We need organic defenses such as plant turrets and a way to store unused ships and animals. You are basically forcing players in larger tribes to destroy the game.
  4. gkitti7

    Maps still broken...

    I mean we all had our doubts that the maps could be fixed at all considering the lack of json files or whatever they are called. But you guys did something and it worked for the home regions so I have the utmost confidence that you guys can figure it out. And I'm just happy to know that you guys are paying attention to us after all. Was really having doubts for a minute so thanks for the response.
  5. Can't believe they haven't realized by now there was a reason Ark introduced cryopods
  6. Ill take the dirty looks if it gets me greased lol. Got some of my cluster players over here squeaking with me. I'm about to start handing out donation packs to all of my players to get them to squeak louder. We can storm the forums discord and Twitter if they wanna keep acting like they don't hear us.
  7. feeling like a squeaky wheel and not like a customer right now
  8. Network: Unofficial /Nitrado servers Grid: All Description of issue: If you log out in any grid other than A1/home region your map and atlas become blank again and you have to travel back to A1 and re log to get it working again. On top of that if you have any treasure maps either in your inventory or a nearby container your game will begin to lag getting progressively worse. And if you open your inventory or container with treasure maps they are blank again and your entire Xbox will freeze or kicking you out of parties and making it almost impossible to close the game or navigate to Xbox home. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Not at this time and extremely hesitant about experimenting. Repro steps if available/applicable: CCC. Follow the above steps as mentioned. Please look into this. We have a nine map cluster and a host who has put so much time and effort into the ini codes and settings to make an extremely popular cluster. We have one of the highest populations in the unofficial server list yet we are losing players every day who are tired of the map issues and lag.
  9. As stated. You have to travel to your main server to get the map working. But if you travel to another server in your cluster and log out then back in the map is black again so you have to repeat the process all over again. Extrenly annoying and inconvenient.
  10. Ty so much. I looked all around and couldn't find an answer myself
  11. I mean how much of a loser do you have to be to ask a question and then call someone stupid for trying to help? If something happened to your pixels and you dont know why I can give you a hint; probably karma ya efin d bag...
  12. I would be happy if you could simply fix the map issues for nitrado servers. Been over a week now and no word.
  13. We have plenty of room on our island in D6. It turns out taxes don't take away from your resources on pve. Look for the island owned by Wargazm
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