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    Wipe or no wipe it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is cross play for this type of game. If performance and quality doesn't get dropped down so the console players can be even with PC players then it will be unfair to console players. If it does then it is unfair for PC players. Why do we even have a PC that will blow away consoles out the water x10 if we are only using a quarter of its power. Then the updates are dead to water. Now an update can be ready but we are waiting extra time to get it because it has to get approved through console first. If it doesn't then it will take even longer to get. So much more but will say one last thing I guess the hell with playstation because we all know Sony isn't going to do cross play if xbox is already involved. Just think it is a bad decision for this type of game to do cross play. To many cons and not enough pros. But hey unless I missed something good thing private servers are a thing and we can mod the game to take care of a lot of the issues. Just will not be as many players around.
  2. crazywildfire

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    Actually it is very fact. I never said anything about you not sticking to your opinion did I? I said you are a hypocritical troll. What is sad is you don't see it but it is okay not mad just pointing it out
  3. crazywildfire

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    Don't mind him. He has made it very clear he doesn't care about PC players and has said how he feels about them/us. But yet he is here trying to have debates with PC players that is playing a game that isn't even out on console yet that he doesn't know much about besides reading and seeing a few videos on. He is such a hypocritical troll if there has ever been one. That is 100%fact not a opinion.
  4. crazywildfire

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Lmao I never laughed so hard. 90% of the things you post is funny. No no really it is. I will give you credit you definitely don't stray. But doesn't mean you don't talk out one side you your mouth. I get it though once apond of time I never played PC so I get that you don't understand. But since you want to call PC players PC people and not pin point who it is you are talking about so basically calling everyone that plays PC the same. I have 90% of every console there is right now hooked up in my house. I have a gaming laptop that I use to travel with and a PC. I see more toxic console players when playing online games then I do when playing online PC games. You sir are very toxic. I will just leave it at that.
  5. crazywildfire

    Atlas and steam charts

    Luckily I wasn't drinking anything but I did get a pretty good chuckle out of it lol
  6. crazywildfire

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    I'm kinda starting to feel left out. I haven't made a thread yet about why wipes are a bad idea. Maybe I should..... Well all know if it is just for cross play alone it is a bad idea. We can't help consoles didn't get it day one. Not our fault console players don't have a PC to get access to it day one. If the only argument is that "we deserve a fresh game" is the only one then don't buy a EA game.
  7. crazywildfire

    crossplay xbox

    Probably not. In my opinion needs to wait till next gen console. But hey what do I know.
  8. Same and look at how that turned out.
  9. I like the game as well but doesn't mean it doesn't have its problems. The game could be way better. A lot of the things that has been said here and other threads are true.
  10. crazywildfire

    Why are we talking abount consoles already?

    I didn't mind at first when you claimed just an area or so. I think it should of been limited to how many flags one person has. If you join up with someone then you double those flags and so on. I don't like that they said here now you get to claim the island. But it is what it is I guess. Like I said smaller islands isn't much of an issue in my eyes but big islands you should only get to claim so much of the island. Not sayin that it doesn't work good if claim was completely out like on lawless. I don't know I just don't mind the different options to have I guess. Anyway back on topic I still don't see cross play happening just based on playstation getting the game at some point and them not agreeing with Microsoft and such. I also really don't think the game is ready for console to be honest but it is what it is I guess.
  11. crazywildfire

    Why are we talking abount consoles already?

    I was just sayin we don't have the caves and such. So in the game hideouts/caves are replaced with structures to build. Could they have added caves to do this sure they could of but being a game where everyone is sailing around it wouldn't work that great in my opinion. Sure in the real world you wouldn't have 40,000 people and thousands of thousands of ships doing what one does in the game so sure it was fine then. Just in the game not so much. Just sayin the way I look at it is the bases you build is like having that hideout/cave to store all that loot. So by being a game and doing that way of course you goin to either fight or tax if you found and took over the island first. Should one person/group have control over some of the bigger islands no I think that is bad but the smaller islands I don't see the problem. But just my opinion not saying I'm right and you are wrong. Just sayin is all. Also to add let's say I don't want to be a pirate but still have an island. If I got to the island first and wanted to start a settlement on that island. I would be taxing as well. Nobody lives on any land for free. But with that said I do play a lot of RP so my views do tend to be different then others.
  12. Why are we still arguing about this stupid stuff? Cross play isn't going to happen anyway. Playstation will get the game at some point and they are not going to allow cross play with xbox. So the only way cross play is going to happen is if playstation isn't getting the game at all. When it comes down to it they will do whatever they please it is there game. End of argument. Thanks, and you're welcome.
  13. crazywildfire

    Why are we talking abount consoles already?

    Please explain to me why it doesn't make sense? It is a game it can only do so much not everything can be 100% real life stuff. So to balance some of the things that the game can't do they have to add this or that. Think of the base you build being part of your hideout/cave. Not everyone and their brother was a pirate either but on the game everyone is a pirate. I mean so much more the point is it is a game not real life. So please being a game what does not make sense about it? Edit: I mean because everyone is a pirate you don't have settlements or the navy/British army whatever it was called. Being a pirate if you had your hideout/cave/island to store your treasure or whatever you really think if it was another set of pirates they wouldn't fight for that spot/location? I mean if a settlement or something came along they would pick up and move. But other pirates they not just goin to say oh here have this for free. Smh
  14. crazywildfire

    Why are we talking abount consoles already?

    Then be a pirate and take my land away. I mean pirates had caves and hideouts. You don't think they shared caves and such with just anyone do you?
  15. crazywildfire

    Why are we talking abount consoles already?

    Reading all these comments and all I can do is laugh. Look over that way someone claims they are better then someone else. Oh look that way my idea is right and your idea is wrong. Oh look this is goin to happen wait and see. Smh You don't know me and I don't know you so therefore I have no clue if you are better or if I'm better. You don't like the claim system and taxes. Well I think it is a great thing for this game. I don't care that you don't like it because you obviously don't care if we do. But it doesn't make me right and you wrong. If cross play happens and I really don't think it will but if it does there is no need for a wipe for pve. Again doesn't make me right and you wrong. All these things are a matter of opinion. Opinion are like assholes everyone has them. Doesn't make one side right and one side wrong. Comes down to it the developers are goin to do what they want to do regardless if we like it or not, agree with them or disagree. It doesn't matter what we think, feel or say especially if it isn't one sides.