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  1. Amazing game, sadly there are more banned players than there are current players
  2. Pog, new season, surely everything will be better this time around!
  3. GOOD PATCH, but i think brigantines should be 15K or 20K gold instead of 25K. Also a big importance is a nerf or removal of barrelbombs from cannons/catapults (especially when fired from ships). Would be sad to see a schooner that costs 5K gold to build sink a mythical galleon that was 50K+ gold in less than 1 minute.
  4. 1. Are there chances of merging NA and EU networks together with west regions being on NA servers and east regions EU servers? 2. What is Grapeshot planning to combat cheater/hackers? Current situation is horrible. Banned/Devwiped ones returning. 3. People want new additional shiptypes, when can we expect them? 4. Have you thought about adding upkeep costs for having big companies? My idea how that should work is here:
  5. From my testings with sails, each sail adds a flat amount of top speed to your ship. The number of knots ofcourse varies with different wind speed and the % amount of weight you have on the ship (+speed reduction by cargo racks) For example on an empty Schooner a Large Speed Sail adds around 17 knots, while a Small Speed Sail adds around 3.6 knots together you get around 21 knots (Varies with wind and weight). The math behind this appeared this simple, unlike the math with different weight percentages. I would like to do a video on this, but atm i have no access to any testservers. And with the "speed points" (22,46,100) i just mean that Mediums are only 46% of the speed of Large Speed Sails, while Small Sails are around 22% of the speed of Large Speed Sails. Calculating the speed of Handling and Weight Sails would be like this: A Brigantine with 2 Large Speed Sails and 1 Large Weight Sail: 100+100+60 (Weight Sail 100x0.6) = 260, the max speed is 300 on a Brigantine therefore you do 260/300=0.867, which means that setup is around 13% slower than Triple Speed Sails, without calculating in the Weight Bonus (which would only cut down the speed slowdown by like 7% if below 50% current weight). Triple Weightsails would be 60x3=180, means the ship would be limited to 60% of the maximum possible Speed and weight lvl ups or weight bonus would not let you go faster than these 60%, they would only reduce the speed slowdown through weight. Triple Handlings would be 75x3=225 (100x0.75), means 225/300=0.75 (25٪ slower than max possible speed). Which would mean for example if you get to 14 Knots with Triple Speed Sails, you would achieve only 10.5 knots with Triple common Handling Sails (along the wind). Just my personal way of calculating this.
  6. At the moment there is only 1 viable sail configuration per ship with very very few exceptions: all Speed and the bigger the better. Sailing Speed is currently one if not the most important attribute for ships and not only for PvP ships. Roughly 95% of all the ships are currently like this: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails Galleon: 6 Large Speed Sails But this game offers 3 different sailtypes with different blueprint attributes in 3 different sizes. We have the Speed Sails, the Handling Sails and the Weight Sails, each in Large, Medium and Small size. Lets have a look at what these Sails have to offer: Common Speed Sails: By far the highest unmodified topspeed Fast ship turning at top speed Average sail opening, closing and turning speed Blueprinted Speed Sails: Max Velocity attribute is currently not working and has 0 effect on your speed Sail Turning Effectiveness allows for even faster ship turning at top speed, works as intended Common Handling Sails: Around 25% slower than Speed Sails, very noticeable Fast ship turning at almost closed sails or low speed By far the fastest sail opening, closing and turning speed, allows quick stops and rapid acceleration Offers the best wind angles, allows sailing against the wind with decent speed Blueprinted Handling Sails: Acceleration attribute currently gives the sail both Top Speed and Acceleration increases, outruns Speed Sails in top speed at above the 130% value Wind Angle attribute offers better speed against the wind by improving the wind catch angle of the Sails Common Weight Sails: Around 40% slower than Speed Sails, extremely noticeable Average to low ship turning speed By far the slowest sail opening, closing and turning speed, slow acceleration and requires a long time for a fullstop Same wind angles as Speed Sails, even though Weight Sails are visually more similar to Handling Sails Provides a flat Weight Bonus of 1000, 2500 or 4000 depending on size (reduces the speed slowdown for ships that usually have above 55% weight) Blueprinted Weight Sails: Offers only 1 special attribute: % increase to the Weight Bonus of the single Weight Sail (example: 120% = from 4000 to 4800, only 800 more carryweight) Now lets take a look at the different sizes: (The numbers below are from rough speed testing with the sextant on a testserver) Large Sails - Sail Unit points: 2.7: Maximum Speed / 100% Weight Sail Bonus: 4000 Extra Weight Medium Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.7: Below half the Speed / ~46% Weight Sail Bonus: 2500 Extra Weight Small Sails - Sail Unit points: 1.0: Very low Speed / ~ 22% Weight Sail Bonus: 1000 Extra Weight Now lets take a look at some possible Speed Sail configurations and size variety: Sloop: 1 Medium Speed Sail: 46 2 Small Speed Sails: 22+22 = 44 (additional mast = more crew required) (slowest) Schooner: 1 Large Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+22 = 122 2 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46 = 92 (25% slower) 4 Small Speed Sails: 22+22+22+22 = 88 (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) (slowest) Brigantine: 3 Large Speed Sails: 100+100+100 = 300 5 Medium Speed Sails: 46+46+46+46+46 = 230 (~25% slower) (2 additional masts = 2 additional crew required) 8 Small Speed Sails: 22x8 = 176 (~42% slower) (5 additional masts = 5 additional crew required) (weird) 2 Large Speed Sails, 1 Medium Speed Sail & 1 Small Speed Sail: 100+100+46+22 = 268 (~11% slower) (additional crew required) Galleon: yes My personal Solution to the lack of Sail Variety would be: Speed buff to Small Sails by 50% Speed buff to Medium Sails by 40% Sail unit cost of Medium Sails from 1.7 to 1.8 Decrease the speed of Speed Sails by around 10% Allow all 3 Sailtypes to have an increase in speed by blueprints Slightly better Wind Angles for Weight Sails Additional Notes: The buff to the Small and Medium Sails would still not make them faster than larger sails but close the giant speed gap between them, allowing for different setups without losing too much. Weight Sails are clearly the least useful sailtype at the moment and need a rework. (3 Large Weight Sails are slower than 2 Large Speed Sails at average weight) (even after recent changes) Fixing the Max Velocity on blueprinted Speed Sails would make the other 2 sailtypes way more useless. Speed Sails should remain the most used sailtype in my opinion, the other appear to me as support sails.
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