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  1. Gomez Addams

    So much for the road map.

    NOT optimism. So funny! Noptimism : A level of sarcasm so high that the reader is left questioning the writers thoughts.
  2. Gomez Addams

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Hey I have a great idea, let’s have the ability to use guns against the AOD. I know it sounds crazy to use the weapons in the game to fight with but I’m an outside the box thinker. What if we could ‘plan’ a ‘strategy’ against the AI that doesn’t involve bear paw slapping. Too much to ask for? At least I know where my body is while I’m sleeping.
  3. Gomez Addams

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    So how many levels do you need per level then? 591 discovery points let’s me go to level 61 instead 64?
  4. Gomez Addams

    What Happened To Realist?

    Dang.........I was hoping for a great conspiracy. Oh well. Thank you @PeglegTheAngry, I appreciate you.
  5. Gomez Addams

    What Happened To Realist?

    He responded 2933 times. He has his own diary called “Realist Thread”. He’s not here because his work promoting the Xbox release was done. That was why he was called Realist, a simple play on the word Release. I don’t mind the motives it’s just that I miss his over enthusiastic game hype.
  6. Gomez Addams

    lame game mechaniks.

    So let my peaceful PVE person understand this. If you get caught in pvp and your handcuffed in a cage, you have to starve or yell yourself to death before you can keep playing. I don’t see the problem. I have starved myself to death more times then I can count because of being caught in a glitch or just forgetting to eat. Yeah it’s bogus but that’s why people sign up for PVP, correct? I thought that the higher the stakes the more thrilling it was to play. Almost seems like a game feature than a bad mechanic.
  7. Gomez Addams

    What Happened To Realist?

    I have been banished to off topic but in the general discussion they are discussing the New World game. We haven’t heard anything in weeks from Devs but a Mod can take the time to make sure to move a post about a guy who got everybody excited to play Atlas. Hmmm.
  8. Gomez Addams

    What Happened To Realist?

    So I used to read his/her comments here all the time. For a year I read about how he wasn’t playing PC but was waiting for Xbox. 2000+ comments later he just disappeared a month after the release of the Xbox on November 11th. I feel as though he might be in trouble and wanted to reach out to him to make sure he was ok. Or maybe he decided to play something else which is great. I just have a nagging feeling that something is going on but I’ll probably never get it. Was he promoting Xbox for the Devs? Is he a dev? Is he Dollie? Why do I lie awake at night thinking about this? Did having the game to play be not as much fun as waiting for it? Hmmm. If your out there Realist, Be Well.
  9. Gomez Addams

    animals dead

    Lost all the elephants, pigs and bears. This is the worse patch ever, please roll-back.
  10. Gomez Addams

    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    We lost all of our elephants (8), pigs (3) and at least 15 bears due to the starvation bug. For some reason the rhinos and giraffes were unaffected. I’m not sure if anyone in charge cares but we do.
  11. Gomez Addams

    Mega bases in lawless zone = tons of Lag

    I have noticed with each wipe that there are less people taking the time to wall off whole islands and pave over resources although some ignorant fools still waste their lives doing it. What helps me endure this type of grief is knowing it all be be wiped eventually. They will either quit playing or a new season will start with a fresh wipe. It’s bogus but it’s better than it was and will hopefully keep improving.
  12. Gomez Addams

    Abandoned ship in our base

    We finally had a ship auto decay in the middle of our harbor. It took every bit of 40 days. I have a theory that boat decay is the same as the chests set on the ground. I thought the SS Slapnuts would never go away lol.
  13. Gomez Addams

    New Way to Grief

    I prefer to think of myself as “The Zookeeper Sailor” @Chucksteak
  14. Gomez Addams

    New Way to Grief

    Thank you, I have noticed that also. I did not realize they were being used for evil purposes although I should have guessed.
  15. Gomez Addams

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    Not to change the subject but why oh why can’t we claim abandoned ships? This is all 5 of my top five things I would like to see changed. We claim abandoned animals and mats, why not whole boats? Scoring an abandoned Gally would be like stealing a ship....oh wait, that might be too much like a pirate game...never mind. How about those bears, eh?