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  1. Nice video! Those Minecraft skills are paying dividends for sure!
  2. I’m a moron. What is this about? Is something naughty happening in the picture?
  3. I play because of the awesome people you can find in PVE. I’ll give you an example. I was racing to a 8+ sunken treasure in my zippy fast schooner and a brig smashed into me which cut the air off to my wife who was diving down. I was like, “how rude!” Then the guy beats us down to the treasure and says “Have fun in Your rowboat”. I decided then that I needed this person as a friend so I decided to sail in front of him wherever he went. Which is easy in a “rowboat” that will do 19+ knots. So after 45 minutes of telling him we are a team and asking him are we there yet, we became brothers. In the end I learned that it was actually his treasure because he blew up the SODs to get it before I got there. How could I have known? So cheers to you, Dave Buckeye Company. My big brother and Atlas friend forever whether you like it or not.
  4. I fed a stuck bear for six weeks once and he finally got loose and I was so happy and then they wiped the servers. I hope this helps.
  5. Speaking of sunken treasure, I would like to have the quality number removed from the wreckage. This would force an exploration and not just a fly over. More wreckage respawns would happen if people didn’t have a choice to ignore all the Lower numbers. And more importantly, The broken ones are the biggest drag in the world.
  6. Anytime I try to search in the craftables box it sends me to my desktop. It’s like the game itself is refusing to answer questions.
  7. So if I regularly eat at a restaurant and have average meals then one day without telling me they hire a new cook and my meal is poor it’s my fault? Sorry but the game before this last wipe was better than it is today. I agree with @Jaster. Except the money part because 1300hrs for $25 is fine with me.
  8. This is the first real quest I have seen in Atlas.
  9. I wish you won the powerball too, @Jimmy Shimmy
  10. Here is the biggest indicator to me that the Devs could care less about this forum and the updates. Since launch they have always updated the patch notes section of this site....until now. I check it everyday for the current notes and there is nothing there. It’s almost as if they don’t know It needs to be updated. I love this broken mess of a game, but I’m starting to wonder about its future.
  11. That sounds correct but is 7 of 9 too much to ask for?
  12. I enjoy playing the broken game and consider bugs as unintentional features. Atlas is loaded with features.
  13. Yeah they broke it alright. I’ve seen a bunch of those and dozens of sods just frozen in time. Hopefully we will get a bug that lets us fly.
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