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  1. I noticed something on Twitter about Xbox not being able to connect. Why they would release a patch (with a track record of it always breaking the game) right before a holiday is beyond my comprehension. I read in the comments that many Xbox users on PvP couldn’t connect and were wiped out by PC players. This sounds totally unacceptable.
  2. Can these arrows be used on a razor to move to a ship to tame it?
  3. The glider is one of the FUN things to do. I’m sure it has some tactical advantage in PVP but in PVE it’s just fun and useful. You built a world with sky high pillars and cliffs and for 2 YEARS we have used the glider to explore and travel. Please please please change it back. How about no weapons while gliding? How about limiting gliding time? How about a quicker wear out? The height restriction is unnecessary and debilitating.
  4. I heard the game is leaving early access as scheduled... ...said no one ever.
  5. Can we please have a dev response on this? Thank you!
  6. Sometimes other companies will leave the game and their farmhouses will become demolishable (before they disappear). If a farmhouse shows up where it wasn’t the day before it’s because a player has been watching and waiting for the timer to count down and is “Johnny on the spot” with a new one the second it’s gone. It’s not a very good system but that’s how you play it.
  7. Lol the only thing to do now is stay on land because of Battleye. I was kicked 5 times trying to paint a canvas, no way I’m doing anything riskier. The gold thing is bonkers too, I have so much gold I just give it away. The game is as broken as it ever was just like OP said. In a week there will be 75% less people on my empty lawless island in PVE. Dark times indeed.
  8. Please fix this! Why do we have to keep asking?
  9. I thought you could only buy a ramming ship at Freeport? Have had tried hitting the machine to get your quarter back? Joking aside, that’s a very unacceptable bug.
  10. Yes. There used to be 4 but the Devs decided that 2 PVE’s (Europe and Americas) is 1 too many. Now we are all nice and cozy.
  11. I’m also building stupid with a Drive In theater that has a 104 large canvases to make the screen. How else am I going to show the Jungle Book to a bunch of bears? What a terrible example to others.
  12. Increase the level of attack from the environment (animals, AOD, storms, decay) based on units of structure constructed.This would only effect the company that is ‘overbuilding’. Reward PVE spamming with an endless environmental war. I think that this would solve many PVE issues.
  13. There is absolutely nothing sarcastic about a present farm being a great idea. I happen to make the best of what cards I’m dealt. I asked a question about the presents and stated a fact that I believe. I’m Gomez Addams and it’s nice to meet you @twiztedmike.
  14. What kind of presents does the tree produce and how many trees can you make? 1000’s? I think a present farm is this best idea in the whole world! Thank you!
  15. Thank you @PiszkosFred, I also saw our trade route started up last night.
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