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    Changes to Ship Combat for more Piracy

    Prevent attackers to build and put a bed in their opponent island while raiding and you will get ship combats back. The previous claim system was more ship combat oriented; far to be perfect but forced people to use ships.
  2. Sysca

    PVP idea (fix to pop issue)

    Ally company limit is 5x5 = 25 right now. Way too much
  3. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Right, pretty sad for the population decreasing. Regarding mega tribes afraid to fight each other, it's false, i don't know in which server you were playing on but i can tell you that, for EU serv, mega were fighting each other. Big alliances were getting weaker day after day. The announcement of the wipe just stopped all the fun....
  4. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    In my vision, mega tribe mentality under the od claiming system was more about gaining lands (like the game concept of Risk). The purpose was not to run the population out of the game as you said but more about running the population under your 30% taxe
  5. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Dude, what happened to you for spamming your hate to mega tribe on this forum ? how many time did your company got wiped by a meg tribe? You may need the see a psychologist, don't you think?
  6. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Damn, many people here can read the future, that's amazing. Just let see what will happen and adjust after. It is an early access game, it still has time to change a lot before its ultimate form. From what i see on the forum, people complaining about offline raiding/griefing were not in the same page as peope from mega tribes. Could be a good compromise to split thsi server and community. Just let's see
  7. Sysca

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    "One person's freedom ends where another's begins" How do you satisfy this kind of request with a claim system on a PvE serv?
  8. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    There will be only big companies after some weeks playing on the Atlas:Empires (small/medium ones will be wipe by bigger quickly and then will move to the Atlas:Companies). Big companies have people playing from different time zone so they have people connected 24/7."offline raiding" doesn't exist if you are a big company. Griefing is and has been a part of the game even if they improve ship defence. If you are unable to defend to griefers then you have to improve on your defence setup. But if you really cannot afford griefing and offline raiding then swap to the incoming server "companies".
  9. Sysca

    New PVP Changes Will Be The End Of Atlas

    Two separate servers, everyone is happy now. You guys complaining about griefing, offraiding, Pv0 etc.. can paly on Atlas: colonies. Hardcore players will go for Atlas:Empires. Everyone is Happy!
  10. Sysca

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I Disagree. I think they really listened comments on the forum players in this game. In this forum you could see people complaining about griefing, offraiding etc... and others complaining about the new claiming system with whitch you are not free to attack when you want (hardcore survival) . I don't think there is any option for both type of people to play on the same server so i guess making two separate ones was the best option they had.
  11. Sysca

    How will taking an island over work?

    I just hope that people whining about offline raiding now, will not whine about zerg with the new system if they got wiped by a stronger(more people/better stuff) tribe/alliance. As you play on PVP server, you have to accept to loose everything everyday (during these 9 hours on raiding). Also, i hope it will be easier to claim an island as an attacker compared to how it was with the old claim system. Some raids were taking so long (several days sometimes) against medium/big tribes just because it was so easy to defend a claim (stand in the zone and hiding...). It will not be possible with only 9 hours raid on.
  12. Then, do it in a private server where you can raise a baby in 1 or 2 hours (especially if you are alone playing). Or if you want to make it on official PVP server, set up a team for breeding as every tribe does , so you don't have to stay alone to take care of the bear for40 hours. Or ask allies you have on temperate if they can give you a claim to breed or if it really unbalance for you, attack and take a temperate island with your tribe. There is so many possibilities. I guess it is pretty afk to breed crow in desert (crow is meta too) and you cannot breed it easily in tundra or temperate (campfire on and off, you know this). It is not unbalance, it is the biomas system. Do you want to breed as easily an animal in Tundra as it is in Temperate? That is asking about making the game easier for you. It is exaclty same thing that asking to have same amount/type of ressource on every island to "balance" the game. For both, I hope it will never happen on official PvP servers,. I prefer to fight to have what I want and i assume i'm not the only one who play on official PvP serv for it. I think we will never agree on this aspect of the game which I call "difficulties" when you call it "balance".
  13. Bears/ Horse are the meta yes, just because tier 3 is still not available for breeding. Once it will be possible to breed other animals , i think the fighting meta with animals will/could change. We've already see how usefull are Rhino/Bull/tiger/crow in PVP. Don't forget we only played 2 months in offi servs, we still have a lot to experiment to optimize base/gameplay/skill etc... Concerning harvesting, each animal have strenght/ weakeness and i'm fine with the fact you cannot find/tame/breed every animal in every island and harvest everything with every animals. It is working fine with the biom system and it ismore interesting for players experence. Moreover, you can easily take a boat and go to another island to test what you have to test. In my opinion, if official servers start to be as easy as some private ones (X25, X50 for example), people will just start to be bored of the game and stop playing on it to join hardcore ones. If the game seems to hard or time-consuming for you, why don't you switch for a private one? The upcoming patch and wipe will already make the game less hardcore than it was, so please, don't ask to remove all remaining difficulties which make the game exciting. As I see it, you are not asking for balancing, you ask to make the game easier.
  14. So for your info, I've myself, already tried in Tundra weeks ago. Didn't work because I was requiered to stay with bears to keep lighting on an off campfires and coudln't stay 40 hours with the bear (with X6 it is 8 hours now). So i tried another biom and found one where it was completly afk . So maybe you have to seek a better biom to breed bears? but atleast, please, stop whining for every single thing you don't understand in this game. Regarding your foundation problem, try with a celling.
  15. Sop crying about breeding dude, it is way too easy and afk now we have the x6. Before, babies were sensitive to extreme weather conditions, they fixed it. Then babies didn't feed themself when players were disconnected and starved to death, they fixed it. Now, if you have the correct biom to breed your animal, breeding is afk even more with the x6 (you stay 5 minutes feeding your bear then you leave and 8 hours after, he is an adult). OFC, if you try to breed a bear in polar area or high tundra, it will not be afk, same if you try to breed a penguin in desert biom.... I don't get why you cry now it became easy as ffck to breed.