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  1. Sheepshooter

    Offline protection

    Real Life, Low Life, No Life... this game is not for you... if you are unable to park safely or not have any company members to spawn over watching your ship or bring it somewhere save... it is called MMO and it is PVP... And that is not what is killing the game, when you step out for 10mins and your ship is parked 'somewhere'... What is killing the game is, when you log off for the night and there is nothing (not talking peace timer which is still too short and should not exist) in your own base/harbor that can actually protect your ship... at that point people realize there is nothing they can do to come back tomorrow and continue... totally different problem than you leaving the wheel... that is why some need a written reminder that the cruise control in their camper cannot be used to auto pilot down the highway while they go back to use the microwave oven to dry their cat...
  2. Sheepshooter

    Sails Shaking/Wiggling

  3. Sheepshooter

    Base defense without so many npcs

    - cannon towers don't work... either they get blindsided (large cannons) or out-ranged (medium cannons)... in any case they do not deal enough damage per area... so save yourself lots of structures that just get destroyed... - if you want to save on defense structures that actually work (somewhat) climbing protected natural pillar bases is meta... - the problem in structure numbers is not the NPC gun, but the support structures needed for it to work at all... as everything NPC can be out-ranged the structures are needed to get the target close enough and/or protect the NPC gun long enough... - and obviously a 2x2 wall piece (for example) would reduce wall structures rendering needed by up to 75%, etc... and obviously if the structures would have more or upgrade-able hit points would not need honey combing...
  4. Sheepshooter

    Thanksgiving Event?

    Pirates don't say THANKS when they TAKE and they GIVE nothing back, yarrr...!
  5. Sheepshooter

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    It will not be possible to make offline raiding go away... it is the best time to raid... It will not be possible to make you only raid-able when you are online, especially when it is the island that is protected/raid-able (one man company being always offline would make un-raid-able)... Sooo, again, if offline raiding cannot be stopped without breaking all PVP... make the defenses so that offline raiding is no longer a walk in the park while shooting fish (puckles and cannons) in barrel... It does not mean that they cannot wipe you... but if your defenses are toxic enough they will go for an easier target... and if they still want to wipe you, it will cost them... Right now people are quitting (again) because what ever they try they cannot secure their stuff and don't see how to rebuild (again) to continue... Same as the small people that see their anchored ships sunk too easy and cannot be bothered to rebuild that (again)... If they cannot continue your journey in Atlas they quit... that is where the game mechanic is broken... I want to offer, again, the idea to make every claimed island raid protected, but for the claim flag which is fully raid-able... Only if the island gets de-claimed the rest gets (lawless) raid-able... this would help with all settlers helping to defend before they get their stuff blown up... this would also help with structure spam because there is only one place that needs defense... and as same goes for ships in anchor we save on harbor defense structures as well...
  6. problem is not the claim flag high - no one wants to build high up mountain... PROBLEM is that a single cannon bear can take down any base on the ground without loosing anything but cannon balls when there is no player defending... all NPC defenses are useless if they are not out of range of the cannon bear, or the cannon bear has to be well within range of the defences... and even if they would work, they make not enough damage to effect a cannon bear... even if you would hit him... while he is shooting and scooting... we would build bases on the ground if there defenses would at least cost the attacker more effort and resources than a 10 min tame and 20 min resource gathering... and only one player... in the real world a defense structure always has the advantage in a direct assault... that is why we humans use them... and in the real world the soldiers are not standing around doing nothing under fire, when the officer went to bed... also if we get proper NPC defenses we could all play more atlas with better performance because we would not need to build K's of passive structures for defense... think about the poor XBobs!!! we are building up on mountains because land PVP is totally broken right now - since the beginning... If the flag change would happen, without PVP balancing... islands would be claimed daily... and we would still build on pillars to keep our stuff save from the ONE griefing cannon bear... same goes for ship to land combat... a harbor fort is useless against tank ships... because a meter thick stone wall is no match to a wooden ship plank... and harbor cannons are out ranged by ship based cannons...
  7. Sheepshooter

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    The problem is not (the lenght of) the raid timer... The problem is that raiding is too easy when no defender is online... We could do without any peace timer if it would be possible to build defenses that work (you know all those cannons and puckles that cost gold /berries and are out-ranged by a cannon tame, or don't shoot sideways moving targets) and cost the attacker losses to attack you - than the attacker has to think twice if it is worth it to attack you... right no if defender is offline it is a no-brainer to attack...
  8. Sheepshooter

    Saling very time consuming

  9. Sheepshooter

    Return Craft bonus

    Nope, the crafting bonus were game killing... That is why they reduced their impact this much, until they get going on game balancing again...
  10. Sheepshooter

    Suggestion: Fast travel with ship.

    That was jumps on the same map/server... We are talking changing grids. If there is a shortcut between two separate grids it is like traveling between ARK servers - zero time travel... Was so much fun when wipers showed up out of nowhere... because every server was basically neighbour to every other server (btw with limited options in maps available, not 225 unique servers)... Again distance and travel time is the life blood of Atlas... Why even have ships when you can just wormhole and avoid anyone...? Why even have politics if everyone can go everywhere right this second...? How to hide away after you got wiped, if the enemy is just seconds away no matter where you are...? Why even think of having any economy, if it is cheap (as in time invested) to travel...? I find it very "interesting", that people are complaining that there is not much ship action, because ships get sunk more while anchored, etc... and everyone would like to play more on the sea... and then the moment some of those people are on the sea "It is so boring! We need fast travel so we don't have to spend so much time at sea!"...
  11. Sheepshooter

    Suggestion: Fast travel with ship.

    Nope... get over it... distance is protection... distance makes things worth something needed for economy... it is part of the survival aspect in a survival game... makes competing over specific islands worth something... would also kill any possible ship encounter even more... As useless as the idea to make the ships faster, to the point they are past you before the render... Dont need the whole server jump into any grid at any time from anywhere like a bunch of imperial star destroyers coming out of hyperspacer... If you dont like long travel, dont choose a huge map server like official... otherwise get organised... Option 3 - dont build roleplaying ships... light ships are faster... go light...
  12. Sheepshooter

    Structure banish

    No you did no yet reach the limit... You just ran into the bug that the server makes structures disappear that do not have direct support from a foundation (directly below it). For example if you make support with pillars and a ceiling on top it could happen that a ceiling directly connected to the first disappears, even though it should have support. Only solution currently is to make full support on the ground, preferable with floors not pillars... You will have to fill up the holes with more support until it stops doing it... And that boys and girls is how you will hit structure limit with all those actually not needed support structures...
  13. Sheepshooter

    Problem no metal in A2 eu pve

    You think so...?
  14. Sheepshooter

    Large Stone gates

    It happens when the gate/wall blueprint gets pointed at for example pillars and ships (or unknown specific part of ship where it snaps to)... Low settings somehow help (just a feeling), but best to aim yourself somewhere with no structures before you start placing and then aim directly to the snap point you want and nothing else in between.
  15. Sheepshooter

    Problem no metal in A2 eu pve

    I second that and would like to ask that you fix my island also so it at least has all the resources, but preferable in two different types... it cannot be the intend of your game that we have to sail around to get all the resources we need or search and compete for the islands with better resources, now can it...? Where is the 'survival' in doing that...?