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  1. Sheepshooter

    Too much negativity

    you seem to forget... - since the last major update many months have past... - many system bugs are getting worse with no work on it... - Devs are working on ARK Genesis...
  2. It is no the people, it is the game design... If the game mechanics allow someone to grief they will... Civility is a learned behavior... if the game mechanic does not teach that (like it is taught in RL by enforced limits on what is acceptable) you will have toxic players... It is not like because in RL everyone is domesticated reasonable well it means it transfers to the next "world"... Atlas (and many others) is like a RL breakdown of civilization... no rules and human fall back to their basics... Not sure if you did it right when you moved to the new island... but as is know since week two of Atlas, the land defense PVP is totally broken... It is too easy to raid offline, so players do... if the game defenses would work, you would have less of this kind of griefing, because your defenses would "teach" the griefers that it comes at a high cost to attack a base... so they don't so easily... "An armed society is a polite society"... in Atlas you are unarmed as the victim the moment you logout... easy pickings... Fun fact is, that griefing also happens even if there is no material gain for the griefer, so it would not help to make it worthless in game mechanics to grief/raid, because griefing in itself (harming someone for LOLz) is worthwhile... only it it hurts the griefer potentially more than it stops/gets less frequent... The stupidity of today's MMO-survival game design is, that the devs always think they just need to make the survival sandbox and everything will sort itself out... problem is, that the devs thereby make limits (by doing as few game mechanics as possible) on what people could do because of the limited supplied game mechanics... so, instead of the limitless possibility in the RL, in game you hit a limit in what you can do to scare of griefing, the game mechanic does not allow you to... The other problem with MMOsurvival compared to RL is that in RL if you die you are fucking dead... gives a huge incentive to NOT DIE... and griefing is a good way of getting killed in RL or in game... but in-game the griefer comes back, thereby lost nothing important... Of course any survival game would be pretty useless, if you could not respawn... because of this it is on the game designer ("The Creator") to implement other game mechanics that put in a equally high cost risk for the griefer... Or they have to put in protections for the other guy, so that the griefer can grief without damaging the victim... unfortunately that is the way devs always go, not make the griefing come at a cost, but care bear the victims... which only results in the griefer looking for the next thing to hurt others... look at Atlas PVE... the got more toxic griefing than Atlas PVP... On moderated non-official servers the admins cannot make required changes to the game mechanic, but they can ban griefers ~ RL death in the game world... it works to an extent... the griefers and cheaters get the server death penalty leaving behind the other players to live happily ever after... potential griefers on the server know what will happen to them... If there is no game mechanic implemented or there is a intervening "God" (Admin) it will happen... In Atlas where the "Gods" have forsaken this world for ARK, the only thing you can do is use the other broken game mechanic to protect your stuff, because you have to live with griefers. It is possible... but obviously it is not possible as advertised - you cannot safely live on a island... So don't do it or accept the consequences...
  3. Sheepshooter

    We don't need any more ship types.

    we talked about this from the start... My thoughts still are - they should only allow guns in gun port structures, with them being also on the top deck... get rid of the front/rear shotguns... - if cannons only fit in gun ports they can make easy cross count so that too many cannons on one side gives balance problems... - for free placing of fire power the swivels are for, give them a small ball ammo... or allow Puckles as they are really designed as ship CIWS anyway... - with the cannon-to-gun port change we need atleast a new ship in between the brig and gally... having like 12-18 gunports each side... - have to change the SOTD aswell, so they also have no turret cannons and shoot most of them broadside... or switch over to the single player pirate ships... - to customize ships further have three typs of planks: normal, cargo, armored... having different buffs and de-buffs... - make the normal wood structures damage pass through... thin sheet of wood will not stop a cannon ball like a thick plank can... actually the splintering wood makes it more lethal for the crew... But hey, it seems to be too difficult to make new ships, as the one we have are from the time this was just a player made mod... the knowledge seems to be lost... And even with new ships and/or significant changes to the ship game, Atlas is still lost, as there are way more other problems killing the game... and no one there to fix them...
  4. Well, I am in that camp for real, as I have my boats (as in plural, with BP items and leveled up ready to go) the next day already... Also what do you think how long it takes to E hit 40 planks on a brig? A minute... while we have all the resources that we did not loose making new ships all the time... Your time-game does not nearly count up to what we do... Also yeah, I guess you will not build a new ship every day - I would be a little down too if my ship was gone again, not wanting to do it again right away... also you need to farm and or steal a new ship first, takes time... so no new ship today, but maybe tomorrow... Lucky for you you still find prey with hundreds of planks lying around unprotected... cannot compare that to the BobAverage that mostly have halve a ship in a box normally... Anyway, if you make just one ship once every 10 days your cost are the same as ours... But we have our ship usable for 10 days, you only for ONE online session... And yeah, if I need to just go places without beds a Ramshackle from the nearest Freeport is the way to go... But if I need something bigger, I can go with a real ship and just park it in the SAME closest Freeport... and apart from jumping there once a day it can stay there until I need it somewhere else... because we can have more than one ship... A boat can hold x amount of weight and y crew while under way (although a gally can hold 300 NPC easy with just one guy and his bucket - that is how we bought Puckel Crews in the 'good old days'...) When it is fully anchored it can hold UNLIMITED crew and weight... just don't un-anchor it without your bucket... If that thing is untouchable while anchored it can spawn and supply a raid indefinitely having lots of beds and unlimited (ninja farmed) resources = gear... If you disable beds during war time, I hope you get back to your safely parked ship before your friends island goes into war time... otherwise you have to get to your ship by other means or have to wait till it gets into peace again... but you can use those Ramshackles from the nearest Freeport to get back to your ship and back going... The best option would be that they make Freeports real ship safe zones (no decay timer, or maybe gold cost), just so that the average Bob finally understands how he should play the game as is (no save base for you, Bob! - but you can live on your ship for real)... and you stop complaining about having to go online every day, otherwise you would be back to you building a ship again every damn day... Reducing ship number does not work, because every player can have one company each. And there is already a one ship per player limit enforced, as ships do not sail without at least one player on it.. Obviously, if the medium to mega companies would start living in Freeport like we do (which for them is even easier and gives more options) no one but you would be living anywhere else, getting raided by us Freeporters... Would it break the game? maybe... like it broke EVE... not... We would see alot more ship combat... because every ship out there has online players shooting back or running away... so no more offline raiding for ship planks for you... Could it be crowded in Freeports... maybe... but as ships sink without repair and more ships need more repair, there will be a limit for each company on how many they want to repair... also if large company ships not get offlined, guess what, they will not have many spare ships floating around anyway... And because of the shit show the game is, having fewer ship over all and no giant useless bases that already got raided anyway, the poor XBobs could finally get close to an island without lagging out... A song for just for you and anyone else still playing in lawless:
  5. Sheepshooter

    How is this still a thing.

    So leveling them in food, allowing them to live at least till they get claimable (10days), and drive them out the Freeport for a few minutes for them to feed and back they go for the next 10 days... Thereby solving nothing, especially not the problem why they are put there in the first place... the broken defensive PVP system... How about solving the problem, not the symptoms or in this case a helpful remedy...?!?!
  6. Sheepshooter

    How is this still a thing.

    You cannot build foundations and related stuff in Freeports... water pipes you can build and connect a grill that is floating that way, also crop plots, shops and buoys... Anything else no, but you can live on your ship in Freeport obviously... complying to the Freeport rules in doing so... You can fit a full base on a sloop...
  7. Currently, after 3 seasons very successfully building large-company un-raidable bases and harbors, yes... because at some point I would like to sail and not be land locked hiding in my bunker... Every day without fail, one person will get online to do the 5 min repair, yes... It is good to not be alone and/or have a notebook just barely running the game while traveling... But if I fail to repair in time, well I lost all ships... at least I did not loose them on daily basis, and they are easy to replace and level... Actually not yet use gallies...They require ~6,5x the resources to repair to repair than a brig. A brig needs ~2600 wood before it starts sinking - that is like farming for a minute. Actually brigs are better than schooner, as the are easier to repair, because the lower planks are not under the lowest deck, which makes it extra effort to make sure you hit every plank (you miss one plank it sinks...) But I consider a gally, as it is so easy to get enough material and do the repair, and it would allow to park more tames safely (because tames on Freeport a subject to griefers). And just to clarify "every day / a few more hours" is ~12 hours (at max resistance) after one day has passed. If you want to level the ship differently (i.e. more damage, as anything else makes no sense for PVP) you can go 268% resistance for 24hrs. Could even go lower, if you have enough people available (allies count) to repair say when the come first online for the day and again when you log out. But as in PVP speed is everything and repair material are heavier than ammo for same amount of damage, the resistance gives better speed for the damage you give and take... It is actually ~10 days at full resistance. But consider this from your own mouth: So while I "replace" a ship every 10days, you replace it daily, making your cost of having a ship 10x higher than mine... Also my ships have high level (apart from resistance) and I can afford to use BP items. And I can use my ship 5 mins after going online, while you have to first bash a tree with your bare hands, farm a full ship in resources, maybe tame new tames (which also always gets killed), then build the thing... and then - if you still have time - maybe go around with your ship until you loose it = going offline. Is there a other thing for a PVP ship? Again Resistance is better than Damage in the Speed game. I can see that an offline griefer could make more use of damage over resistance, but for me that would be a ship like you play it: build it for one day and forget about it. But again consider that I can afford BP cannons with higher damage, so need less level in damage, but have higher level in resistance. You seem to have a misconception about material use... First the shipyard cannot be in Freeport, so I build my ships in sectors with special resources. Second common BP can be made with basic resources, so even if I make the planks in Freeport, I loose nothing over your common BP planks. Third to get anything better than common BP stuff you have to go to other sectors to get the different types of special material you need. So you and I have to go out sailing to do that anyway. And on the upside, after playing the base building game for so long and to the max, I find it dull to build for weeks and months for a perfected base with many people for thousands of player-hours and knowing that it will not work in the end, wasting all that time spend... Lets see, when I log in I do the less than 5 min repair and restock of the ship I want to use go out and do the sailing thing... When you log in - in best case scenario with planks, etc. ready (which you still had to build before-hand taking time anyway) - you build a new ship for 30-60mins before you can go out and get the NPCs you need from a Freeport or slowly grind new ones by working the wheel, sails and one cannon (because obviously the old ones got killed with you ship and base again), so another 30-60mins for that... So I can do my sailing thing for the better of 2 hours before you even get going... Next: "have to go to Freeports"... Well first of all I own 16 fully protected "islands" all over the map... I also can use the same islands you could use for parking your ships, but with the same risk you have - as you say 100% you loose your ship... Having allies that are at peace is helpful obviously, but highly risky still. Parking at unknown claimed islands at least risks loosing them to the owner... And while your wasted your time building up a new ship in the beginning, I can "waste" a few minutes at the end of the day to get in Freeport, and have my ship ready to go and continue (not start again) my travels. Obviously most of my stuff and tames is in one Freeport, preferable where I can breed my main tames and I have to return there, but that is what beds are for. Also what is the difference in returning to my Freeport and you returning to your base island? Other than my stuff is still there while yours is griefed again...?!?! So by your own description you "can't sail the Atlas" all the time, while I practically live on my ship and basically only sail all the time... Some famous quotes for that: "On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero" "There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept." And what would happen to me really? If I loose my ships in Freeport I would have to do the thing you do EVERY FREAKING DAY... make a new ship... If I cannot get on for 10days my Tames can be claimed... 20days my shops despawn... Put if I plan a long time of offline, I could park the ships at an ally island and hope for the best or recycle them right away. I could put my tames with allies or just hide them somewhere on an island, hopefully no one is looking. Could put stuff in a underwater FOB as everyone else giving me 30days (?) on the storage containers. You see when I cannot maintain Freeport life, I can go back to your form of existence with the higher risks and take my chances... Well, your problem, does not make my proposition invalid and still it would help you to "sail the atlas" in the times you can go online regularly... at least not waste your time every day not sailing the Atlas again... Also this being an MMO, if you can find allies, maybe other people living in your Freeport, they can maintain your ships, so you can be offline for 10days before your tames get claimable. Your do the same thing for them... Or find just one company member that is there when you are not and possibly maintain everything "for ever". You are somewhat right that they have to do something to make ships fully save while offline, because it is killing the player-base otherwise... But there are risk to that, like parking your FOB at your enemy island and he cannot do anything about it... In the meantime - as the devs have abandoned the game - there is this option to have your stuff offline protected if you play regularly...
  8. Sheepshooter

    Rules at 2020

    9hrs * Ship Resistance ~ 36hrs max...
  9. It is 9hr * ship resistance for a max of 35hr, 38min, 24sec...
  10. @Chucksteak move to a Freeport, and get (almost) what you want...
  11. Sheepshooter

    Rules at 2020

    Or you live in a Freeport and you only loose your ships after 36hr (max) while anything else is still there (for the next 10, respectively 20 days)... Other than that you only loose stuff to PVP when you are ONLINE and willing... and as most "hard-core PVPler" are always of the offline-type it is 'very hard' to loose stuff...
  12. Sheepshooter

    Giant Flag Ship

    Nope... Next...!
  13. There would be PVP... ship PVP... as in pirate game PVP... You see the problem in ATLAS is not that you are reasonable safe in Freeport (you loose your ships ~36hr max and than your a stuck or have to go out again)... The problem in ATLAS is that everywhere else your are unreasonable unsafe... There is no way (and they are working on doing away of the very very few ways that somewhat work) to secure your stuff, not because you should not be able to, but because the game was broken more and more that you are unable to... game mechanic flaw is that you have NPC defenses that are useless (thank you Streamers and your Fanboy Devs that broke the game by "promoting" it with ever easier ways to raid the "extras")... That problem is reinforced with the fact that thousand of hours of defensive building are useless against 30 mins of offensive BearCannon taming... The cost to defend is so much higher than the cost to attack, especially while the defender is offline - which by the way is most of the time for most of the people playing games, which are not total NoLifes, but incidentally the people a game has to count on to be viable, because if no one but the few NoLifers play your game, you stop wasting time and money on it, which you will not make back anyway... so you don't service your game as much, you work less on updates and only drop the players a bone here and there, but there is no effort for progress of your RoadMap... If this game would be viable from the start (which it basically was at least in PVP) more people would play it and therefore more would be worked on the game... Right now the Season 3 is in the same death spiral as the last two... apart from the occasional player that just bought the game, people are only leaving (you will hear of wipes and rumors of wipes, again)... when they come to the point of realization that nothing is meaningful save (not even if they work hard for it)... I find it sad that people are leaving/not coming into the game... And it is always the sad same story why the leave... They come into the game thinking it will be like any other game of the type, where you can only be safe if you work hard for it... sorry, that is not implemented in the game (yet?)... So they leave, or they do the next human thing in such a case, they become the griefer themself that ruined their initial game play... only taming a cannon bear and destroying other people worthless stuff for no gain, but grieving... and that repeats itself all the way up to the Megas... You know why in the real world not everyone gets robbed by their neighbors every day? Because we have defensive structures (lock at the door and safes) and we got people that protect our stuff while we are "offline" physically not protecting our stuff... that is how we progress as a community, having time to do other things in reasonable safety, because we have not sit on our eggs all day to protect them... because stealing from us is more difficult than not stealing from us... and even if you steal from us, we come back at you... only few will survive this, so only few even try it... And by the way, if fortresses would not work when the general would go "offline" for the night... the WW1 would have been over in one day... just like in ATLAS... not... So how to play this game - "as is" - form solo to Mega, from not so safe to almost safe: - Pillar Base - Underwater Base (only for stuff, not ships or tames) - Freeport Warehouse/Tame Storage - Freeport living anything else is grieve waiting to happen...
  14. Sheepshooter

    Anchored Ship Weight Limit

    well it does not sink on it's own... ours do not... but if you pull the anchor (i.e. The Plug) it seems to sink much faster than with the grey symbol... suggest to remove the wheel, just so no one fk's up... or put your stuff on a raft and not a actual ship... rafts in Freeport sink in 12hr * Resistance...
  15. Sheepshooter

    Freeport lodging

    In Freeport ship planks leak after 9hr * Resistance... At 266% Resistance you only need to go online once within 24h for 5mins to keep your stuff save 4EVA... Would not recommend it for Gallies as they cost 10x to repair vs a brig... Living in Freeport you will have so much time to play with the same ships every day... no replacing offlined ships... no taming new farm tames... no building weeks for indefensable bases and harbors... no gold farming for hundreds of npc defense that do not work... just sail out again...