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  1. Sheepshooter

    Suggestion: Fast travel with ship.

    That was jumps on the same map/server... We are talking changing grids. If there is a shortcut between two separate grids it is like traveling between ARK servers - zero time travel... Was so much fun when wipers showed up out of nowhere... because every server was basically neighbour to every other server (btw with limited options in maps available, not 225 unique servers)... Again distance and travel time is the life blood of Atlas... Why even have ships when you can just wormhole and avoid anyone...? Why even have politics if everyone can go everywhere right this second...? How to hide away after you got wiped, if the enemy is just seconds away no matter where you are...? Why even think of having any economy, if it is cheap (as in time invested) to travel...? I find it very "interesting", that people are complaining that there is not much ship action, because ships get sunk more while anchored, etc... and everyone would like to play more on the sea... and then the moment some of those people are on the sea "It is so boring! We need fast travel so we don't have to spend so much time at sea!"...
  2. Sheepshooter

    Suggestion: Fast travel with ship.

    Nope... get over it... distance is protection... distance makes things worth something needed for economy... it is part of the survival aspect in a survival game... makes competing over specific islands worth something... would also kill any possible ship encounter even more... As useless as the idea to make the ships faster, to the point they are past you before the render... Dont need the whole server jump into any grid at any time from anywhere like a bunch of imperial star destroyers coming out of hyperspacer... If you dont like long travel, dont choose a huge map server like official... otherwise get organised... Option 3 - dont build roleplaying ships... light ships are faster... go light...
  3. Sheepshooter

    Structure banish

    No you did no yet reach the limit... You just ran into the bug that the server makes structures disappear that do not have direct support from a foundation (directly below it). For example if you make support with pillars and a ceiling on top it could happen that a ceiling directly connected to the first disappears, even though it should have support. Only solution currently is to make full support on the ground, preferable with floors not pillars... You will have to fill up the holes with more support until it stops doing it... And that boys and girls is how you will hit structure limit with all those actually not needed support structures...
  4. Sheepshooter

    Problem no metal in A2 eu pve

    You think so...?
  5. Sheepshooter

    Large Stone gates

    It happens when the gate/wall blueprint gets pointed at for example pillars and ships (or unknown specific part of ship where it snaps to)... Low settings somehow help (just a feeling), but best to aim yourself somewhere with no structures before you start placing and then aim directly to the snap point you want and nothing else in between.
  6. Sheepshooter

    Problem no metal in A2 eu pve

    I second that and would like to ask that you fix my island also so it at least has all the resources, but preferable in two different types... it cannot be the intend of your game that we have to sail around to get all the resources we need or search and compete for the islands with better resources, now can it...? Where is the 'survival' in doing that...?
  7. Sheepshooter

    On the building limit.

    ~33,4 foundation length radius
  8. Sheepshooter

    PvP is the same/ why

    cannon bears should not survive a cannonball... and not move while shooting an at least usually 3 men operated cannon with a setup time of minutes... If you cannot take a cannon ball like a really bear cannot... If you have say 20 seconds setup time where the bear cannot move or the timer resets, to actually fire the bear cannon... Than defense cannons and ballista have a chance to get the bear in flight-time... therefore making the defenses working... Obviously you can still tank some cannon balls when you move a dedicated target bear after balls are incoming to drain the defenses still... But just one bear will have a harder time and not just steam rolling any defenses, that is not high enough of the ground...
  9. Sheepshooter

    PvP is the same/ why

    Like I said, asking for a friend... If you could live out of freeport there would be no space left in them, while everything else stays unclaimed... First they have to balance pvp so that a base can be secured against everything but zerg, with high loses for the zerg - the one cannon bear offline wipe is killing the game and playerbase... After that I would switch claims to protected capture the flag - as I said many times before. That would also help with structure numbersand lag...
  10. Sheepshooter

    Structure Limit

    still at it I see...
  11. Sheepshooter

    Structure Limit

    - so says you... in your authoritative fallacy of a no argument... - make that three, just so that the elephant fits through please... oh and btw, those this mean no building outside of claims? - how about lawless...? oh and btw, those this mean you can build up to 2 foundation close to other players structures, therefore way closer then now... making myriad of new, already solved problems...? try to learn the game first, than at least think, before you come up with your single player ideas for a MMO... - that is the problem with not having an argument... it is not my responsibility to come up with your arguments if you cannot in the first place... - yeah we are talking about game design... and you just want to make the same mistakes again, that were already patched out of the game... because they did not work... but you don't know that, because you are the self-described single-player and have no thought for any MMO game design dynamics... - lol, you are not very good at this argument game... sorry to penetrate your safe space where only your "arguments" count... - again, as you don't know the MMO side (and even the single-player side) of the game, you obviously don't know that PVP is not balanced (something even the Devs acknowledge) and the peace timer is a band aid until they fix that... this game would be dead by now without it... it is currently dying slower because of it, but still dying... - lol, as you want to believe it my little snowflake... - cannot handle other peoples arguments by fact, can you, eh...? - because single-player mode is the safe space you want to force on everyone else, that is not as incompetent as you in single-player (coming back to the plank repair and how to solo a ship)... and well you can solo the Kraken on official solo... even don't need more carry capacity, if that is holding you back... I though your problem was not being competent enough to repair your own ship at sea... - well, after 700hrs, maybe you should set your goal on learning the game... PS: I don't think there will be coming any arguments from you concerning your already disproved by actual in-game testing claim idea... so please save your crying and ad hominem... they are a waste of our time...
  12. Sheepshooter

    Ship Planks Thought

    how...? well the ship goes where you want it to go, while you can run around and do the repairs, or farm flotsam from the front (also see SOTD sooner, than from the back), also don't have to adjust sails, because the NPC is better at it, also with navigation... but hell, what do we know, right...? we just seem to have no problem soloing our ships in MMO PVP environment... so we need a nerf for the one guy/girl/it that seems not to know how to play the game and therefore knows best, right...?
  13. Sheepshooter

    Anchored ships should not sink

    Don't make ships unsinkable... I said this before: Make claims fully protected but the flag area itself, which is full PVP... If the Island is unclaimed/lawless everything on the island is in PVP... Therefore a ship can anchor at a beach and be fully protected after the 15mins... As the only area/thing needing protection is the flag area, PVP structure building would be mostly limited to this area... So less structures overall - especially no massive harbor protection, where every time you want to come home to your harbor the lag kills you if don't give it time to load in. Also an option for settler protection, as the attacker that declaims the island can claim it himself, including settlers and taxes... On the other hand the settler might help protecting the flag by support building the flag base and bring gold and such, and help actively defend it, giving the claim owner more people online even if he is not online... There should be a special alliance for the island claim owner where he can put in every settler he allows... they could get special access to flag area structures so they can hold the flag... It would be like capture the flag... Only thing needed would be the NPC defenses would finally balanced to work, so that the flag not need to / can no longer be placed on a high mountain (the only thing somewhat save right now), so it is fair for the attacker to actually reach the flag...
  14. Sheepshooter

    Ship Planks Thought

    easy... put a NPC on the wheel and swing the hammer... that is what they are there for... the NPCs and the hammer...
  15. Sheepshooter

    Structure Limit

    - cool, an un-useful problem solving solution... get a patent for it quick... Again you don't understand how the player base operates in this game. Obviously you come from the single player "I want my own stuff and nothing to do with everyone" side and are not able to cope with the game mechanic reality and how it gets used by everyone else... you just want something of what you think it would solve your problem, but not understanding it will make more problems, because we have been down this road already... Guess what how many claims around you little claim can a company of 20 have around your base? - 20 claims obviously, even if they have to have 20 single player companies for it... - uhhh... sorry for not reading your mind... did not want to violate your inner save space... as said before if need be a company of 20 will have 20 single player claims with your system... - yeah I know you don't... like that you don't have to have a company with everyone in it, if you can use third party tools to make any size company and alliance without being limited with the in-game restrictions - that is why they don't work, like your claim idea does not work, and has not worked before already... - I am sorry, but it is not our problem that you don't know how the games works and worked before and so you cannot obviously understand the arguments, facts and proofs given - that is on you alone... also it is a fallacy to just say there where no arguments that you want to or can see... again it is on you... BTW... at current rates of players online and islands available one does not have settlers and income from it or maps anyway... we got claims for the peace timer only... a problem you single PVE player does not have... if we would need a claim because of settlers, we would not have any claims... - well I am not the one melting, because of not understanding the game and wanting something that does not work, but only -maybe - for yourself... - does not matter if PVP or PVE, your idea is proven to not work and has been removed from the game ASAP... and your idea was even worst in PVE than in PVP... in PVP you could at least get rid of the other blocking claims... in PVE the griefing claim is protected from you... - yeah, that is why you want something that only in your dreams might (and it wont) give you even more loneliness from other players... there is a option for that already BTW... single player... no one can grief you there, it is perfect for you loner... and we would be save from single player ideas to make this MMO worse because the single player cannot stand that other people play together and progress better than alone... PS: also why you need a claim in PVE anyway... you are not even paying taxes... Let me guess, you just feel entitled to have one, because everyone gets a trophy, right...?!?!