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  1. Sheepshooter

    New Lead Designer

    Godspeed to the new lead designer...! This will be a great game, if - like everyone else - he atleast not listen to the Realist that is not in the game room... For everything else, the Bobs that actually do play the game and know what they are talking about have written ample concerns and suggestions from actual experience... The current concepts work - their balancing is the problem... And the realization that this is not ARK and it will not help to ARKify it more...
  2. Sheepshooter

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    Make settlers a meaningful resource and see the big guys not fighting with, but for settlers... Oh yeah and balance the lan PVP, so that a small settler with a cannon bear is a major thread that needs to be removed...
  3. Sheepshooter

    How to fix the game, IMO

    says the guy that never sailed the Atlas...
  4. Sheepshooter

    Atlas and steam charts

    That would be nice if it was my decision... But you will do what everyone else is doing... wipe or get wiped... And yes, that means xbox numbers will drop like pc numbers did... Unfortunately it is by game design... and it seems the decision makers don't want or know how to change this... But if you really, really want to help... give us your in game position daily, so we all get in line to wipe you, leaving everyone a higher chance to not get wiped so often... Come on, take one for the team...!
  5. Sheepshooter

    Magic Mythos

    Well instead of fixing the broken PVP, that sinks ships and wipes bases while offline, they thought it was a good idea just to permanently raise rates to 2x flat early on... So you still loose your stuff to the game imbalance, but you can replace it 2x faster... or just leave the game anyway, as most did. And no 4x or 6x will bring them back... because rates are not the problem... Anyway, since then normal rates are 2x always.
  6. Sheepshooter

    Magic Mythos

    It is the norm since like the second month of release... They already buffed it then because of the offline anchored ship sinking going on... The magic mythos is two times that... The higher the buff the more worthless the stuff to actually play the game for... Could just give admin rights to everyone and be done with it...
  7. Sheepshooter

    Atlas and steam charts

    People are not leaving because of the claim system... But because of the PVP imbalance causing only wipes and sinking, and the lack of PVP in PVE... But as you are the only one here that does not, because cannot, know the state of the game... you are just pushing solution to your fears... Realist cannot own an islands... get rid of claims... Realist as a solo cannot maintain his yuge ARK base, because of gold... get rid of gold... Realist cannot play with other in a dynamic player diplomacy... make factions so atleast some cannot KOS him, although everyone wants do at this point of the conversation with him... Realist cannot compete with his toy against PC periphery... remove PC from 'his' game...
  8. Sheepshooter

    Livestream Q&A

    - will you ever balance land PVP ?
  9. Sheepshooter

    Breeding SUCKS on offical

    Well anyway, welcome to ARK...!
  10. Sheepshooter

    Breeding SUCKS on offical

    Welcome to ARK... !!!
  11. The problem is that the initial game concept (not what was promoted) failed spectacular. Not the bugs, not the performance - we are grown-up ARK players and been there done that... After the concept with the claim system failed, they did not know what to do... completely lost and open to any idea... So they asked for advice from the streamers and large corps - they could bring in more customers and would stop complaining in streams... Obviously not the best advice, we got a broken land PVP out of it, which is still killing the player base, even after the claim change and peace timers... After that it was back to the roots - lets make Atlas more ARK and bring in more tames every patch so people might like it, it worked for ARK - unfortunately the ARK players in Atlas are not here for the tames... So the concept failed, the claim system failed, doing what the influencers told them to do for them failed, ARKifying failed, maybe the XBOX release may not fail? Looks like they are so scared now that they don't do anything in fear of making the next obvious mistake... So we remaining players can scream as loud as we want, what is wrong with the game and what could fix/better it. They have no idea what to do and fear outside ideas could again back fire, so better not do anything, can not do anything wrong... No wipe will help, no new unwanted OP tame will... Fix the land PVP would fix most of their player base and performance problems (cant help PVE, because this is not a PVE game and never can be). If land PVP would be balanced and tames not overkill OP, players stuff would be "saver" and not need 50.000 structure that still not help, apart from generating "defensive lag"... If stuff would be save, ships would be used more in sea PVP, because they are not always and easy sunk while offline... Think about the patch to put claim flags on sea level... Guess it was an idea by some streaming Offline-Raider friend of the company, complaining he cannot raid the mountain bases at his convenience - the only thing that seems to work somewhat as a defense... thank the G.O.D. the screams from the actual player base were loud enough and scared them to not do it... as if they did not know that their land PVP was so damn broken, that they had to be told how stupid the flag change would have been WITHOUT FIRST MAKING CHANGES TO LAND PVP. My guess is the servers would be empty now if the flag change would have been implemented... so if the XBOX release will not help, the sea horse just might... not, meow!
  12. Sheepshooter


    Could be a good promo for the game: "Atlas - the game your parents should not let you play!" It would be like any other prohibition, good for business, YARR !
  13. Sheepshooter

    Wiping is bad.

    again, your stuff would be save in your base, if it would be on equal footing as the attacker... If a group comes by and has to loose many tames and equipment to overpower your defenses, would you be ok if they wipe you, as you had a chance to survive while they have lost more over all than they gained from destroying you...? would they even attack you if it was not worth it and the predicted cost too high...? that is a fair game... that is the point at which your stuff is relatively save... right now nothing is save... the cost of wiping you is near zero... your only real protection is for you to wipe the enemy first and out of the game never to return... may the last man standing please not forget to switch the server off, thank you! - signed your Devs you cannot compare Atlas to Rust... Atlas has long term contend for which the progress cannot be lost on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, because it takes longer than that to get the achievement... If you get put back on square one too easy all the time, with no solution against it, you loose out on most of the contend in the game... why continue to play? a question all that have left the game answered... so... FIX THE DAMN LAND PVP !
  14. Sheepshooter

    Atlas: the offline griefing simulator

    So like Planetside... where holding land becomes meaningless...? Does not work with 90% of the other stuff you want to do in Atlas that needs relyable land support...