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  1. Nope... What they have to do is make the PVP claim protection system PVE able. The PVE server are not working and PVE-ler are complaining, because they need some elements of PVP. The game was designed for PVP - most PVE aspects need some form of PVP to work for a healthy PVE community. Obviously the PVE-ler would be upset with this, yeah they would be happy that that all the toxic PVE that hinders them gets 'solved', but it also means their own toxic PVE gets solved as well. Maybe would be better if PVE-ler would learn to live together and not hide behind invincibility to grief each other with a system that was not made for PVE. Funny also that the people that want to get rid of the claim system (which is also mainly there to stop toxic PVE) are the same, that complain that they cannot get and/or hold a claim... How about you understand that you don't need to own a claim to have benefits from it. And guess what if you want to build big and protected claim owners will take you with a hand kiss, because of the farming you do for your giant PVE bases - unless of course you you spam the claim with your toxic PVE not caring for other people... And it could be done easily. Full PVP on a claim, while the island is mostly protected 24/7.
  2. @Talono LOL First you complained about not enough islands to live "free" on. Than that you had no protection on your Lawless island. Now you complain that you could have too many claimed = protected island to yourself, because they are empty. Will we get a thread from you next where you again beg people to join the Empire Server Colony Server, because you are so alone...?!?!
  3. Sheepshooter

    Really hoping you make build anywhere

    LOL... - 'we' as in 'you' - Looking for ARK? You came to wrong place... go play ARK, which you obviously did not before, as you seem not to get what claims and upkeep solve that ARK lags, like giant structures and foundation spam so to have a "claim" for yourself on the ARK... - Again go to ARK, if you want it so badly... we the old ARK players want ATLAS, because less tame centered, less foundation spam and PIRATE SHIPS! - LOL, the ARK players are here to get away from all the ARK problems that you so love and want to spread to other fine games to make them as miserable... What a coincidence, the ATLAS Devs came from ARK... seems they also wanted to do something better than ARK... - Well obviously you know not much about ARK or the changes in ATLAS to make it better than ARK, as per request from the ARK player base... And as we already found out either you not talked to any or all console ARK players, unless that is only you and your only friend... - Yeah, fast travel, because who wants to travel on the sea in a ship in a ocean game... Let us get to the actual point of your thread: the upkeep... Seems you didn't like it to much when we told you in your other thread, that you and your friend (as in two people) will not be able to sustain your giant bases with defenses and 200 tames... BECAUSE OF UPKEEP... That is why you are crying now... Because ATLAS is not the game for you... So when seeing all your useless threads you made it comes down to you want: - A game with continent size (like 80+% landmass per server) maps, like with only a small line of ocean around it till the server wall. - Ability to have hundreds of different animals to tmae and breeding 200+ of those. - No need to go out to sea because everything is available on the one THE_ISLAND/server you are on the game has to offer. - No claims because you like foundation spam to secure your "claim". - If you build a Puckle/AutoTurret it should not have upkeep cost, so you can actually afford to own hundreds. - Therefore allowing giant bases that you can defend with two people. - But even better for you would be if the structures are invincible (question why you need a claim and or defense upkeep then...) Forget about your ships being invincible, as you don't want to travel anyway... - Oh yeah, and better - if you ever would like to get in the water with a ship - don't be subject to wind speed and direction. Sums all your wished up...? And your winner is...: go play ARK on PVE on your own private server... everything you want, including the motorboat that does not need wind...
  4. Sheepshooter

    Great player loss!!!

    You don't understand what I mean by natural laws of the game and that Atlas basically does not have that many and they are not good... The law that you can "only" attack a claim for 9hr/d is such a natural law, same as the simulated effects of gravity in the game or that ships get slower with weight... While the gravity thing works good enough, the claim protection does not work for the game = players, nor those the way PVP is handled... Or the law that you can sink a ship with over-weight or over-crewed. That natural law finally changed so that it does not work on anchored ships (which the players screamed for long enough so it finally happened that the Devs thought about it and how it harmed their customer base). We need the same with the claim/protection and PVP aspects of the game. And it is obvious that the Devs have lost any design idea they had in the beginning, because all their ideas were epic fails in reality. Then they just did everything the big and the streams wanted to change to "promote" the game - just destroying more for the average buying customers. They are complete lost and overwhelmed since their initial not well though out ideas failed... We are at a point where a new server wipe will have to happen, just because they have to combine two or even all four servers to have a player base to continue the EA process. And yes it is possible to have PVE and PVP on the same server in the same grid for everyone all the time (no, not the stupid invincible structure idea). But that needs rule set that work positively...
  5. Sheepshooter

    Great player loss!!!

    Well that is why I like natural laws better than human - role playing - laws... First of all I am a pirate, therefore not only am I "marked red" from the start, I have a Jolly Roger - the red flag, so you know what will happen, yarr!!! Also need no Letter of Marque, because I am a pirate and not a privateer that works for king and country... A Siege Token, I have, it is round and heavy and made of lead... And just so we understand the problem with any form of token to do anything. That is like hiding torpedoes behind high resource cost, not a problem for a Mega in a survival MMO were it is literally needed to farm lots of resources and do lots of things to get lots of things... you are not stopping anything from happening with tokens... you just maybe keeping people away from participating in the game, while the problem continues. On the other hand natural laws. Cannot attack anything on a claimed island during peace time - nothing is stopping you, but the natural laws of the game, no one is cut out of the 'action', everyone is naturally the same. Problem is the natural laws in the game are not good, going towards stupid and that is killing the game. You want a siege token so someone can wipe someone else? No problem, there is no "expensive" in a survival MMO = still get wiped, still leave the game. Because in the end the natural law of the game, that for example a cannon bear is OP against defense still stands... does not make a difference that it cost 10.000 Gold or what ever to use it on you...
  6. Sheepshooter

    Great player loss!!!

    You are correct, but I would not rely on "law and order and crime", as that is player made, or should be in a good game. It should be more a set of "natural laws" that make PVP till you're wiped. Wiping seems to be the current state of the game. You hear of some large company wiping the other company and the next info you get is, they left... THE GAME... More likely than not even the most comitted to the game will stop playing, when he gets wiped by some exploit and or stupid game mechanic - which this game has ALOT. Meaning you can build what ever defense you want, the attacker has the "stream-able" adavantage. The moment you find out the hard way that there was never a valid possibility to defend and survive, the game is broken for you beyond repair and you STOP WASTING YOUR TIME with it. People can live with such exploitable mechanics and stupid design decisions, until the get wiped. So the question is, why do people get wiped to the point of leaving the game? Easy, as it is the same underlying answer as before. Because of the PVP setup the attacker has the superior advantage over the defender. Meaning the defender builds massive defences and stil receives massiv damage from a lonely cannon bear or other over-powered thing that basically cost nothing for the attacker. So if you are at war with another company and your enemy is danagerous up until he forever lost the ability to harm you at his will with almost zero investment = cannon bear, etc. your only option to get to this point is to get him to quit the game, in that leaving you alone. Therefore wiping is basically the only way - apart from diplomacy - to win over your enemy, if your wiping them can get them to quit. And that is basically the only working option for the defender in that case to be save. The attacker those not want to get you quit, because he wants to come back for you again in the furture. As a side show, everyone weaker - like normal players just minding there own business - get the same treatment when found by chance and come to the same conclussion and leave THE GAME, because it is BROKEN. How can the game fix this? Well what we tell the devs all the time, FIX exploitable PVP and make it a leveled battlefield, meaning the attacker needs to invest equal or more resources to win over the defender. Only at that point attackers will think twice about attacking anything and may keep damages to the other side low = safe their own resources invested in the attack. At that point wiping would be more expensive for the attacker than for the defender. And the attacker would only have to hurt the defender to the level were his own defenses cannot be broken in a possible counter attack, because that would take the other side some time get back to strenght. Right now the other guy just needs to tame another bear and make some cannon balls and all your stuff is at risk from him still. Hence you have to make him quit the game so you can be save.
  7. Sheepshooter

    Ping +255, since patch today

    bump... anyone found a solution?
  8. Sheepshooter

    What's the point of cargo racks?

    So you want to carry the amount that you can carry with racks, which would result in your ship not moving and sinking and you complain that your ship goes up to 40% slower of the current weight speed (not 40% of the zero weight max speed)...?!?! Please do understand what is what and how to use it. Use weight sail the moment your base ships gets slower with your all speed sail meta, than with the addition of another weight sail. Yes some of your PVE ships are so heavy they would be faster with weight sails than the muh-speed sail-duh... Then, when you are out there and need to carry cargo home you add racks which will make you carry your cargo faster than without them. And yeah take them down after use. They cost 'nothing'... Too complicated? What the hell, maybe just make the ships unlimited carry capacity... they will still be too slow for you in no wind condition, right...?!?!
  9. Easy, get on an claimed island and be save(r). Even better, get on a claimed island and negotiate with the good owner and other good inhabitants for mutual defense - added bonus is helping each other in other aspects of the game... That is why I advocate to get rid of lawless all together - some people need to be forced into the water to swim, before they die of thirst in the desert they don't want to leave for their own good. Funny that currently all of the complains about the claim system is only from lawless... Added bonus of no lawless = more islands to claim...
  10. Sheepshooter

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    @Realist LOL, you will fit right in... Guys, let him be, either one of us is the lucky one and gets him on his island as the perfect farmer 12 hours/day (do you really need 12 hours of sleep ) or one of us finds him and just claims the island from him and let him continue to play PVE for you. Maybe a little raid now and then for 100% taxes... Will be easy as he will not have much defense and that it is spread out over his giant PVE base running out of cash and then NPCs... @Unrealist again, sorry dude, but it is not like in ARK where your auto turrets just work forever after you grinded them and you can have hundreds without any negative but lag... And as you want to build big, you will build low, easy to raid...
  11. Sheepshooter

    Wider doors

    you can put a NPC on a lever for the gate and press the dismount button "Y" while aiming at the lever (not the NPC). You can even do it with the spyglass from afar... Better solution would be PVP rework so that ships in anchor are protected legit at least on a claimed island. That would save a huge amount of eye sore and lag, because it would not be needed to wall everything of. Also make bigger size structures for everything 2x2 walls, etc... My personal preference would be a claimed island only has PVP all the time near the flag, everything else is save until the flag falls. That way the massive amount of PVP structures is only at the flag and not every farming tame needs a fully walled off and defended building with up of 300 structures... Could be an option to get the PVEs on the PVP servers, as they are almost save - and we would at least get one cluster to working player numbers maybe. We are facing the point were they have to combine the PVP servers into one and the PVE as well and after that all into one, because the numbers playing official is getting too low and people are leaving because it is no longer MMO or even multiplayer...
  12. Sheepshooter

    Ping +255, since patch today

    Same here since last patch. Solution currently just wait (do something which works in lag), it eventually goes down to normal after 30-60 mins if I not change grid. Funny thing had the same problem in ARK with some patches doing exact same thing - oh the good old times...
  13. Sheepshooter

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    LOL, shows you not have played the game, only in your head... The amount of space you will need, especially in PVP, is way way smaller for 2 people - hell, at medium size we don't need that much space you describe and would not want to because of defense. But PVP players love your kind of PVE bases, large spread out defenses like a swiss cheese with few guns placed and even less NPCs on them. And if we are lucky you did not get raided for some time so we find atleast a few gold coins, yarr! But you will learn, if you ever play the game. You can have all your farming needs on 5x5 (it is only 14 types available). Your base does not need more space for all the production items. That goes under the garden. And the few tames you can hold on to (2x bears, 1x elephant, 1x rhino, 1x giraffe) all fit also in the 5x5. You will not need more as you are 2 dudes and if you get raided you are more likely no one will kill a few tames than you having alot. Also alot, will take alot of time to replace every time you get raided. Hell you could do all that from the deck of a gally or even a brig. Lucky for you so few people are playing right now everyone gets an island when he wants to and many become available all the time, because the 2 men companies find out really quick they cannot hold them because of cost = time spend for claim Back to your pipe dream of continent size islands. Not going to happen. That would be a very empty thing, as most will be on the coast - you know 'sailing game', more gold the further you go... If you want to have lots of land, play ARK - which you also most likely not did - as without the sailing and island hoping ATLAS is only ARK with rum... A server with 150 player max would be a good fill for most the current sectors if only those PVE-Players would not be so toxic "I want claim, I want safe space, I want plunder, not plundered, wahhh!" But we are running into problems when the count reached 20 and they all look - as in render - at the giant PVE bases at the same time.
  14. Sheepshooter

    Land Wasts

    That is why I repeatedly suggested that the claim owner should be able to start a demo-timer on all structure at all time. The structures will just disappear including the loot inside after the timer runs out - say for one unconnected structure maybe just 24h... Gives reasonable time for the structure owner to demo it for resources himself and move on before timer runs out. Also keeps grieving at a minimum, while the claim owner cannot use it to steal stuff (because it disappears).
  15. Sheepshooter

    Weight Sails / Cargo Rack Interaction

    Your assumption is wrong in that you think you loose 40% of the max possible speed, while in reality you only loose 40% of whatever speed is possible under current weight ratio of the ship. As weight sail lower the weight ratio you go faster with them if the ship has significant weight in the hold. And the cargo racks are there for you to easily (and not switching out sails in a complete build) carry more cargo temporary. But they are limited to stuff you not need during travel, so no weight reduced cannon balls and repair materials that are available at sea. And again, the cargo racks do not reduce 40% from the top speed empty hull, but only 40% of whatever weight ratio the ship has. So the ship does not get faster than the empty cargo hold, but stays faster than your full cargo hold. Build your ship to your liking with empty cargo (only stuff you need to be sea worthy). Than check if you would go faster with one or more weight sails than speed sails. If you need extra cargo at some point add a rack or two that you are able to fill up. Say your battle brig is ready at 12.000 weight (level1), you add a weight sail and it will be faster than with three speed sails (switch is around 10.000 weight). As long as your meta is all speed sails and nothing else you will go slower when you have too much weight, but please do not complain about the other options while you are already slower than possible, just because the weight sails and racks have a speed reduction (which is more than negated when used properly...)