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  1. Hi: Yes, but it's still a mistake I know it. And it also works: Kill. But that does not solve the problem. When I have to clean many structures it is very tedious. It happens with all the players, even with my avatar. And there are usually different loading times depending on the hard and soft resources of the players. I mean the notifications made by the server administrator. It would be interesting to have a variable in game.ini that could activate sound in notifications. .../... ■ I would like to add to the problems I mentioned: The command "enable spectator" or "requestspectator". It worked in the first versions of ATLAS, but it has stopped doing it and when the command is executed, it is as if you had returned from the spectator mode but without being able to use it. Thank you very much for having commented all my doubts. There are many more but I think you already have enough work for now and you should attend more users. Regards!
  2. ■ Air limit - In admin mode and using "Cheat Fly", when it rises enough and touch 'the roof of the game', the admin dies. It is not normal. ■ Damage of wild animals to structures, when they are born inside the base - Wild animals of normal level, do too much damage to stone structures. - It is not normal for wild animals to be born within bases. That does not happen in Ark. Restricting spawn in player structures has not been contemplated? - See for example: ■ Broadcast - No sound is produced when a note is broadcast (cheat broadcast blablabla). That makes many admin messages go unnoticed. I can not find the place to configure that option if it exists! ■ Destroy / Killaoe - The "Destroystructures" command is very dangerous. If the admin is wrong at the time of executing it it deletes the entire server. The "killaoe structures 2500" was more practical (killaoe <type> <radius>) - I had two great scares when typing that command. Please enable the KILLAOE command. It is much more effective and better control can be exercised. ■ Boats (Ship) - The boats sink for no apparent reason and without the reason being seen in the LOG. ■ Player bug (he is very serious!) - When a player leaves the server and leaves his body lying somewhere normal, when he returns to the server his body is underground without the possibility of recovering his loot. It is very annoying and the administrators are in the need to continually compensate the aforementioned players. It is a very important theme. Thank you for your attention. Regards
  3. Gracias por tomarte la molestia en hacer este tutorial. Me lo he leido todo, y aunque realmente buscaba respuestas a tres dudas que tengo, me ha gustado leerlo. Una de mis dudas era conocer el significado de los nombres de las islas. Y eso ha quedado resuelto. Grácias. Otra duda ( y verdadero dolor de cabeza) es el tema del RCON. A pesar de tener todo bien configurado, no consigo contactar con mis dos servidores (A1 y B1). Conozco y domino el tema de apertura de puertos y configuraciones de red. Sé que eso no es, pero no doy con la solución. Quizás espero que sea un acceso RCON tan bueno como los que realizo a mis servidores de ARK. Seguiré investigando. Tengo los scripts bloqueados para Powershell en Win10 y no me interesa modificar ese status, por lo que no utilizaré esa opción que propones. En cuanto a los 'automatismos' para actualizar el servidor y copias de seguridad, no me són utilies. La actualización la hago de manera manual (me interesa tener total control, porque no siempre deseo actualizar cuando se produce una nueva) y las copias, como decía un compañero en este mismo hilo, con cobian backup lo tengo controlado. Grácias, de nuevo, por todo. Merci d'avoir pris le temps de faire ce tutoriel. J'ai tout lu, et même si je cherchais vraiment des réponses à trois doutes, j’ai aimé le lire. Un de mes doutes était de connaître la signification des noms des îles. Et cela a été résolu. Merci Un autre doute (et un vrai mal de tête) est le thème du RCON. Bien que tout soit bien configuré, je ne peux pas contacter mes deux serveurs (A1 et B1). Je connais et maîtrise le problème de l’ouverture des ports et des configurations réseau. Je sais que ce n'est pas, mais je ne donne pas avec la solution. J'espère peut-être qu'il s'agit d'un accès RCON aussi performant que celui que je transmets à mes serveurs ARK. Je vais continuer à enquêter. J'ai bloqué les scripts pour Powershell dans Win10 et je ne suis pas intéressé par la modification de ce statut, je n'utiliserai donc pas l'option que vous proposez. En ce qui concerne les «automatismes» pour mettre à jour le serveur et les copies de sauvegarde, je ne suis pas utile. La mise à jour est faite manuellement (je souhaite avoir un contrôle total, car je ne veux pas toujours mettre à jour quand un nouveau survient) et copie, comme un collègue l’a dit dans ce fil de discussion, avec cobian backup, je le vérifie. Merci encore pour tout Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. I have read everything, and although I was really looking for answers to three doubts I have, I liked reading it. One of my doubts was to know the meaning of the names of the islands. And that has been resolved. Thank you.rn Another doubt (and true headache) is the theme of the RCON. Despite having everything well configured, I can not contact my two servers (A1 and B1). I know and master the issue of opening ports and network configurations. I know that is not, but I do not give with the solution. Maybe I hope it's an RCON access as good as the ones I make to my ARK servers. Keep investigating. I have the scripts blocked for Powershell in Win10 and I'm not interested in modifying that status, so I will not use that option you propose. As for the 'automatisms' to update the server and backup copies, I am not useful. The update is done manually (I'm interested in having total control, because I do not always want to update when a new one occurs) and copies, as a colleague said in this thread, with cobian backup I have it checked. Thanks again for everything
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