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  1. I didn't know about this soft, i will take a look thanks !
  2. Thanks ! Yeah actually there's no good and stable software to manage an Atlas Server like ARK has with ASM (This one look promising https://arkserverapi.com/resources/atlas-server-manager.80/ but it's nothing compared to ASM). And to be honest, i prefer to do my own scripts (i'm a web dev so of course it's easier for me) but at least you're sure to not have any side effect or errors from the software. I like said in the tutorial, i only had 2 crash since 1 month, so it's pretty stable to be honest. And of course if you have any problem or question to setup your server ask me.
  3. Map 3x3 with 0 players connected : http://prntscr.com/me7a2y With an Intel i7-7700K OC - 4c/8t - 5GHz, 64Go DDR4 2400 MHz and a NVMe hard drive. But the RAM usage with also depend how many island do you have on each grid.
  4. I had the same problem on my server, my Redis DB started to get bigger and bigger (it shouldn't go up more than 10/15 MB) and the only solution was to do a rollback with a previous save of the redis_atlasdb.rdb and all the Saved directory.
  5. 3.9 Map Generated I have uploaded my own map (3x3) for you so you can use it as you want but i recommand you to do your own since there're some error in this map. My own map : https://www.fichier-rar.fr/2019/01/26/map-3x3-by-zoro/map-3x3-by-zoro.rar 4. Servers Configuration 4.1 Configuration files and map Extract my own map in A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame then extract the rar Saved (you can find it at the start of this tutorial) in A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\Saved . Note : All the config files in the saved directory is from my own server, so you will have to modify it, specially the Game.ini and the GameUserSettings.ini for EACH server. Be carefull, the server A2 is the Freeport on my map, so the Game.ini is not the same as the other. Also the GameUserSettings.ini is different for each server (the RCON Port and the server name change) 4.2 Redis You will need to change the redis password. To do it, go to the file A:\AtlasServer\AtlasTools\RedisDatabase\redis.conf and search requirepass : http://prntscr.com/mckfrq and put the same password you did in the 3. Map Creation -> 3.1 Project Creation -> New Database Settings. You can also find the password in the file A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json at the bottom. Note : There's a know bug where the password reset to the default password sometimes, so think about that if you have an error when launching Redis. 5.Launcher Configuration There we go, now we will create all the script you need to run the server. 5.1 Start and Stop First, you will create a folder named Servers in A:\Launcher then you will create a file Servers.csv in this folder and put this code in it https://pastebin.com/x2BHSxFS. So your file must be in A:\Launcher\Servers\Servers.csv. This list will be used to start all the server and broadcast a message to all server with McRCON. Now you will create a file called start_all_servers.ps1 in A:\Launcher\Servers and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/JTqvV98u You will need to modify the IP by your public IP at the beginning of the script : $IP="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX". You can also remove/add/modify this script to your need, like adding parameters to the start command etc. Now you will create a file called stop_all_servers.ps1 in A:\Launcher\Servers and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/iCkeKm99 This code simply close all processus called ShooterGameServer. So becarefull with this script if you also run an ARK server on the same server because the name is the same. 5.2 RCON Create a folder named RCON in A:\Launcher then create a file named broadcast_all_servers.ps1 in A:\Launcher\RCON and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/TpGg9DRD Note : You need to specify your public IP and the RCON password, it's the same password used in GameUserSettings.ini : ServerAdminPassword=12345 Download this application https://sourceforge.net/projects/mcrcon/files/latest/download and extract only the mcrcon.exe in A:\McRCON . This tool is used to broadcast a message on a server with the RCON protocol. 5.3 Update Create a folder named CRON in A:\Logs . Now you will create a file called Cron_Update.ps1 in A:\Launcher and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/4cFNiZL8 In this script, i have implemented a RCON broadcast message system to all server. The script will do the following step in the right order : Create a new log file Checking if there's an update for the game If there's an update the script will update the game else the script stop here If there's an update, the script will start to broadcast a RCON message to all servers to alert people that the server will restart in 10 minutes 5 minutes before the restart -> another RCON message 1 minute before the restart -> another RCON message The script call the other script A:\Launcher\Servers\stop_all_servers.ps1 to stop all servers The script call the other script A:\Launcher\Servers\start_all_servers.ps1 to start all servers At each step there're logs written in the A:\Logs\CRON\$($Date)_Update_Log.txt file. 5.4 Save Now we will create a script that will save the important files (specially the save of the game). Create a file called Saved.ps1 in A:\Launcher and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/80BFH55s This script is documented so you can understand it it's not that hard. 6. Windows CRON Configuration Now we will add 2 tasks in the Task Manager in Windows. This task will be executed automatically by Windows at X hours. 6.1 CRON Update Search in Windows Task Manager and open it. Now do a Right Click on it then Create a new task : http://prntscr.com/mcjq7d General : Name : Check_Update Don't touch to others fields Triggers (hope the transalation is good cause my server is in french ) it's the second tab anyway : Click on New a the bottom then try to do the same as in this screenshot : http://prntscr.com/mcjrrr for the start date just let the today date. For the hours of the strat date, put the hours you want but put at 30 minutes so the script will start every hour at X hour and 30minutes (it's very important) Click OK. Actions : Click on New a the bottom then : Action : Start a program Programme/Script : powershell.exe Add arguments : A:\Launcher\Cron_Update.ps1 Then click OK to validate the task and you should see it in the list now. To resume, this task will execute the script A:\Launcher\Cron_Update.ps1 with the program powershell.exe every hour indefinitely. 6.2 CRON Save Create a new task like you did just before. General : Name : Saved_Atlas Don't touch to others fields Triggers : Click on New a the bottom then try to do the same as in this screenshot : http://prntscr.com/mcjz4m For the hour of start put the hours you want but put at 15 minutes so the script will start every 30 minutes at X hours and 15 minutes and X hours and 45 minutes. (it's very important) Click OK. Actions : Click on New a the bottom then : Action : Start a program Programme/Script : powershell.exe Add arguments : A:\Launcher\Saved.ps1 To explain you why i told you it was very important to put the minutes at 30 for the CRON Update task and at 15 minutes for the CRON Save task, it's because both tasks WON'T BE EXECUTED AT THE SAME TIME, so it won't overload the processor. 7. Windows Firewall Configuration I know most of you don't like this part, but it's so easy you won't believe it. To resume, we will create 2 rules one in UDP and the other in TCP and we will let the program (the server) handle it. First, search in Windows Firewall and open it. Now, at the right, click on New rule : Select Program Select the second option and put : A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Select Allow the connection Check only Private and Public Name : AtlasGame Validate OK Now, Edit the rule and go to the tab Protocols and ports : Type of protocol : Select TCP Click OK. Add a New rule : Select Program Select the second option and put : A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Select Allow the connection Check only Private and Public Name : AtlasGame Validate OK Now, Edit the rule and go to the tab Protocols and ports : Type of protocol : Select UDP That's all you need to do about the firewall. Note : If you plan to buy the same server like i have from OVH (https://www.ovh.com/fr/serveurs_dedies/game/1901mc03.xml) you will need to disable the Firewall Game in the OVH interface -> IP -> Click on the 3 dots at the right -> Configure the game firewall -> Disable the game firewall 8. Bonus 8.1 Create a custom RCON message We will create a script that will allow you to broadcast a custom message to all servers, can be usefull for various reason. Create a directory Manual in A:\Launcher. Create a file named Custom_RCON_Message.ps1 in A:\Launcher\Manual and put this code in it : https://pastebin.com/puPCW86K Each time you want to use it, change the message in it and do a Right Click on the file then Execute with Powershell and the script will broadcast your message to all your servers. 9. Run the server First you will need to run Redis, to do it run the file A:\AtlasServer\AtlasTools\RedisDatabase\redis-server_start.bat. Redis must always be running before you start your servers. Then you can run your servers with the script A:\Launcher\Servers\start_all_servers.ps1. Now you have a server that will check for update/do the update and restart the server if needed and all that will be done automatically. I'm running an Atlas Server since 1 month and to be honest the servers crashed only 2 times, so it's more than acceptable. (compared to ARK at the beginning ) They also make a lot of server optimisations, I have gain around 30% less usage for my CPU and around 10% for the RAM usage. This tutorial is over, i hope you will successfully configure your dedicated server and of course if you have any questions ask below and i will try to answer if i can. I will probably modify it a lot in the next hours/days so don't hesitate to re-check it. Sorry if my english isn't the best but i'm . Thanks to my friend Neko who helped me to configure Windows and the Windows Firewall .
  6. Hey, I see a lot of people having issues to set up their server so i will try to provide the best tutorial to build your own dedicated server. This tutorial will be on a 3x3 grids and based on this server from OVH : https://www.ovh.com/fr/serveurs_dedies/game/1901mc03.xml I will also provide ALL powershell script that you need to run your servers. Before, you will need the Server Grid Editor : - https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor/archive/master.zip Extract it on your desktop for example. - My own map : https://www.fichier-rar.fr/2019/01/26/map-3x3-by-zoro/map-3x3-by-zoro.rar - Config files : https://www.fichier-rar.fr/2019/01/26/saved-1/saved.rar 1. Windows Configuration - The first thing you will need to do is to setup a new partition, around 400 GO and call this partition with the letter A and the name Atlas (on a new disk or not, it's like you want). - The second thing to do is to setup another partition, but this one will be a bit bigger like 1To or more if you can and call it with the letter S and the name Save (it's better to do it on a new disk). So if your Windows has a problem, all your saves and your servers won't be lost. I know most of you don't care about that , but it's very important. You should have something like that now : In the A: Atlas partition, you will create an architecture (folders) like that: - AtlasServer - Launcher - Logs - McRCON - SteamCMD 2. SteamCMD and Atlas Server Installation Now, you will download this file called Installation_SteamCMD_and_AtlasServer.ps1 and put it in the Launcher folder : https://pastebin.com/SUqNtCrw (Don't forget to RENAME IT to Installation_SteamCMD_and_AtlasServer.ps1 without the .txt at the end.) Now, you can do a right click and select Execute with Powershell. For your information, you should be verycarfull when you download and execute powershell/bash code from internet because it can't completly break your Windows. This script will donwload and install Steamcmd in the folder SteamCMD and also donwload and install the Atlas dedicated server in the folder AtlasServer. 3. Map Creation This is a big part of the tutorial and probably one of the most important. So be carefull about what you will do and be sure to do step by step. 3.1 Project Creation Open ServerGridEditor (You previously extracted it on your desktop) and select Create Project. Complete like this : Atlas ID : Let the software handle it, don't touch this. Friendly Name : The name that will be display in the Atlas servers list. Cells : - X : 3 - Y : 3 CellSize : 1400000 IMPORTANT : Do not put more than this number or your map will be completely bugged. This is a Unreal Engine problem not an Atlas problem. Column UTC Offset : 0,0 New Database Settings : - Change the default password foobared by another password (put the same password everywhere) and also note it on a bloc note, you will need it later. - Do not change the Port, the URL and the name of any Entry. For all others parameters, let them empty. Then press Create. 3.2 Islands Creation To help you, there're some shortcut : To add an island, just drag and drop the island from the list on the right to the correct grid. As you can imagine, you have many island and their name are not chinese name but it's a convention. Island Naming Convention ISLANDTYPE_ISLANDSHAPE_CLIMATE_VARIANT Example Mnt_E_ET_B There you will find each type of island with their Climate Type and also the island reserved for FreePorts. You will also find 9 island called XXXX_PVE, those island are also called Golden Age Ruin where there're boss on it (Dragon, Hydra) and also Fountain of Yourth. Free Ports Cay_H_WR_E Cay_K_TR_E Cay_J_EE_E Mnt_A_WU_E Mnt_F_ET_E Mnt_J_WT_E Mnt_L_CH_E Mnt_O_CL Climate Code Climate Type CH High Desert CL Low Desert CP Polar EE Equatorial ET Eastern Temperate PO Polar TR Tropical WF West Temperate WR West Tropical WT West Temperate WU West Tundra ER East Tropical Map Lettering Designators Polar PO CP Tundra WU Temperate WF WT ET Tropic WR TR ER Desert CH CL Equatorial EE Polar West Tundra West Temperate East Temperate Tropical West Tropical East Tropical Equatorial High Desert Low Desert CP WU WF ET TR WR ER EE CH CL PO WT # By Type 1 21 20 16 37 14 41 18 19 19 33 # By Type 2 5 5 Total 26 20 21 37 14 41 18 19 19 33 248 MNT_E_CP MNT_A_WU MNT_A_WF CAY_E_ET CAY_A_TR CAY_A_WR CAY_L_ER CAY_A_EE MNT_A_CH CAY_E_CL MNT_E_CP_B MNT_A_WU_B MNT_B_WF CAY_F_ET CAY_F_TR CAY_E_WR CAY_N_ER CAY_A_EE_B MNT_A_CH_B CAY_G_CL MNT_E_CP_C MNT_A_WU_C MNT_C_WF CAY_H_ET CAY_G_TR CAY_E_WR_B CAY_O_ER CAY_C_EE_PVE MNT_C_CH CAY_G_CL_B MNT_E_CP_D MNT_A_WU_E MNT_D_WF CAY_N_ET CAY_GB_TR CAY_F_WR ISLET_A_ER CAY_E_EE MNT_C_CH_B CAY_G_CL_C MNT_H_CP MNT_C_WU MNT_E_WF MNT_A_ET CAY_H_TR CAY_G_WR ISLET_A_ER_B CAY_E_EE_B MNT_D_CH CAY_H_CL MNT_H_CP_B MNT_D_WU MNT_I_WF MNT_B_ET CAY_I_TR CAY_H_WR ISLET_A_ER_C CAY_F_EE MNT_E_CH CAY_H_CL_B MNT_H_CP_C MNT_E_WU MNT_J_WF MNT_C_ET CAY_J_TR CAY_H_WR_E MNT_D_ER CAY_F_EE_B MNT_F_CH CAY_I_CL MNT_H_CP_D MNT_F_WU MNT_JB_WF MNT_C_ET_B CAY_JB_TR CAY_I_WR MNT_E_ER CAY_G_EE Mnt_G_CH CAY_I_CL_B MNT_I_CP MNT_J_WU MNT_K_WF MNT_C_ET_C CAY_K_TR_E Cay_I_WR_B MNT_F_ER CAY_H_EE MNT_I_CH CAY_I_CL_C MNT_J_CP MNT_J_WU_B MNT_L_WF MNT_C_ET_D MNT_A_TR CAY_J_WR MNT_I_ER CAY_I_EE MNT_J_CH CAY_J_CL MNT_J_CP_B MNT_J_WU_C MNT_LB_WF MNT_D_ET MNT_C_TR CAY_K_WR MNT_K_ER CAY_I_EE_B MNT_J_CH_B CAY_K_CL MNT_J_CP_C MNT_R_WU MNT_N_WF MNT_D_ET_B MNT_H_TR CAY_K_WR_B MNT_M_ER CAY_J_EE MNT_K_CH CAY_L_CL MNT_J_CP_D MNT_R_WU_B MNT_NB_WF MNT_E_ET MNT_JR_TR CAY_L_WR MNT_N_ER CAY_J_EE_E MNT_L_CH_B CAY_L_CL_B MNT_T_CP MNT_R_WU_C MNT_O_WF MNT_E_ET_B MNT_L_TR CAY_L_WR_B MNT_N_ER_B CAY_K_EE MNT_L_CH_E CAY_M_CL MNT_T_CP_B MNT_R_WU_D MNT_OB_WF MNT_E_ET_C CAY_M_WR MNT_O_ER CAY_K_EE_B MNT_M_CH CAY_M_CL_B MNT_T_CP_C MNT_T_WU MNT_P_WF MNT_E_ET_D CAY_N_WR MNT_O_ER_B CAY_L_EE MNT_N_CH CAY_N_CL MNT_T_CP_D MNT_W_WU MNT_F_ET CAY_O_WR MNT_Q_ER CAY_N_EE MNT_O_CH CAY_O_CL MNT_Y_CP MNT_W_WU_B MNT_F_ET_B MNT_A_WR MNT_U_ER_PVE CAY_O_EE MNT_R_CH_PVE MNT_A_CL MNT_Y_CP_B MNT_X_WU MNT_F_ET_C MNT_B_WR MNT_C_EE MNT_Z_CH MNT_B_CL MNT_Y_CP_C MNT_Y_WU_PVE MNT_F_ET_D MNT_C_WR MNT_C_CL MNT_Y_CP_D MNT_F_ET_E MNT_C_WR_B MNT_C_CL_B Mnt_G_ET MNT_C_WR_C MNT_D_CL ICE_A_PO ISLET_A_WT Mnt_G_ET_PVE MNT_D_WR MNT_E_CL ICE_B_PO ISLET_A_WT_B MNT_H_ET MNT_D_WR_B MNT_F_CL ICE_C_PO ISLET_A_WT_C MNT_J_ET MNT_E_WR MNT_F_CL_B ICE_D_PO MNT_J_WT_E MNT_J_ET_B MNT_F_WR Mnt_H_CL ICE_E_PO MNT_S_WT_PVE MNT_K_ET MNT_F_WR_B MNT_I_CL MNT_K_ET_B MNT_F_WR_C MNT_J_CL MNT_M_ET MNT_F_WR_D MNT_K_CL MNT_N_ET Mnt_G_WR MNT_L_CL MNT_O_ET Mnt_G_WR_B MNT_M_CL MNT_H_WR MNT_O_CL MNT_J_WR MNT_R_CL_PVE MNT_K_WR MNT_L_WR MNT_M_WR MNT_N_WR MNT_O_WR MNT_W_WR MNT_W_WR_B MNT_X_WR_PVE I have found a bug with the ServerGridEditor that occur when : You add a new island on your map, you export it and put it on your server. You start your server, the island work properly. BUT if you want to move the island again you will need to remove it and place it again on the grid because if you don't do that, the island will be completly bugged when you will re-launch your server with the new position. You won't be able to farm any ressources and have some collision bug with rocks etc. 3.3 Discovery Zone Creation To create a discovery zone just press Shit + Left Click and expand it to do a square. To configure it also do a Shit + Left Click on the yellow square : Zone Name = The name of the Discovery Zone ID = ID of the discovery (The soft handle it directly) Zone XYZ = height and width of the zone. Zone XP = The XP obtened when a player find this Discovery Zone. ExplorerNote = The index of the explorer note (more info to come) Allow Sea = Check to allow the player to discover the discovery zone from the water (else he must go on the ground to discover it) Also note, since v15.61 there's a server side parameter to configure how many point a player can gain per discovery : Game.ini: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] MinPointsPerDiscoveryZone=3 3.4 Template Creation (Biome) I highly recommend to use the default template from the official server. To find them open the file Projects/ServerGrid.json with another ServerGridEditor then Edit -> Edit Server Template -> Select a Template and click Edit. On your other ServerGridEditor, Click Edit -> Edit Server Template -> Add -> Then copie EVERYTHING you see in this window (Example with the Polar template) : As you can see, there're some parameters called ServerCustomDatas1, ServerCustomDatas2. In these fields you can set all these options (and maybe some others) : ServerCustomDatas1: ,DisableRain,ChanceForCold,NPCShipDifficultyMult,NPCShipDifficultyLerp,FloatsamQualityMultiplier,RainIntervalMultiplier,DisableFog,FogIntervalMultiplier,DisableClaimFlags,NPCShipNumMult, ServerCustomDatas2 : ,1,1,1.25,0.33,1.2,0.36,1,0.36,1,1, There are 6 template on the official map: Polar, Temperate, Equatorial, Desert, Tropical, Tundra 3.5 Server Edition To edit a server : Ctrl + Left Click on a grid : Name : Name of the server Template : The template of the server (biome) IP : The public IP fo your server Port : The port of your server Game Port : The game port of your server SeamlessDataPort : This is handled by the software, do not touch this, BUT verify that no other server has the same port. As you can see with the red arrow, you may also add some configuration from the Game.ini directly in the server configuration, for example : Key : bDontUseClaimFlags Value : 1 (for true or 0 for false) You can also overwrite the ServerCustomDatas 1 and 2 from the template you linked to the server. You will need to edit all the servers and add at least an IP, Port, Game Port and verify the SeamlessDataPort. 3.6 Ship path Press P on the map to create a Ship path : To add a node, put your mouse over an existing node then press Num+ or Del to remove it. To change the path with the red circle, put your mouse over the node and press Right Click then move on the map while still pressing Right Click. To edit the Ship path : Ctrl + Left Click : There're 2 Ship path option : The Ghost Ship and the Trader Ship. Ghost Ship configuration : Path Name : GhostShip AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval : 21600 AutoSpawnShipClass : Blueprint'/Game/Atlas/ShipPaths/PathFollowingGhostShip_BP.PathFollowingGhostShip_BP' Loop around world : Loop around the node (not sure) Auto Spawn At First Node : Checked Trader Ship configuration : Path Name : NPCTrader1 (1 to 9) AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval : 0 Auto Spawn At First Node : Checked 3.7 Freeport First you will need to add special freeport island to your server : (Up to 4 island MAX per freeport server) Free Ports Cay_H_WR_E Cay_K_TR_E Cay_J_EE_E Mnt_A_WU_E Mnt_F_ET_E Mnt_J_WT_E Mnt_L_CH_E Mnt_O_CL When you have added your 4 island, Edit the Server configuration (Ctrl + Left Click on the server grid) : Check Home Server then Click on the Spawn Regions button then add this : Name | Parent Cell Northern Island | 0,2 Eastern Island | 0,2 Southern Island | 0,2 Western Island | 0,2 The Parent Cell correspond to the grid X,Y Example, If you want to put your freeport in A1 than put 0,0. 3.8 Export To export it, simply click Export then Local Export All. The files will be exported in the directory ServerGridEditor/Export. You will have 2 files and 1 directory (for a 3x3 map) : ServerGrid CellImg_0-0.jpg CellImg_0-1.jpg CellImg_0-2.jpg CellImg_1-0.jpg CellImg_1-1.jpg CellImg_1-2.jpg CellImg_2-0.jpg CellImg_2-1.jpg CellImg_2-2.jpg MapImg.jpg ServerGrid.json ServerGrid.ServerOnly.json I have read many post about the map being black, and some people tell to rename those file into jpeg or to add an external link to the ServerGrid.json with the "MapImageURL": "" option, but most of the problems can be resolved simply by adding the PUBLIC IP to the paramater SeamlessIP in the launch start command. (I also got this problem so i know what i'm talking about ) ↓ The tutorial continue below ↓
  7. Did you tried to delete the ocean.atlas file of this grid ? A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\Saved\A1_0-0\ocean.atlas Do not delete the redis_atlasdb.rdb, it will delete all characters on your all servers and it won't delete any structure.
  8. This line in your screenshot is totally normal. I don't see anything wrong here.
  9. I'm very suprised you can run 7 servers with only 8Gb DDR3. The screenshot i posted in my previous post was on a server with a Intel i7-7700K OC and 64Go DDR4 2400 and i'm using 46% of the memory with only 6 servers.
  10. Yeah i forgot to mention i have set this option to NetServerMaxTickRate=15.
  11. Options -> Keyboard Bindings -> http://prntscr.com/ma9c31
  12. A:\AtlasServer\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe Ocean?ServerX=1?ServerY=2?AltSaveDirectoryName=B3_1-2?MaxPlayers=30?ReservedPlayerSlots=0?RCONEnabled=True?RCONPort=28630?QueryPort=28615?Port=28600?SeamlessIP=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX?ForceAllStructureLocking=true -log -server -NoBattlEye 5 PLayers connected on the screenshot. Did you tried without BattlEye ?
  13. That's nice ! And what configuration did you changed please ?
  14. But when they are tamed, can you level up them ? Also what configuration key /value did you changed please ?
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