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  1. Dread Pirate Ash

    Enabled Endboss Problem

    I've been hesitant to actually attempt this without knowing for sure it's something in the .ocean files (which I'm assuming are the saved map data), given I know for a fact that certain things aren't actually saved in there, unlike in ARK. (For instance, character data is stored in some database, rather than as part of the map files). In fact, I don't actually think structures are saved in the .ocean files either. Also, my base is on that cell, unfortunately. Though it wouldn't be that hard to evacuate everything to the south, as I'm on an island right on the edge. We've got weight-reduction mods for shipping crates, so I could probably do it with like a couple of schooners, just need to rebuild the actual structures.
  2. Title. Rubber banding caused a ship on our server to become wedged between two rocks and a shallow area such that, since ships receive no aft-section rotation or backwards velocity from pushing up slightly against rocks, means the ship cannot move at all in any direction. I want to help this player out, but no idea how. I'd rather not just have to spawn in another galleon, because XP levels, specific item blueprints, having to rebuild the insides, etc etc.
  3. Please give us server admins console commands to control the weather on our servers. It's very difficult assist players who may have a bug issue and try and correct it, or explore whether or not something we've changed is functioning properly, when we have to deal with issues like cyclones, cold fronts, and heavy fog that obscure our view of objects both near and far. Tools for both enabling and disabling weather entirely, and starting and stopping specific effects, would be highly useful. (And generally nice QoL for small unofficials / solo players, not that that's a big priority.)
  4. Specifically, when fighting Ships of the Damned, Combat Mounts on Attack My Target or Neutral should not leap off the decks and into the water in the middle of a ship-to-ship cannon fight, especially as they can't actually harm Ships of the Damned. I haven't tried PVP, where combat mounts attacking decks would be ok, but vs NPC ships this should not happen and there should be measures in place to make sure they ONLY jump off during boarding actions.
  5. Dread Pirate Ash

    Oil lamps on hanging hook inventory slot.

    Or Allow nearby crewmembers on repair 'fix' them with oil from a resource chest would work too.
  6. Dread Pirate Ash

    Climbable Rigging

    Definitely would like to see this. A little annoying to need to add ladders to get up into the crows nests, given the structure limits.
  7. This is inaccurate. You don't need a 3x3 grid. You can do it just fine on a 2x2 or a 1x3 However, there are some considerations. First, I've heard the Ghost Ship needs to be a certain distance away from the Center Maw for some reason. Don't know if that's entirely accurate, but a ghost ship sitting in the center of one grid is essentially far enough away from the maw on another grid. Works fine for us - you just gotta do the math to double check, but the full distance it 'needs' to be, allegedly, is only about one server's worth of unrealunits away. Put one on the east side of A1 and other in C1 and you'd be good in this case. More and most importantly for a 1x3 though.... the Center Maw cell will always have no spawning enabled on any islands in that cell. Which would mean that 1/3 of your grid has no spawns at all. You'd have fish, mantas, turtles... and basically nothing else. No Ships, no island creatures, nothing. You couldn't even get the bosses to spawn on any PVE islands there, which'd mean no quest anyway.
  8. Possibly some conflict with the Peachy mods, that isn't removing data properly when the server tries to boot up without it....? Edit: But yeah, we tried disabling the one we thought it was, and it didn't help. Been loathe to just disable them all just yet, since some people already converted stuff on their ships. (Like me).
  9. +1 for this exact error. A few of the specific index numbers are different, but all those calls to functions or w/e are exactly the same. Happened exactly the same way too - we tried to update the the most recent patch and update some of our mods tonight, and now everything crashes with this error. Can I trouble you for a mod list comparison if you have any? Ours can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1639435331
  10. Almost guarantee it's this particular one. We've had some pretty major headaches involving those files, because we don't have access to them on our rented server afaik. Things like 'I wiped the save data folder out and replaced the entire map, and when I logged in I still had a character and my base was floating midair in the middle of the sea'. All sorts of stuff is stored in there, to the point that I don't actually understand why the .ocean files are so large.
  11. 1, They should. They do on my server. 2. You will probably need to do a wipe of that particular server's save data at minimum. 3. If you are including PVE islands in order to activate the power stone quests, be advised: Adding EndBossLevel to your sublevels in order to add in the Center Maw has irreversible consequences that result in whatever server it is on being unable to spawn creatures on any island in the zone. Edit: Hmm, didn't realize the above was a bit of a necro (sort of). Don't see a way to delete posts...?
  12. Dread Pirate Ash

    Edit Ship carry weight?

    This is wrong. We do this. That was my whole point. Our Game.ini and our GameUserData.ini are heavilly modified to change player stats. The modified versions are the same across all servers, and yet we have this problem.
  13. Dread Pirate Ash


    I don't suppose you could expand on what you mean by a wipe didn't fix this issue. I just ran into it myself unfortunately, not realizing it couldn't be rolled back by simply removing the sublevel. I was vaguely hoping that *maybe* I could delete the saved ocean files for just that server and it might fix, but tbh if its not a guarantee I don't want to try that. I'm not even sure that buildings and tribes and stuff are even saved in there.
  14. Dread Pirate Ash


    Anyone seen any fix or solution for this issue? I've just gotten hit with it as well. I don't want to have to wipe again.
  15. Ok, so... I got all the powerstone quest stuff working on my server. Or at least, I assume. All the stone icons are where they should be, anyway - I'm nowhere near strong enough to take those islands on, though at this point I ought to maybe just ghost my way over and at least look. That's beside the point though. Main problem now is.... enabling the Kraken requires you to have the Center Maw placed. Placing the Center Maw requires you to fill out the ExtraSubLevel field on that grid cell with the type 'EndBossLevel'. Unfortunately, doing so seems to prevent all spawns across the entire cell, IF they are land spawns. Ocean spawns seem to work just fine. Now.... this might not actually have been a problem for us offhand. As the server manager, I have no issue with simply enabling/disabling the boss as required for people who do the quest chain and want to fight it. But we've run into a biiiiiig problem. We can't roll back the disabled spawning. I dont understand why or how, because I can remove the Center Maw itself while leaving the discovery zones and symbol in place. That's easy. I've already done it - its a 20 second edit, really. The editor recognizes that there is no more 'EndBossLevel' on the map, and I've checked manual json edits and exported versions for anything remotely sounding like its related, and there's nothing. And yet, nothing spawns anywhere on land in that cell. At all. And yes, I've done a DestroyWildDinos to try and repopulate. Does anyone have any ideas?