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  1. True. Haiz. Time spent gathering all the wood and stuffs, and it just go POOF..
  2. Nvm it was a mistake. I forgot to add the upper 2 decks. Btw, can you check if this is a bug ? I lost the indiaman when crossing the border to other grid.
  3. Yeah, i was figuring out on how to build at the aft of the ship too. There are not any snap points around.
  4. What did you edit in the regis database ? I think this might be the issue.
  5. Thank you Anyone has tried to use this commandline, @Kaitlynn Allen
  6. I have only 1 PVE island in my grids and it worked when i spawned it on other location
  7. enrell

    Spawning NPCs

    Sorry. It was the wrong code. I just edited it. cheat gmsummon "HumanNPC_BP_Crew_Female_c" level-that-you-want for e.g. cheat gmsummon "humannpc_bp_crew_female_c" 20
  8. enrell

    Spawning NPCs

    i just use this cheat gmsummon "HumanNPC_BP_Crew_Female_c" 10 it works everytime, tamed.
  9. Im quite happy with my SOTD difficult. 1.8 gets me around 30-45 levels.
  10. I didnt add this in the template field. Its kinda funny tho, it works on 1 grid but not the other. I could have about 7 mean whale sightings in that grid but none in the other
  11. I replaced all the grids json with the amended one. Still nothing. I give up. LOL
  12. That is what i did too but i did not delete the json, i just renamed it. I just paste over the new map image tho.
  13. enrell

    Spawning NPCs

    just use gmsummon. It will spawn tamed
  14. I tried editing the json using the editor. Export the file than import to the grid folder Restart folder. Doest not work. Any idea what went wrong ?
  15. Any ETA in releasing the ship to the masses ?